Hoppy Easter 🐣

“All you need is FAITH, TRUST, and a little PIXIE DUST.” ✨💗

This spur of the moment trip has made my heart so happy! We were planning to go to Maui, but the weather wasn’t looking good, so we came to Disney instead!! And it did not disappoint!

STRIVING TO PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH!! I had made plans with my cousin @kehau_wow to do Koko Head today. It’s Tuesday, and every Tuesday morning I play basketball with some of the guys from work. So, I got to Kamehameha at 6:00am to play and played til about 7:30! It was a good run but I was pretty exhausted after!! I was sooooo close to flaking out on doing Koko Head, but then I thought to myself, I tell my students to GET OUTSIDE, BE ACTIVE, HAVE FUN! If I’m supposed to be a role model for these kids, I have to practice what I preach. So, I sucked it up and pushed myself to do it. And I’m so happy I did! I mean, just look at that view 😍😍 And now I feel like I have the right to say. GET OUT AND PLAY! You won’t regret it!!!!

Starting off spring break with some alone time in the gym 🏀💗There is nothing more therapeutic for me than putting in some headphones and shooting around. This is just a small clip of a between the legs crossover series. Man do I love this game 💗💗


The Nubian 2 eyeshadow palette by @juviasplace. Extremely affordable and these shimmer shadows are lit🔥🔥I can’t even explain how amazing this shimmers are. They are off the chain, the best thing since sliced bread, the talk of the town, all that and a bag of chips, the bees knees, etc. Any phrases I left out?! 😂😂

Happy Aloha Friday 🤙🏽


New LIMITED EDITION colors. Five new long lasting matte shades designed to unleash your creativity! Only going to order a couple of each so let me know if you want one of them to be yours 💋💗💙💜

💋💋Plum Vibes💋💋

Who’s with me on this one?! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ @beautymemes

CURLY HAIR... Blessing or Curse? •

The average person spends 6 months of their life waiting at traffic lights. That’s crazy to think about!! What’s even crazier is that I bet in my lifetime I’d have spent at least a couple years straightening my hair 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 I spend so much time straightening my hair, and if I don’t straighten it, chances are it’s in a bun on the top of my head. That’s reality for me. As a kid, I HATED my curly hair. It always got tangled and was so hard to work with. It definitely felt like more of a curse than a blessing. As I got older, I learned to love my curly hair because it’s a part of me and is how Heavenly Father created me. Although I have been dealing with my curly q’s for 26 years now and have grown to appreciate it, I still don’t think I’ve fully mastered the best way to wear it and the best products to use. I will be trying out different products but if have any suggestions of things that work for you I would love to hear it!!!

Sunny vibes on this rainy day ☀️🌤⛅️🌥☁️🌦

Swipe to see products used

I got it from my mama💋My mama’s looking 🔥with her berry lips! She is wearing one of her new favorite color combos and I think it looks beautiful!! 1x Plum, 1x B. Ruby, 1x Violette💋💋

Selfie Sunday 💗 Went with a neutral eye and a bold lip for church today💋😘•

So many people are taking advantage of the Valentine’s Day Sale I am already sold out of Sweetheart Pink 😱😱 And only have 1 left of Be Mine💗💗 These are both LIMITED EDITION colors. Right now, they are still available for me to order so if you want either of these colors let me know so I can place another order before they are gone forever!!

I always have fun getting dressed up!! Swipe to see more details on the products I used!! •
Today I used @colourpopcosmetics Fem Rosa’s She palette. If you have never tried Colour Pop, you NEED TO!! They have super good quality makeup for a really affordable price. I have a bunch of their eye shadow palettes and super shock shadows and I LOVE them!! I think what really stole the show with my makeup today was my lipsense color!! I’m wearing a new limited edition Valentine’s Day color called “Be Mine.” It’s a beautiful bold bright matte pink color. I have two limited edition Valentine’s Day colors available to order, swipe to see. And don’t forget about my Valentine’s Day Sale!! All pinks and reds are 14% off until Valentine’s Day💋❤️🌹

Long weekend, I love you 💕 This 3 day weekend gave me life. I am recharged and ready for the week!! •

Also, can we just talk about my skin for a second... SeneGence skin care literally is THEEE BEST skin care I have ever used!! Message me if you have any questions about our skincare line!! I also am obsessed with my microbladed brows!! If you’ve been debating to get your brows done, DO IT! It’s life changing!

Trying to get back into it. A lot slower than I used to be, lol, and with my busted shin I can’t jump much anymore, but I still have so much love for this game 💗🏀 This really was my first love. I’ve spent countless hours in basketball gyms. First as a coach’s daughter, then as a player, and now as a coach.

All I want for Christmas is some fresh brows 🎁🎄

Yesterday I was finally brave enough to get my eyebrows MICROBLADED.. and I’M IN LOVE 💗💗 If you’ve been thinking about getting yours done.. DO IT!! It is so worth it!! And check out my girl Brooke Mills @lurestudiohawaii! Her work is amazing and speaks for itself. She is also running a special right now! If you buy a gift card before Christmas you get $100 off microblading😱😱🙌🏽🙌🏽 That’s a deal you definitely don’t wanna miss out on!! If you have any questions about the procedure or questions about anything at all, message me and I’ll be happy to answer them!! I was so nervous before getting them done, and I’d love to be there to answer questions if you are nervous about getting them done too!! 😘😘

Who doesn’t love a good swing dress?!? Swing dresses have become my FAVORITE thing to wear.. when I’m not wearing basketball clothes of course! It’s so cute and flattering and you don’t have to worry about your ‘opu sticking out our sucking it all in 🙌🏽👍🏽🤙🏽 This @poppyanddot swing dress is one of my faves. The color, floral print, and v-neck makes it stand out in my closet. This dress isn’t available anymore, but use the link in my bio to shop other cute items or go to poppyanddot.com. Use code “Pualei10” for an extra 10% off your purchase. Happy shopping 🛍🛍

Successful day spent Christmas shopping with the hubby 👫🛍🎁💗 So happy to say that we finally got all of our Christmas shopping DONE ✅ 🙌🏽👍🏽🤙🏽

Haven’t finished your shopping yet?! One of our red Lipsense colors would make the perfect gift 🎁. Today I wore “fly girl” which a beautiful warm red color. “Blu-Red” is our other popular red and is a bright cool toned red. Swipe to see pics of the colors💋💋💋

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