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The urban masterpiece - an egalitarianism or generosity of spirit that means behind many Australian sand dunes are humble picnic areas, camping grounds and van parks #coogeebeachwa #waeaster #parlourinstaguest

Never too old for bunnies #waeaster #parlourinstaguest

Where anything and everything is made of massive yellow limestone slabs #parlourinstaguest #waeaster

Someone's gotta do it #parlourinstaguest #waeaster #watersky


Day 4: Sickening trip to Great Ocean Road. Tears rolled from car sick, didnt even have my tapau-ed food because of the sickness.

So it's the end of my #WaEaster . I'm heading back to Sydney tomorrow to catch assignments' due date.

Had a great panas time in Adelaide yang so called colder than sydney, ate a lot of nasi (RIP DIET), met my F222 clingy roommate, met Ellie, met my other kind friends.

Had really bad time in Melbourne tho 😂. My first day, camera lens' cover went missing. Second day, yogurt tumpah. Third day kena spike kepala (tapi ditebus romantic wedding proposal malam tu #eh) . Fourth day, had high expectation towards GOR tapi my whole day was all pening and loya.

Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah for the trip! (and A LOT OF NENE CHICKEN) #BalikPuasaSeminggu #DuitRakyatTakCukup

Saya persembahkan MUKA SAYA LAGI! (Might wanna guess my fav pose by now)

Day 3: Romantic date in front of Eiffel Tower 😛, third place for volleyball game, kayuh basikal balik city lepas game :')) , ice cream date. Ahhh things went well. Oops, not really. Kena spike kepala dengan bola masa the guys on match😩😂 #WaEaster

Day 2: Brighton Beach, State Library, Queen Victoria Market, DFO, Laksa Bar with some TGBianssssssssss #WaEaster

Day 1: everything went wrong(EXCEPT FOR THE CHICKEN!!!), Melbourne #WaEaster (couldnt choose, so upload all)

Day 4: Glenelg

We're leaving for Melbourne tomorrow. Cant wait to meet you Nene Chicken!!!!! #WaEaster

Day 3: St Kilda, Adelaide #WaEaster

Day 3: Toy factory yang ada binatang luls #WaEaster
P/s: pls acknowledge usaha bergambar dengan alpaca

Day 3: Pink Salt Lake, Bumbunga, Adelaide #WaEaster (Part 1) There were only small areas with water when we arrived. Probably the weather. The salt was damp tho.

Day 2: Hahndorf, Adelaide (Part 2) #WaEaster

Day 2: Hahndorf, Adelaide (Part 1) #WaEaster

Day 1: Adelaide, Kite Festival #WaEaster

Never too old for bunnies #waeaster #parlourinstaguest

Someone's gotta do it #parlourinstaguest #waeaster #watersky

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