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Everything about this is so beautiful!!!’ There is something so raw yet vivid about black and white to me!
@jessiej #Art #Lyrics #vulnerabilityIsBeautiful

Staying soft is something that I am growing into. In many ways, it’s almost easier for me to keep the brickwork in place. I don’t always like feeling vulnerable and perceive that I am strong when I am impermeable. But at my core, I believe that I am here to love with all my heart, and for me that means staying soft. So here’s to softness and all of the emotions that rise up in me when I am in this place. #thishumanheart #beautifulsoftness #vulnerabilityisbeautiful #findingmyway Salt. Author @nayyirah.waheed

“I can’t help but stare at you” 👄..... #vulnerabilityisbeautiful 👽 #thirsttrapThursday

#30daysofvulnerability day10
As I am around my mother and her partner of 30+ years I watch them how they are together. The closeness, the warmth, the unconditional love and trust between them and the humor despite the fact that my mother is so weak these days, really make me happy and at the same time sad.
I have never experienced something close to this. I am 43, I had no relationship that lasted longer than 6 months and this is maybe the most vulnerable thing I will admit here. I feel extremely embarrassed about this. A part of me sees this as a really shameful failure and just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Often I think I just not managed to have a long time relationship and the deep buried belief is that I am just not able to love and might just not be worthy of being loved. I spent enough time with therapists to know the correlations why that belief about me exists, but often I am just sad that I never spent long enough with a person to develop this closeness and trust that I never became real friends with a lover. Or lover with a friend. Unfortunately this has been my life topic for many years. The "problem" is still not "solved". So I am doing the thing I am good at: make the best of my life everyday, despite the fact that sometimes I wish I had somebody to share this best with.

When you’re clear and transparent people can see your inner light —- #VulnerabilityIsBeautiful #blacktherapy🔑

This might be the first phase of "face your fears/test your limits in your forties" for me, but I am going WAY out of my comfort zone with many, many things right now. Two years ago, I got the moxy to start my own teacher training program, this year I opened my own studio (actually yesterday), and today I submitted my entry for The Next Pilates Anytime Teacher Contest 2017!
Check out my video to get some tips on breath work and alignment for the ab series.
Thank you J.D. Kobow for being such a wonderful student!!! xoxo

#nextpilatesanytimeteacher #vulnerabilityisbeautiful

A sincere, authentic, honest and raw confessional. You either love him or hate him BUT either way, he’s still on top and his cadence is on🔥#eminemrevival #musicjunky #vulnerabilityisbeautiful

These women 💗 What 🤷🏻‍♀️ can I say? Over the last several weeks we have journeyed together, sought the Lord together, loved together, cried together, been vulnerable together and have seen what freedom looks like together. I am blown away by the way that they welcomed me with open arms! They truly know how to love well. 💕I am equally blown away by their leadership and the gifts that God has given them! I am so thankful for the way that God went before me....and orchestrated this whole (me getting to be a part)thing! 🙌 He is so faithful y'all! Today marks the end of our Lifegroup semester, but I can't wait to get to know these ladies more! #healthyandfree #wholeness #Jesus #hope #vulnerabilityisbeautiful

...had the greatest day chasing waterfalls and reconnecting with my favorite person... #bestfriends #covenantfriends #vulnerabilityisbeautiful #freetwentyseventeen #chasingwaterfalls


A sincere, authentic, honest and raw confessional. You either love him or hate him BUT either way, he’s still on top and his cadence is on🔥#eminemrevival #musicjunky #vulnerabilityisbeautiful

