#gratitude🙏 pour cette superbe retraite de #chigong , #kundalini, #respirationconsciente et #méditation, à l’inspirante et authentique @annielangloisyoga dans un lieu où histoire, spiritualité, confort et gastronomie se côtoient. @monasterequebec #blessed #transformed #goodvibes #vulnerabilityisstrength #calm #weareone

Love is the last thing we need to ration in this world. 😘

Just because you show your emotions and vulnerability does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that you are weak.
By being authentic, honest, truthful and real in how you deal with people and yourself in situations is what counts. Being the real YOU is where your strength lies no matter how anyone else perceives you 😉💖

Self Portrait Sunday

Things that make me feel good:

Tanned skin, this gauzy white shirt from @stasiaboutique, good brows courtesy of @taylorartistry, clean hair, new necklace from @tessarandjewelry & this moody lighting 🙌

Swipe to see my amazing rainbow loom ring from my nieces. I came home from the lake with an extensive collection from the kiddos 🌈

How has your week been and what makes you feel good?

Episode 3 of Season two Black Fish and Jew Fish share some very real stories from their lives. We open to you and hope you will share your story too. DM, comment below, or tag us in your stories so we can get to know you. Check it out on @itunes, @googleplaymusic, or @stitcherpodcasts! 🔸🔹#linkinbio 🔹🔸 . . .
These are pictures from @fourdumplings experience she shares in her story.
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Everyone needs a break once in a while, but make sure you’re building a life that makes you happy #theprocess #daybyday #vulnerabilityisstrength #selfcare #poetrybyff

Injuries 😩👎🏻
Injuries use to mean, take a week off and then one week off turned into two. And I don’t know about you but when I’m not exercising my food intake goes to shits!
These days I do everything in my power to nurse that injury to health. And you bet I’m doing some exercises that won’t prolong the injury but keeps my eating in check!
Just ordered my 3 day cleanse... there is still time to join me. Want in?

Vulnerability. I have been reflecting on this word a lot lately. It is such a crucial word. One thing I have learned over the past years is that embracing vulnerability is a journey. Each day I contemplate my actions and words before I say them. Is what I am saying prudent or do I need to ponder my thoughts more? Vulnerability means being able to speak your words wisely knowing that sometimes others may disagree or think differently. Vulnerability means being okay with being wrong because in being wrong you grow. It means understanding your own views are not always the right views. It means being authentically yourself, knowing there will be plenty of people who do not like you. Being vulnerable for me at times has meant chopping my hair off because with short hair there was no hiding behind my long curly locks. For me it has meant jumping into adventures knowing I may fail, grad school, going to run Hood To Coast, running marathons. It has meant being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It means seeing the IG “ask me a question” option and giving it a go, even though you know no one will ask you a question because you are just an average Jo.😉That was my vulnerable move this week. Every week I give myself a vulnerability challenge. I know it may hurt for a moment, but I do it and tell myself “jump in and be okay with where you go”. Embrace vulnerability. Let go of the anxiety of not knowing. Be okay with having moments of not being okay. Today is a post run, no shower, no make-up, messy hair, and sleeping puppy behind me.....kind of day.:) #vulnerabilityisstrength #ptsdsurvivor #suicidesurvivor #bringchangetomind

Well peeps tomorrow is Day 1 as a working mama! Calling out all of my feelings of shame, guilt, fear, you’ll never catch up because you’ve been out so long, you won’t be able to do both oh and if you choose not to do both at some point there’s something obviously wrong with you...ALL LIES (John 10:10)

I totally surprised myself when I realized that I actually enjoyed maternity leave. Yes, the type A girl who has to force herself to sit still and just be for more than 5 minutes. I mean don’t get me wrong there were days I wanted to pull my hair out and run back to work or no run far away actually, but most days I was undeniably grateful to be with Adeline Pearl everyday all day. The past few weeks, I’ve internalized mostly and expressed to a select few how conflicted I am emotionally about going back. Thankfully one timely conversation with my leader brought to light all of my feelings, and she did what a rare strong, transparent, compassionate, but still expects the best from you would do...she poured life into me from one seasoned working mama to one new mama not knowing what to expect, realizing that there’s no amount of planning or checklists that will make this next season of wife, mama, and profession perfect. In fact, after diving into all the resources she led me to this weekend & wrapping up with the best message from church on the role of the Holy Spirit, it’s going to be messy and imperfect, but I am not alone. I’m going to experience victories as well as failures as I already have thus far, but I’m going into the arena tomorrow morning daring greatly and knowing that I AM ENOUGH as wife, mama, servant leader, and patient experience consultant. Here we go..... #vulnerabilityisstrength #whenyourleaderspeakslifetoo #workingmama #adelinepearl #matthew2820 #theodoreroosevelt #brenebrown #daringgreatly #healthcare #patientexperience

Our emotions are our compass and self love will always point us in the right direction. You can change the course of your health, your happiness, your passions at any given time. Never underestimate the power of compassion, courage & vulnerability. It will always get you a little closer to where your meant to be. I know I have probably said something similar many times but each time I follow this I’m amazed. 💚
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This is something I personally struggle with😒, then again as a private person just being here on Instagram is a huge step toward showing vulnerability for me. Are you able or willing to put yourself in a vulnerable position?
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"When you go through deep waters. I will be with you." Isaiah 43:2 #soulfulsunday

Still smiling from ear to ear! 😄 #thevulnerabilitychallenge

It’s been our privilege to come close to people and hear their story. We like to createsafe spaces where people can be themselves.
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