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Mesmerizing. #vulvapride

@Regrann_App from @her_la - Via @lalgbtcenter 👍🏽💕✌🏾️💋 #lawn #vulvapride - #regrann

Share your #VulvaPride! Join the Los Angeles Women's Network (LAWN) in September for $35 a month and receive one of our limited-edition Vulva Pride T-shirts in support of the Audre Lorde Lesbian Health Program and other Center programs and services for women and girls! 
Find out more here: https://lalgbtcenter.org/lawn

Thank you @teganandsara for having us at tonight's show!! We were there to talk with fans about the services the @lalgbtcenter provides to women through the Audre Lorde Lesbian Health Program.

Just a #nastywoman heading to @citypulseacupuncture Oakland for our @plannedparenthood fundraiser! Drop in for a balancing acupuncture treatment 10am - 1pm TODAY! See link in profile for event details #activistacupuncture #vulvapride #acupunture #activism

I have 9 nephews between the ages of eleven and twenty-one. They know I'm a condom queen + sex health guru so they come to me for condoms🙌🏽, advice😌, and when I'm lucky they share info about their dating/sex lives👌🏽. I've learned a lot about what hookup culture is like for teens right now. One of the most concerning things is the current culture and gender roles surrounding oral sex. It's not particularly surprising that oral sex often starts in 8th/9th grade, but what really freaks me out is that it's usually not reciprocal. "Girls don't like it when guys go down on them," my nephew said. "How do you know that? Do you do it, and do they stop you?" I asked. "No they just say they don't like it and don't even let me try. They think it's weird and gross," he said. Hearing this really upset me because I'm pretty sure the translation is: "I don't want to receive oral sex because I'm self conscious and I think my vagina is kind of weird and gross." Teen Tiffany can totally relate. I remember being 17 or so and thinking OMG I don't think I'd ever want anyone to see my vagina that close...it's weird and gross! I had a boyfriend that loved me dearly but to be honest I was afraid he'd change is mind once he saw the "unique eccentricities" of my vulva from an inch away. Eventually he quelled my fears and I gave him permission. "It's so beautiful," he said. Many young women do not have the awesome experience I did where an S.O. validates them verbally. So many women go late into adulthood questioning the beauty and "Lovability" 😉 of their pussy. That's why the movement to normalize diverse vulva imagery is so important! For so many people, vulvas are only seen eroticized in porn. There is no diversity of size, shape, or pubic hair. Then we all get this bullshit idea that our vulva is deformed! Because of this so many people are depriving themselves the opportunity to receive oral pleasure - which totally sucks! I explained this phenomena to my nephew and suggested he bolster the confidence of his sexual partners by first verbally complimenting their pussy and then offering to worship it physically. (Finished in Comment...)

@avantgandi val karacsonyra (vagyis queeracsonyra) polot festettunk magunknak. ez az enyem 💜 #vulva #vagina #vulvapride #femininst #diy


Here's to hoping your #Monday has been as #fabulous #flawless and #beautiful as your #pussy. ✨⚡️🌸

@Regrann from @labocacoqueta - ¡Échate flores!
Porque así como ellas son una perfecta creación de la naturaleza, de la misma forma nuestra vulva es otra perfecta creación de la naturaleza, no importa su forma, su color o apariencia, lo que importa es el mensaje que encierran nuestros labios vaginales, si pudieran hablar cuántas cosas no te dirían, como que tienen urgencia por recibir tus caricias o los labios de un buen amante, pero sobre todo que necesitan el reconocimiento que se les ha negado hasta ahora, porque no se llama vagina (a la cual también veneramos), su nombre es vulva...
#vulvapride #vulvapower #vulvarevolution #vulva #VulvaRevolución #flores .
@Regrann from @la.loba.herbalism - DIY - Create a beautiful yoni/Spring/Ostara inspired altar this Eostre! Art by @revavespera #rebirth #spring #eostre #ostara #diy #yoni #altar - - #regrann

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