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We're loving this work in progress shot by @mdemilan of his latest 'The Next Level' piece on the Wacom MobileStudio Pro. Want to showcase your work alongside David? Enter our Instagram competition while you still can! Just upload your digital work, tag @justanotheragency and @wacomanz, #wacomnextlevel and you're in the running. Deadline May 24th. T&C's at wacomnextlevel.com.

Just drawin' some cats ... want to see your artwork next to mine in the @justanotheragency & @wacomanz exhibition and book - and win a Wacom Mobile StudioPro? Upload your work using the hashtag #wacomnextlevel before May 24 ❤️ www.wacomnextlevel.com for T&Cs

Hi hello there @justanotheragency @wacomanz #wacomnextlevel 🎨💾

This is the idea #sketch for my first image for #wacomnextlevel called "Rotate".
Don't forget to get involved with Wacom's "The Next Level" Instagram competition, it runs from 24th April - 24th May 2017.
For more details go to wacomnextlevel.com (Link in bio). @justanotheragency @wacomanz

Floral Skull Vintage Black / Tshirts, prints, iPhone cases and more https://goo.gl/as7XXu
An amazing collaboration between @tobsfonseca and @fabiwes *@waconmanz @justanotheragency
#tobiasfonseca #tobefonseca #wacomnextlevel

My little contribution to #wacomnextlevel ... a poster I made recently for my one year old niece's room. 😊@justanotheragency @wacomanz @gemmacorrell

The Next Level Competition is up and running! This is your chance to have your work included alongside 6 internationally renowned artists in a touring exhibition and publication. To enter upload your design to Instagram, tag @wacomanz and @justanotheragency, use the hashtag #wacomnextlevel and you’re in the running to win! Head to wacomnextlevel.com for more info and terms and conditions. Competition ends May 24th midnight (AEST). We can't wait to see what you create!
Feature image by David Milan @mdemilan

#competition #challenge #wacom

Big thanks to @justanotheragency and @wacomanz for accepting my work into the #wacomnextlevel Exhibition! Really keen to see all the other works this year :) #wacom #justanotheragency #wacomnextlevel #artopening #exhibition


Nothing like recognition for all the work I've been putting into my artwork.... 2yrs ago I was struggling to get through each day due to pain from rare illness I was diagnosed with about 15yrs ago. It changed my life forever, I couldnt work in graphics anymore...Strict deadlines made it impossible & I had to give up training horses (a life long passion) Over the years I spent much time with doctors, in & out of hospitals, chasing every random treatment (western, eastern, natural & alternative medicine) I could find, spent all my life savings & then some plus had a few close calls....Leaving me extremely thankful to still be here. The pains still horrendous, but my doctor & pain specialist have made me as comfortable as possible & now I have days at 6 instead of 10 on pain scale....For these days I'm most grateful. I began drawing again during one hospital stay & fell into some info about Corel Painter....It set my world alight again! Painting is like breathing for me, vital to my well-being & now after allowing myself time to learn digital art software, I'm beginning to make a name for myself & all the hard work is so worth it. It's not just my passion, it's also a way for me to earn money...To work again & feel good about myself. Corel Painter is amazing software, providing such awesome brushes & tools for artists...& Corel the team, the business...Truly care about their clients, the many artists their software delights every day. Thanks Painter team, for listening to our thoughts & wishes & so many thanks for featuring my art & making me an official Corel featured artist...Every bit of exposure helps creatives build their business, this will definitely help mine. I'm blown away by the great things beginning to happen for me, & just had to say thanks to all who follow me, purchase art from me & believe in in me. Cheers! ❤️🦁🎨 #corelpainter #painter #painterfeaturedartist #artfromtheheartofalioness #wacomanz #wacomcintiq #wacomnextlevel #wacom #justanotheragency #artofinstagram #artofthefuture

@Regrann from @mdemilan - Hey! You have only 6 days to go before 'The Next Level' Instagram competition closes! To be featured in this years exhibition and publication just upload your digital work before May 24th and tag @justanotheragency and @wacomanz with the hashtag #wacomnextlevel. #wacom #thenextlevel #wacomanz - #regrann

Taking some time to create for myself on my tablet. Pretty excited on how my @sashavelour concept is turning out. Who do you want to win the finale on @rupaulsdragrace next week? Thanks for looking 💕 #ajaann #ajaannart #digitalart #digitaldrawing #wacom #wacomtattooteam #wacomanz #wacomcintiq #cintiqcompanion2 #cintiq #rupaulsdragrace #rupaulsdragraceseason9 #rpdr9 #sashavelour #teamsasha #dragqueen #dragrace @wacomanz @justanotheragency #wacomnextlevel

@Regrann from @tobsfonseca - Cosmic Egg Shell / Tshirts, prints, iPhone cases and more https://goo.gl/y8IdJ3 *@waconmanz @justanotheragency
#tobiasfonseca #tobefonseca #wacomnextlevel #regrann

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