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The future is now. In 2028 here's what you can expect from me. +More large scale pieces. Positively heaps o Spiderman Foes finally got the love they deserve with a lil dose of Homecoming springboarding a nostalgia flow for my 90s Spidey as you can see here. My Game of Thrones piece took the entire month of June to finish and ranks among the most complex single works I've completed. This year it's high time I finished my massive Walking Dead and Power Rangers pieces. I suspect these will take over a month each but I've been grinding their compositions for years so it's time to put my "idea debt" to bed. Although my prints still sell fairly well at cons and gallery shows, I've definitely seen them become secondary to my original custom art pieces. These take ages but really are my way of writing my definitive love letter to whatever the theme or topic may be. I only do them for my absolute faves and I'll keep it that way. +More Commissions. I did somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 commissions this year. From simple 30 minute black and white portraits to 20 hour family Pokemon masterpieces- these took up the bulk of my time and energy. While I love being pushed outside my comfort zone to meet the interests and concepts of others- the amount of work required to deliver on them detracts from the joy of the art making itself. I suspect I'll strive for a less is more approach in 2018. While I always need the happiness of the recipient in mind when making a piece, having so many long swords of Damocles hanging over me for extended periods takes a toll. Especially when I already have a 9-5. Seeing the delight in people's faces when they get their family portrait or one of a kind piece back means the world to me and fuels my artistic fires. Since I often put 20 hours into a piece that often only one person end up seeing- Expect to see more examples of these as well.

And a vulture in a pine tree! Dallas Zoo gave some of their animals small Christmas trees. One vulture took it upon themself to decorate theirs with a feather.

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