Grief comes in many forms... And shows us versions of ourselves that we never knew existed or pray we never had to explore....
From the way we love ourselves, value ourselves... abuse ourselves, and the way we’re forced to pick ourselves back up again and continue on, bare boned, broken hearted, bearing scars and all.
Most may never endure. Most will never understand. Most will never see how hard you fight to make it through each day. They don’t know your growth... they don’t know how many times you’ve back tracked and how hard you struggle to make progress... that at times you’ve lost your will, you’ve lost your way. Loss of sleep, loss of interest. Binging on tears and nightmares. Swallowed by waves of sadness, hands that shake, anxiety driven... And It’s not their job to... But its also not your job to make them see, to prove to them that you are trying, to prove to them that you still care (about yourself), to explain to them how bad it hurts and how much you want to throw in the towel knowing, even though you’re not who you were, that’s not who you ARE... So you learn to live with it, to cry quieter, to keep it hidden, to endure it, to deny it, and in the end to accept it... The journey you live and lead alone requires the validation and acknowledgement of no one but you and you alone.
And though speaking releases but a fraction, writing makes it more a reality... Finding comfort in solidarity is where you’re doing your best to find yourself again. To learn to dream at night and wake up with a love for mornings once again.
#StillBlessedInPain #NotAshamed #SpeakYourTruth #VulnerabilityIsBeautiful #WorkInProgress

“I can’t help but stare at you” 👄..... #vulnerabilityisbeautiful 👽 #thirsttrapThursday

I gave someone the advice the other day to 'Just show up'. They thought about it for a minute and they were blown away by how simplistic of a gesture that it actually is.

By just showing up and being ourselves we strip away all the fake masks that we all wear each day. Being vulnerable is the first step to self actualization and realizing that all those masks hinder us, not help us.
#vulnerability #vulnerabilityisstrength #vulnerabilityspecialist #vulnerabilityisnotweakness #vulnerabilityreduction #vulnerabilitychallenge #vulnerabilityfor7days #vulnerabilityisthenewstrong #vulnerabilitypost #vulnerabilityproject #vulnerabilityisstrengh #vulnerabilityisbeautiful #vulnerabilityiscourage #vulnerabilityrocks #vulnerabilityhangover #vulnerabilityissexy #prilaga #vulnerabilityisastrength #vulnerabilityassessment #vulnerabilityispower #vulnerabilityiskey #vulnerabilitywarrior

"On the girl's brown legs there were many small white scars. I was thinking, Do those scars cover the whole of you, like the stars and the moons on your dress? I thought that would be pretty too, and I ask you right here please to agree with me that a scar is never ugly. That is what the scar makers want us to think. But you and I, we must make an agreement to defy them. We must see all scars as beauty. Okay? This will be our secret. Because take it from me, a scar does not form on the dying. A scar means, I survived.
We pick at the scars to make them open wounds because we need to watch them heal again." 💊🍀 #vulnerabilityisbeautiful

Artwork by @shaza.wajjokh
Twitter : The Caduceo ®

If you are softer
than before
they came.
have been loved. • Nayyirah Waheed ~

As a woman you are always applauded for being strong. As a man you are always applauded for being tough. I wish that was different. I wish we would all be softer and more honest and that the world would applaud vulnerability. If we would just be honest and more loving with each other. Coming out of a relationship, not building up a wall around my heart is a challenge. Staying soft can be difficult leaving my heart open, vulnerable as it is. But I feel much better with just the simple decision to stay vulnerable. 💕

Als Frau und als Mann hört man immer dass man stark sein soll. Als Frau ist das fast sowas wie eine Auszeichnung, wenn man hart genug ist. Das ist so ein Phänomen unserer Gesellschaft. Wir applaudieren nicht, wenn jemand sanft, oder verletzlich ist. Ich wünschte das wäre anders. Wenn wir alle offener miteinander umgehen würden und jeder ehrlich sagen würde, was er denkt und fühlt. Frisch getrennt fühlt sich das enorm schwierig an, das Herz nicht wieder zu verschließen und eine große Wand drumherum zu bauen. Aber ich bemühe mich, so verletzlich wie es ist, offen zu bleiben. 💕
Loving this challenge! So many lovely comments everywhere! Thank you for this one, to the lovely hosts: @gluecksplanet @nicole.dechow @constanzewitzel @yoga_mit_lucie @momazing.de and sponsors: @magadi.de @happymindmag @createurbestself @feetup @ylumisparkle @omshantiratingen @veryyoga.de @besserwasser
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Staying soft is something that I am growing into. In many ways, it’s almost easier for me to keep the brickwork in place. I don’t always like feeling vulnerable and perceive that I am strong when I am impermeable. But at my core, I believe that I am here to love with all my heart, and for me that means staying soft. So here’s to softness and all of the emotions that rise up in me when I am in this place. #thishumanheart #beautifulsoftness #vulnerabilityisbeautiful #findingmyway Salt. Author @nayyirah.waheed

