I answered my son’s repeated questioning with “because I said so.” I never wanted to be that authoritarian parent who discourages communication and breeds a culture of fear. And I’m not. I’m simply human - and when I slip up, those conversations with my kids are often to most powerful ones. ❤️ Share yours below! #BeBrave #Authenticity #VulnerabilityIsStrength

Chicken Soup -it's a panacea across many cultures, especially in times of vulnerability. Whether this be a New Mama crossing the threshold into Motherhood, seasonal changes asking for swift adaptation from our bodies, times of loss and letting go. Vulnerability is not a dirty word, but a beautiful reminder and a calling that we are interconnected humans, interdependent co-creators in this life. Back to the chicken soup! This is a favourite one pot wonder in my house, it's sweet, warming, nutritious and grounding. Inspired in part from the book The First Forty Days, in part my fellow share house friends - Traditional Chinese Medicine students - many years ago in Melbourne, part Kae, my Thai friend I lived with for a year on a farm in Northern Thailand (where I first learnt of postpartum care practise). Quick summary: Boil water, set slow cooker on high, add whole chicken, water and splash of quality vinegar, let cook for 12 hours. Add: goji berries, red dates, turmeric, ginger, star anise, cloves, cinnamon quill, cardamom pods, coriander seeds, nigella seeds, salt, barley. Let simmer for another hour or two. Add fresh greens and herb in season. This one has kale, cress and fennel leaves and bulb. Turn heat off. Enjoy! #postpartumfood #sacredmotherhood #pollinationmamas #nourishingtraditions #vulnerabilityisstrength #postpartumdoula

Lo perfecto es enemigo de lo bueno.
En nuestra vulnerabilidad está nuestra mayor fortaleza porque no es más fuerte quien nunca se ha caído, sino quien sabe cómo levantarse.

Can we just stop with the spiritual bypassing already! The world needs us to show up full on, completely authentic, gloriously displaying our flaws but willing to do the work and get real! Perfection is a waste of time and frankly I’m tired AF! #masks #authentic #realshit #recovery #fauxspirituality #spiritualbypassing #spiritualbypass #spirit #authenticspirituality #vulnerability #vulnerabilityisstrength

The irony of giving a talk about “branding” and navigating job negotiations, and then feeling totally inadequate in the midst of a new job, family changes, and trying to throw a 4 year old birthday weekend — striking. But, I am reminded that my identity is in none of these things and that I’m not the only #mamadoc who feels that way.

My partner is coming up to her 7 year celebration for her sobriety in a few weeks. When we met I knew she was an alcoholic. Often people will come to me and say how wonderful I am for sticking by her during that last phase of hitting bottom. And I’m here to say I was not wonderful. I was pissed off and lost and confused and I felt alone. ⠀
Tonight we went to see “A Star is Born,” and for the first time I saw my story in a movie (I mean not the rock star part but the rest 😉). We’ve had many of those moments and worse. This is what addiction and depression can look like and I am grateful that so many are seeing this film.⠀
After the movie she cried and told me she was sorry for all she put me through. There was nothing to forgive. I forgave her a long time ago.⠀
I told her that we are lucky. We survived when many wouldn’t have in our situations. I told her that I’m grateful to have been through what we’ve been through because it cracked open my heart and made me see my humanness. This is where compassion is born.⠀
I I told her that when I met her I also knew she had a good heart. I could see she was funny and kind, and generous and loving. If you know her, you know what I’m talking about.⠀
And if you ever have any questions you’re afraid to ask about addiction, mental health, or even about what it’s like to be queer, I will do my best with the time and resources I have. I cannot speak for everyone and I am not a qualified mental health practitioner but I can share my experiences with you and listen. It’s the least I can do.⠀
And if you’re reading this and struggling reach out. Let someone know what support you need. You are not alone and you deserve all the love in the world!⠀
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Love does not need closeness or commitment. It needs trust, nourishment and space.

Every once in a while, I step far away from my business for a week or two. It’s honestly the hardest thing in the world for me to be out of touch, to peel myself away from my computer screen and all my human doing-ness. With my cellphone dead, zero WiFi to be found, miles of coastlines of nothingness... well except its everythingness... I feel silly longing to check my email or to post to IG.
Isn’t this what most people dream of? Vacation is a lot of work for me, seriously. Maybe, I’ll lose an opportunity or miss something important.

And then I’m reminded that this thing/biz that I’ve created is not me. It’s just something that I get to love and nurture, like a child, and it doesn’t mean I have to be there day in and out, 24/7. Without me, it will survive and when I come back, I’ll have more to bring. When I have a vast internal reservoir, everyone benefits.

So, I strip down to my soul, immerse myself in the cold. I surrender to the space, to the waves of my emotion, knowing that nothing is ever really lost or found at all. It simply is. I am the witness.

Love is the way and it is a beautiful journey.

photo @jehiahsax

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Mansfield is so pretty!

"If you can't be vulnerable around me, don't come closer... It is not negotiable." Laurence Sessou
Photography by @rojsmith#vulnerabilityisstrength

“and if your gift
is to make people feel something
do not cover that
in apology.
do not lie
to accommodate
others fear
of feeling.”

