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* Raw vulnerability below ✨

Losing weight on Ketones in the last ten days has taken my self confidence to new heights.
It gave new meaning to sacred sensuality and female empowerment. ⚛️ Not to mention it changed how I was able to show up in the world, more vibrant, more magnetic.. which we know equals more flow of money. 🤑

BUT I was still fearful of sharing this. Sure I lost weight, but the journey is just beginning, what will people think? My stomach is half the size but it still isn't where it "should" be. What would my mom think? I've never been this naked on social media before *literally* ⚡

BUT, I choose to SHOW up. Vulnerably, in MY mess. And empower empower empower. 💚

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I gave someone the advice the other day to 'Just show up'. They thought about it for a minute and they were blown away by how simplistic of a gesture that it actually is.

By just showing up and being ourselves we strip away all the fake masks that we all wear each day. Being vulnerable is the first step to self actualization and realizing that all those masks hinder us, not help us.
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Day 7 of #vulnerabilityfor7days - Completion: Loving me.
This has been a sort of extreme sport for the soul. I worried that it would be hard and painful, make me want to retreat into my former hermit heart but the challenge came at a time when I'd thrown myself into full on self-love, if not me then who, right? As I've nourished my body with movement (loads of yoga and dance) and listened to it's wants (get outside, connect to others, treat yo self) beyond needs (sleep, food, still working on those) I've found it almost an easy task to open up and share. Ok, not quite but easier anyhow.
I've also found myself more willing to open my heart to the love others show that I often hold on the doorstep not willing to let it in fully. That face to face real life interaction of trusting another feels way more vulnerable than telling my tale to the ethers of the inter webs. So one last share, the very most me of me I can share.
I posed for this portrait when I was in the final days of my last pregnancy. It was a test of sorts, to see if I'd truly healed and accepted my body as good rather than feeling the hate and shame I'd felt for it most of my life. As I stood during the first session I was overcome with love. I could sense the focus of the artist on my elbow or neck or breast, each a fascinating angle or delicate curve. My body wasn't being valued for what it could accomplish or do for someone, not for how it filled out clothing, but for it's own self. It was loved simply for being. The ultimate self love, I highly suggest the experience for everyone.

Day 6 of #vulnerabilityfor7days -Balance.

No, I didn't forget, just...life. Since I was pinned down under this little one for a couple of hours and had no books within reach I took the opportunity to think (read- cry and cry and cry). So today balance means drinking plenty of water to replenish the tears being shed over the changes and events in my life at the moment. Some are anticipated yet still heavy, others unexpected.

#vulnerabilityfor7days completion 🌈 loving me 🌈 I reckon self love is one of the hardest things to do. To truly love yourself is to love and accept all your wounds, sticky bits, past, to good, bad and ugly. Well I love me. Every inch of my skin, including the cellulite and wrinkles. Every strand of greying hair, every sore knee, sore hip sending me a message with each flare up. I love my wounds, that contain so much precious gold. I love my heart ❤ which loves you all. This has been an epically awesome challenge! Thanks @sacredspiralmana for creating this space and connection. #blessed #vulnerable #selflove #love #connection #heart #lucky #connected #wounds #gold #women #womengather #fun #7daysofvulnerability

#vulnerabilityfor7days #nofilter
Day 7 : COMPLETION - 💚Loving ME💚
'Mirror mirror on the wall...' Well here I am! I had yesterday off because phone died, no charger and nice😊🌀This was quite a big one for me - contemplating what 'loving me' encompassed and what that meant for me. I realised I am quite hard on myself. I have HUGE expectations that I place on myself and when I don't live up to them I'm not very forgiving😔I only grasped this whilst contemplating the statement 'loving me'. I thought about everyone else I love so dearly and how I feel about them - they bring me joy, make me proud, I trust them, forgive them, am inspired by them and when I look at them I see beauty and magick... so why don't I afford myself the same treatment? I need to be a little kinder to myself I feel -👇🏽lower the expectations just a smidgen and not be so harsh when I don't achieve every single goal I set. I need to SLOW DOWN and I need to SOFTEN. I also realised that I don't look at myself - really look at myself - the way I look at others💙I'm in too much of a hurry🕓I don't look in the mirror because I brush my teeth while doing chores, I don't wear make-up (well maybe thrice a year💄), I tip my head upside down to do my hair... Actually no that's a lie - sometimes I look reeeeeally closely in the mirror at my nose for black heads👃🏼😝but I never really look at me👁So I did tonight👁I didn't look for pimples or wrinkles👁I just looked at me👁I looked into my eyes and I realised I need to be kinder to myself🍍because I am kind to the ones I love🤗and I love me💙🖤I want to thank you @sacredspiralmana for this vulnerability challenge🙌🏽It has most certainly pushed me well beyond my comfort zone and instigated some pretty powerful self reflection and growth🌲As I think I've mentioned previously, one of my intentions for this year is to stand in my truth, serve and not be afraid to be seen👁That's pretty big for me and this has been a beautiful step along that path✨thank you again🙏🏽much love and many blessings💙