🥀 so many times. #vulnerabilityisbeautiful

this is a new world.
this is a new earth.
right now is the time to ascend your former self.
ascend all you once thought you were and begin to awaken to who you truly are.
everything you thought you knew and you wanted,
everything you thought you needed to exist...
shattered to pieces.
lost in the shedding of the zombie you were.
lost in the emerging of the soul that you are.
your dreams are your memories of prophecies made,
a promise to come here and need not be saved.
but remember your home,
you are bringing it here.
in two minds right now
while this one disappears.
remembering is hard but it’s making you see
a liquid light body that came here to be.
~ pic source unknown

[Sunday vibes] : Throwback to my first ever shoot with @timrollerphotography - it was a moody, cloudy day above the Queen City in the NASCAR building ✨
I'm booking our next trip very soon for post-holiday content. 😍
It will be at a top spa destination for a lifestyle shoot! 💃🏼 I'm so happy to have Tim with me to showcase the best spas in America + all the unique amenities they have to offer! 💋
One of the most exciting things is speaking with the spa owners about our ancient skincare tools + the many benefits of JADE rolling. 🌿
Our last trip to The Spa at @ballantynehotel was a hit! Can't wait to do it again somewhere new 💚
#spamagazine #beautyeditor #spalifestyle #spainfluencer #celebrityphotographer #mood #cloudyday #throwback #honestmoment #timrollerstudios #editorialphotography #vulnerabilityisbeautiful #sensitivityisstrength

and this is how it goes my friend
two steps forward then one back again
just like a circus balancing act
equilibrium is found stumbling on the mat.
remembering who we are once more
letting go of the stories that owned us before.
now in the water our ship will float
but this water will not make a home in the boat.
arm in arm and hand in hand
through distance and time we let go and we share.
with power and strength the boundaries fade
and right here and now i can breathe again.

i used to look up to my mentors, healers and those who inspired me most and thought that they were super human.
i thought they were made of steal and had everything figured out.
i used to aspire to be just like that.
i thought that i hadn’t succeeded in life until i transcended my body, thoughts and emotions...
that i wasn’t good enough until i’d reached such a state.
now i’ve come to realise that i had it completely backwards.
i feel so inspired by them because they embrace all aspects of themselves.
they have good and bad days, they have disagreements, they face obstacles, they play, they laugh, they cry and they experience fear...
but their goal is not perfection, it’s growth.
they follow the voice within rather than without which leads them to live a life of purpose and fulfillment...
not because they have transcended their human problems but because in embracing their humanness and their divineness, they can connect deeply and inspire growth.
this is my new aspiration.

🎵Open your heart with the key🎵
Dancer’s pose got me singing Madonna today, can’t help myself. I spent a few hours discussing vulnerability with a friend this morning and how it isn’t weakness but rather opportunity. It’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life but didn’t know until it was brought to my attention a few years ago and now it’s something I actively work on and it’s tough but it is so rewarding and fulfilling. Sometimes you lose people in your life who can’t deal with seeing the raw and real, vulnerable you... and that’s ok. Put yourself first and don’t be afraid of letting people see you for everything you are because you are amazing ✨ and if they don’t see it, that says more about them than you ❤️ #dancerspose #heartopener #yoga #yogamelbourne #yogadaylesford #daylesford #lakeside #backbend #backbends #breathe #vulnerability #vulnerabilityissexy #vulnerabilityisstrength #vulnerabilityiscourage #vulnerabilityispower #vulnerabilityisbeautiful #vulnerabilityisopportunity #vulnerable #madonna #openyourheart #healthcoachmelbourne #healthcoach #melbournehealthcoach 📸 @katientel