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I took this photo before I got in the bath a few weeks ago. I had just gotten back from the hardest conversation I’ve had in my life thus far. My insides were broken. I was cracked wide open.
I caught my own reflection in the mirror as I was crying and I thought to myself “you look beautiful when you’re vulnerable”.
Because I did. We do.
We look beautiful when our walls are down. When we let the armour fall. When we’re honest. When we surrender. When we do hard things.
It’s “easy” to walk around hiding who you are and how you feel. The real work is in shedding the layers of labels and hurt and pain that other people have put on us...or maybe we’ve even put on ourselves.
You look beautiful when you’re vulnerable. Because it’s you. In pure form. Showing up as is. And what more could anyone ask for?
This is a part of The Rising.🔮✨🖤
*BTWWWWW posting this pic is 12 steps outside my comfort zone buttttt I’ve decided that’s where I’ll hang out now soo here it is. Love you. Bye. 😬🖤

At the beginning of each week I like to make a small goal for myself. I say “small” because you want that goal to be attainable - The whole purpose of making this goal is to crush it and feel that sense of self accomplishment at the end of each week. 💥 It’s like a weekly reminder to yourself that you’re a f*cking badass and you can do whatever you set your mind to. 👊🏼 This week I decided I would get 5 workouts in. On a normal week, I stick to 4 workouts so adding an extra workout was going to be out of my “norm” BUT attainable. Today I completed workout #3.💜 And I feel more motivated than I have all week. 💪🏼 Do you set weekly goals for yourself?


There is a magic in a love like that
Keeping my eyes trained on you
In the middle of despair and fear
Doubt and grief
You are my rock, my anchor
You are my hope
I give you that power
With all the trust I can find
As deeply as I trust myself
Maybe deeper
The song of my heart
sings for you
Through every battle, through
the darkest night
I can listen to that song
And be comforted
I leap into the abyss
Over and over
Throughout my life
knowing that
Your love allows me to be safe
Safe in our bond
Safe in your regard
Your reciprocal love, trust, and faith
This is magic, this love. You.

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Emotions aren’t biodegradable ♻️
You can’t just push them down and expect them to go away. You have to FEEL your feeling, work through them, and properly deal with them in order to move forward.
I know for a lot of us, it’s easier to keep our emotions buried than to be vulnerable enough to address them. Whether you’re stressed out, afraid, sad, jealous, lonely... bottling up those feelings and hoping for the best usually causes an explosion of emotions you didn’t even know were still there.
So I encourage you to take that first step. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Even if it might be scary. Whether you reach out to a friend, a therapist, or even your journal... acknowledging your emotions and working through them will bring you one step closer to joy ♥️ #feelyourfeelings #selflove #vulnerabilityisstrength

Treehouse ready for guests this weekend. 🌲

I wish I could give a shout out to whoever made this graphic, but alas I can’t. That is me (lower right) as a kid. As females, and moreover as a female dancer, I was taught to scrutinize my body daily. This was part of an art project I made while working with an amazing healer/therapist, Marta Luzim, of Primal Healing and Art.
I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been posting too much, and for some reason I am putting this out there.
I’m so grateful for my growth and the part of me that has had the DESIRE to work on myself.
Here’s to all women, here’s to vulnerability, here’s to accepting ourselves and here’s to asking for help when we need it.
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5 things to start doing today to start losing weight: ✔️Food journaling: writing down what you eat BEFORE you eat it helps increase your awareness and help you make conscious choices
✔️Eat lean protein with each meal: protein is filling, and important for lean muscle mass
✔️Eat 5 fists of vegetables: eating more veggies means less room for junk and means you will be getting more micronutrients, which can help with energy levels and feeling better
✔️Eat slowly: find a way to slow your roll. Put the fork down between bites, count the number or chews, take a drink of water, whatever. Slow down and pay attention to getting full
✔️Make smart carb choices: swap out the refined crap for whole grains, and high fibre. Save starchy carbs for around your workouts ✔️Move more. Get 10 minutes more of movement each day and it will keep adding up

Losing weight and getting healthy is about habits. If you change your approach you can lose weight and you can keep it off.

For a limited time I am offering 6 weeks of high intensity workouts to go along with the 12 Fat Loss Habits Collection. This means that you will learn all the tools you need to lose the fat, and have the exercises to help jumpstart it, and to help you shape up.

Shoot me a message if you are ready to commit! The program is fully online with regular communication and support right through the app to make sure YOU are getting everything you need.

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Being their mama is my greatest joy, privilege, responsibility.
They make me laugh harder than anyone else + cry more than anyone else.
Always wrecking me in the best ways + I don’t take a second for granted.
Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without them + it hurts to even think about.
Sometimes I wonder what life would be like with our other 4 heavenly babies here + that hurts to think about, too.
Knowing that my womb has been blessed with 7 babies, some I’ll hold this side of heaven + some I won’t, fills my soul.
All my babies, equally loved + cherished + celebrated.
All known + carried by me.
Even when the rest of world wasn’t blessed enough to behold their beauty, I felt it.
Even when the rest of the world doesn’t mourn their loss because they never knew the weight of their presence, I’ll cry + remember.
It may be hard to express or share this kind of loss. It may feel uncomfortable + painful. But I’ll do it anyways.
Because they are worth acknowledging.
Because they are worthy of my tears, just as much as their siblings here with me.
From the moment I knew about them I smiled + cried over them + I’ll continue to until the day we meet.
I wonder + imagine who they would have been.
Would they obsess over Batman shoes + motocycles, would they sing while they color until their hearts content, would they have cheesy smiles with the biggest dimples?
I’ll always be dreaming of them. // #amotherslove #mygreatestprivilege #pregnancyandinfantlossawarenessmonth #1in4 #1in100 #ihadamiscarriage #rainbowbabies

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