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☀️Nothing in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. - Romans 8:39☀️💕🍍 #younglife #weweremadeforthis #wafara #YL

On our way to #Wafara #canyon goodbye for a week!

Camp was truly amazing, loved getting closer w all these girls and growing & learning about God & his story 💕 #WaFaRa

A muchas personas les preocupa el paso del tiempo. A ti por el contrario, te gusta que avance. Te encanta que sucedan cosas, que todo cambie, que demos la vuelta, que nos atrevamos, que te veas diferente, que lo que piensas ayer no sea lo mismo que pensarías hoy, y amas lo que sucede en ese imparable transcurso. Hoy vuelves a dar la vuelta al sol, comienza para ti una nueva etapa y sé con mucha seguridad que sabrás afrontarla. Ésta vez te haces un poco más sabía, más fuerte y como siempre, muchísimo más feliz. 
La gente que no te conoce tiende a hacer juicios y apreciaciones erróneas de tu personalidad. Tu enorme carisma les estorba y tu inteligente y descontrolado sentido del humor les agobia. En cambio, todos los que tenemos la oportunidad milagrosa de conocerte queremos tenerte siempre a nuestro lado, llevarte a todas partes y escucharte en todo momento. 
Hoy es un día especial, pues el primer día de Junio celebramos todos tu cumpleaños. 
Geminis, Gracias por enseñarme todo, de la vida y del amor también.
Solo me resta decir:
¡Feliz Cumpleaños Nadiannn!
Te amo inmensamente y con locura apasionada.
PDT. Ésta fotografía la encontré en uno de esos rincones dónde crees que no hay nada y de repente lo hay todo. 
Borrosa la foto pero intacto el recuerdo. 
#WFR #Lamujerdeloslabiosrojos
#Wafara. #HBDtoyou #TBT

No summer job? Want a good tan? Want to get away from the real world and experience something you've never experienced before? Washington Family Ranch NEEDS summer staffers. Badly. You could hang out with me running the sports center, or on the ropes course, or hang by the pool being a lifeguard for a full month. You'll get fed, housed, and guarantee you that you'll have at least 5 new best friends that you'll invite to your future wedding. You'll be stretched emotionally and physically. One of the best months of your life. If that doesn't happen I'll buy you a pair of shoes. https://apps.younglife.org/CampRes/App_Pages/publicsiteroot/recommendation
Let me know if you need help! I'd be glad to recommend you. #wafara #younglife #HELP

When the White Witch turns ur friends to stone but u still LIT. #wafara #🔥

Are you all ready? It's about a week away until the best week of your life! #wafara #countdowntillcamp #areyoupacked #makesuretogetyourhealthformsdone

I feel blessed to have these dudes as friends. Awesome experience despite the sleep deprivation. #WaFaRa #youarentdoneyet #volunteerchildlaboreers


On our way to #Wafara #canyon goodbye for a week!

Just got back from another awesome week of camp, bring kids to the feet of Jesus! ❤️ A week in the sun and some awesome adventures were a nice bonus 😋
#YL #younglife #camp #washingtonfamilyranch #wafara #antelopeoregon #oregon #desertweather

☀️Nothing in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. - Romans 8:39☀️💕🍍 #younglife #weweremadeforthis #wafara #YL

My camp feels right now! #gettingstoked #campfeels #YLcamp2017 #wafara

SO EXCITED!!! We leave for @washingtonfamilyranch tomorrow morning! ✌🏼😎✌🏼 #camporbust #YLcamp2017 #wafara #washingtonfamilyranch #younglifecamp

Are you all ready? It's about a week away until the best week of your life! #wafara #countdowntillcamp #areyoupacked #makesuretogetyourhealthformsdone

And they're off to camp for the best week of their lives! #wafara #washingtonfamilyranch #washingtonfamilyranchcanyon #sewardyounglife

With short notice as of today I will be joining the summer staff crew at #wafara . I leave tomorrow to serve kids for an entire month and hope to change lives and how kids think of god. If you would like to write me or send me a small care package that is greatly appreciated. Please please please send me sour patch kids! See you in a month y'all 🙌🏾🙏🏾

Sooooooo, today I take my month long trip down to WaFaRa to serve other high school students on their path of connecting to Christ and I get to do it with some of my best buds. A great way to finish off junior year. While I'm gone if anyone wants to send out a care package with honey buns, letters, and sour candy that'd be lovely. I'm real excited. See you in a month. 🙏🏾💛 #wafara #workcrew 6/15/17 - 7/13/17

4 years ago I took these lovely ladies to YL camp as 8th graders...now they're graduating from high school! Congrats girls I'm so glad I got to be your YoungLife leader! #wafara #ntmsyl #classof2017🎓

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