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6.11: Stand By Gene
tina’s lines are supposed to be yellow oops.

Teacakes all around please!

@valerieconfctns never disappoints with the classics.

@LaMarSF’s Casuela de Pulpo is almost too pretty to eat...almost.

#WineWednesday calls for homemade spaghetti and a pairing of Pinot Noir. 📸: @aisle9

3.05: An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal
my favourite scene from the whole show.

sorry guys but i’m not going to be active on this account anymore! thanks to all the people who stuck by this account <3
i have a new bobs burgers account bc a lot of followers on here are ghosties (DM me if you want the user bc people were getting mad at me for asking the to follow)

8.06: The Bleakening: Part 1 & 2
I want a mom like Linda

6.10: Lice Things Are Lice
i’m rewatching bojack horseman for the bazillionth time and it’s still amazing.

Know any good lamb puns? #kellycartage #wagstaff #abbs

2.03: Synchronised Swimming
sibling goals.

This pack is Sharing the Bohemian Wag Pad!
Large 30" x 36"
100% Canvas Top
Duck Cloth Canvas Bottom
Removable / Washable cover 🐾
Big Thanks to @rude_haus
& @evanmouthwest for the Support! 🐾
#wagstaff #bohemian #madeinflagstaff #localflagstaff #madeinaz #flagstaff #dogsofflagstaff #wagpad #sharing #pack #powerofthepack #supportlocalflagstaff #bohemiandesign

Quickly fell in love with Northern Arizona, and wouldn't want to Celebrate 24 anywhere else. I live a great life with new challenges each day.
As American icon Belcalis Almanzar once said "Can't be starting all these problems if you cannot solve them. Cardi backing down I swear to God that's not an option." #Bucksup #Pikedad #LumberjackCountry #Wagstaff

4.22: World Wharf II: The Wharfening (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town – Part II)
society’s so restrictive nowadays.

Hello weekend! There’s nothing like an escape with friends filled with sunshine, wine and bocce ball. 📷 : @johnrussotravel

7.01: Flu-ouise
look who’s back making original posts™️

Wagstaff Worldwide is feeling like Whisk(e)y Worldwide with our incredible selection of whiskies from around the globe - Japan, Taiwan, France, Scotland, and the USA! Our Wine & Spirits Practice is excited to see this portfolio grow as we share the stories of the world’s finest whiskies.📷:@tordom11

The Wagstaff connection. #thewire #hbothewire #hbo #wagstaff #cheese #randy

Valentine’s Day has never been so sweet! This week we’re treating ourselves to these drool worthy Du Drops of Love from @meatballers x @dus_donuts 💝

Up, up and away!

While we’re excited for warmer days ahead, there’s something special about those last days of winter. #VisitTelluride 📷 : @ryanbonneauphoto

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