Woke up in peace mode.💙
~• It's risky to show your heart, to show your scars, to be vulnerable, to fearlessly speak what's on your mind or your heart...but what is life without that depth or feel?
#vulnerabilityisstrength #vulnerabilityisbeautiful #strength #livelife #learn #growth #freespirit #choosehappiness #exploretheworld #wanderlust #travellover #rechargeyoursoul #collectexperiences #bearlake #rockymountains #bucketlist ✔️

In this new year, why not resolve to find more joy in your everyday life? Joy is what makes life beautiful. It’s what gets us through challenges and allows light in to illuminate the shadows. Joy heals our wounds, inspires us to greatness, and fills our souls with goodness. In 2018, let's take the vow to choose joy in whatever avenue brings us genuine happiness. ❣️

Korean men are raised to be tough and unemotional. There is a saying that Korean men should only cry 3 times in their lives: when they are born, when their parents die and when he loses his country. Seeing our fathers cry is something that we should never see in our lives, yet this was so beautiful. #thetimeswehave #fridaenamorada #vulnerabilityisbeautiful #koreanwedding #peopleinlove

what does it mean to be loved..
for the person you are and not just as a filler of the emptiness inside another?
what does it mean to be needed..
but not as the byproduct of co-dependent relationships?
what does it mean to be seen..
for more than just skin you see at face value?
what does in mean to feel safe..
but not because you’re too comfortable or scared to move forward?
what does it mean to let your guard down..
while maintaining strong values, respect and boundaries?
what does it mean to share yourself with another..
rather than giving yourself away on a silver platter?
what does it mean to be in love..
to co-create, to share, to grow and to nurture..
as wholes?
thank you all for your patience and support ~ the first couple of energy healing sessions have been magical and i will message everybody who has expressed interest in the next couple of days (message me or comment below if you would like to know more or are interested). i’m so beyond excited to share this with you and hopefully give you a little glimpse of the magic you have within you always 💛

Do you notice the gentle messages inviting you to express yourself truly and make yourself more known? Hey, you. You are seen. You matter. You are loved. You are welcome here and you belong.

one of the things i fear most is being seen.
ironically, it is also the thing i crave the most.
what if i’m not accepted for all that i am?
what if i’m too much, too little, to different or too boring?
my beliefs go beyond what is normal for most
but even to say that is to deem myself an outcast..
a prisoner of my own mind
chained by self-limitation and self-deprivation.
waiting for someone to bring me the key
forgetting that it has always been with me.

So sad that our culture encourages this way of being...I used to hide my emotions/feelings at the risk of appearing #vulnerable and it was nothing short of a trap for my #soul ~ now I try my damnedest to set aside my #ego - no matter how uncomfortable- so that I can be my truest and most #authenticself 🎈
#letyourfreakflagfly #speakfromyourheart #liveyourlife #vulnerabilityisbeautiful #neverhideyourtrueself

10.) Until she fell deep into the feeling she feared: loneliness. Here she was all alone and stuck. She was in a state of bleak and dismal emptiness, like a dark well. She felt vulnerable and exposed. She could never run from her loneliness, it always caught up to her, no matter how hard she tried to escape it. There was no exit. 📸: @megs_marvels
model: @luckypenny16
writer: @luckypenny16
#photography #blackandwhitephotography #photoofday #photoseries #model #depression #depressed #tyrataughtme

Stop worrying that people will find out who you really are. Instead, hope that they do. 😉💕✨

G R O W T H:
I haven't been able to put my vibe into words lately, written or spoken. Shit been feeling as foggy as Atlanta looks right now.
Picked up some Palo Santo and smudged my home, myself, and, lastly, my camera. Sat with my plants for a spell.
And I listened to "Ike's Mood" bout fiddylem times in a row. If I couldn't find words to explain my vibe, it was because my vibe was written in notes n chords and I can't read music, y'all. 😂 every single part of what I been feeling lives in that song.
Felt clearer and more grateful afterwards. More focused and determined.
Fly shit. Fly shit. Fly shit.
#PhyllisIllerPhotography #Pothos #PothosPlant #Growth #GrowThroughIt #Vulnerability #VulnerabilityIsAStrength #VulnerabilityIsBeautiful #Nikon #NikonVideo #IsaacHayes #IkesMood

this plant used to look kinda shitty, I had a hand in it. wasn't sure how to care for her. gave her too much, then I gave her too little.
it wasn't til I placed her in some low-light that she flourished, let her hibernate a bit. after a few weeks, her tendrils extended and she had more leaves.
shout out to my sexy #pothos for helping me remember my dope today, remember it's okay to retreat to heal. 🌱

growth doesn't happen overnight. that's cool. enjoy the time it takes to grow, cause when you bloom? you'll do it abundantly and with wild abandon.

What is the negative script and limiting beliefs that are playing in the background of your mind?
I wrote down all of the negative thoughts I tell myself. I was surprised at how many and how awful they were. I wouldn't speak to anyone that way, why would I do that to myself? I filled 4 pages, and the following days I became aware of many more.
Changing this negative script is hard, but it can be conquered. 👊🏻
When a negative thought comes up- acknowledge it, correct it and set it free.
Rule your mind or it will rule you ❤️

#imaworkinprogress #selflove #learningtolovemyself #challengenegativethoughts #positivevibes #changeishard #youdeserveloveandrespect #vulnerabilityisbeautiful

✨ One wild and precious life. ✨ Do you want what you have?

At least I can make a mean consolation breakfast. Creamy scrambled eggs, bacon just how I like it, plump tomatoes, toast fried in bacon grease, one piece with sauteed mushrooms to go with the brie, and the other with fig preserves and dried cranberries.
The dream job sent me a rejection email this past week, and it's just sucked. It's hard to find motivation and hope again, and I've wanted to give up on looking for a great, fulfilling, exciting job. Yes, it sounds dramatic, but 3.5 months of job hunting failure gets to you. Maybe the energy will come back, but right now, it just sucks, and the best things are breakfasts and Caleb and Mako.

Si algo he aprendido estos meses, es hacerme crema para por lo menos un par de días, así evito antojos malignos cuando llego cansada a casa 🏡....ademas hace mucho q tiré todos los ultraprocesados, y poco a poco estos cambios me hacen sentir genial, se nota en mis digestiones, en mi cuerpo y en mi cutis...
La mejor medicina es cuidarse, y aprender hacerlo todo poco a poco es todo un éxito....no hagas cambios bruscos, pues no crean adherencias, no te lamentes de tus defectos, quiérete, y ama tu vulnerabilidad, ese es un buen camino para experimentar cambios sin hacernos daño
Y ahora, preparada para celebrar el quinto aniversario de @evamuerdelamanzana , deseando compartir una cena que de seguro será maravillosa
Buenas noches!!!

Learning about what @brenebrown says about #vulnerability is enlightening. Truthfully, I used to HATE being vulnerable because I considered it weakness. However, as I work with clients and work on understanding myself more, I’ve learned that vulnerability is far from weakness. It takes great strength to reveal who you are to yourself or someone else and be okay with it. It leads to #radicalacceptance of all of the different shades of you. #Beyou💯#Flawsandall #vulnerabilityisbeautiful #mentalhealthmatters

Strength in vulnerability 😊
« No matter how many times life knocks her down. She keeps fighting like she never lost a round « 🤷🏻‍♀️🙏🏻💫🔥
Joseph Colombrita.
#fallintoflexibility #fallgracefully 😍 #upavishtakonasana #WideAngleSeatedForwardBend

I don't need attention. I never have. It's a struggle when all you want is true, genuine people in your life to love and to care for. One you could tell everything to. One who would tell you everything. One who would never lie to you, even if their thoughts are weird or crazy, without judgment. My spirit becomes starved for this. Deep connection to me is real, raw and erotic. But I am thankful to have 2 women like this in my life. #connection #deep #soul #spirit #erotic #completelyopen #raw #real #iseetheoughmasks #empaths #empathstruggles #empathproblems #infp #void #voids #iseestraightthroughmasks #vulnerability #vulnerbilityiscourage #vulnerabilityisbeautiful

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