#vulnerabilityfor7days day 7~ completion: loving me~ Tonight I find myself tending to something Spirit wanted me to take care of 2 weeks ago...Writing the people that I let take some of my power, some of my soul, when our paths parted or got severed. I'm drinking adaptogenic hot chocolate and wine (why not) and breaking the spell. This is a new kind of loving that surprised the heck out of me... because I even find myself writing my father. It's like these words have been waiting in me for years. And they're not angry. No, they're calm and steady and kind but also honest and real and raw. There's more inner stillness and respect for my experience than I realized. And yet, it's tender. Really tender. But I think, if I can't see them in the flesh, I can still mend some of what is leaching my life force. I don't know. I really don't. But I'm doing it. And I don't often wish my dad was here. Ha, I don't think I ever wished that. He never saw me dance, he never saw me receive an award for my art or academics, never even sang me happy birthday. But the picture above, somehow I wish he would have been there to see that. And I'm not even sure why. This was at the Project HEAL SoCal Radiate Love gala. And the people around me are some of the greatest people I know- the staff from treatment. They believed in Meg and I so much that they sponsored our event. And the family I nannied for, my family, they were there too. I'm proud of this moment. But not because of what we raised for the scholarships or how beautiful and connected it was. No, I'm proud that I was alive for this. The one person that's missing from this is my therapist from res. Lately, I've been thinking about the pearl of love and wisdom she left with me when we parted. She said: 'when I see you I think, this girl is a blessed girl. She will create a home and a family wherever she goes because her heart is pure. This girl is a blessed girl.' I think this, her belief in me and these words, made it possible for this moment I am living tonight. And because of her I can love myself a little/a lot a bit more. I hope we all find our own Smadar, our own homes and families wherever we go. I hope we all find love.

Day 7 Topic: Loving me
Took a 2 day break from phone time. My attention was needed elsewhere! So here we go, back for the last day.
To me, Loving Me means taking care of my own physical, emotional, spiritual needs..so that I may have the clarity to give that vital, loving energy to the rest of (my) Life. -Not just one or the other.- Healthy Mind, healthy Body, healthy Spirit, healthy PLANET. Loving myself is really Unconditional Love for All. Living Mindfully, seeing how much every thought and action makes a difference. Seeing and feeling that connection. Watching the beautiful manifestions appear right before my eyes. Knowing I AM in alignment.
Actually saying all of this(especially on social media) does make me feel vulnerable because I have been rediculed for it by people who just don't get it..Calling me a "Treehuger" or "hippie". I think it is so silly/ignorant, but it does make me feel bad about myself sometimes.
I used this picture while we were taking our recycling out to the Recycling Center. Some may see it as a chore, but I am so happy and proud to do this act. I feel very peaceful and even energized while doing it. I feel the essence of "Thank you" from the Earth and mySelf. And Knowing that we are teaching this to Mobi just amplifies it all.
There is a habitual movement of creating so much waste.. Its really an unconcious act. I find myself doing it when I am rushing! I feel powerful to take the reins of my life and do something as simple as RECYCLE. Every step we take towards this healthier life feels so good, rewarding and Wholesome. Ya feel me?😍
I Love my Body, I Love you, and Love our planet.
I hope this can inspire and uplift whoever is looking for clarity. ✋virtual high five

#7daysofvulnerability #vulnerabilityfor7days day 6 🙏🏻Balance 🙏🏻 well, we can be spiritual as fuck, a priestess, a blood woman, a keeper of the women's mysteries, a mama, a partner, a super hard worker, a facilitator, a space holder, a lover, a friend, a siStar, a woman. But sometimes you just want to sit in a laneway with a nice glass of Chardonnay. Cheers. #vulnerability #learning #love #blessed #woman #lucky #wine #chardonnay #newcastle #allthethings #balance

#vulnerabilityfor7days #day7
💠 Completion: loving me 💠
Wisdom from a Whole Foods bag. So cliché, yet it resonates so deeply. Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love. Compared to many people I probably take pretty great care of my body, but I still do not do as great a job as I should or I'd like to. I am often undisciplined and skip the activities I need to remain balanced and supple. I take in foods and drinks that are often more rich than what my body needs. I often think negative thoughts as I examine my body in the mirror. But, I am so often tired, frustrated, and out of time and don't treat myself how I would a loved one. Yet, I am a loved one. Such a paradox many of us face. It is a cycle that exacerbates itself. I am a loved one. I am a loved one. I am a loved one. 🖤
Thank you to all who took the time to read my vulnerability posts. I revealed some things that I typically keep hidden, tucked away, behind a filter. I hope in some small way I helped you reflect on yourself and feel less alone. I feel a little less ashamed, a little more confident to share my herstory and my heart. Mahalo! ✨💖✨

Day 6 - B A L A N C E
My little lady tree branch balancing 🌲🖤 with her Dad ready to catch her if she falls...
A little free flowing musing on balance. Balance is complex. There are many aspects for me encompassing the concept of BALANCE -
Balance in my mind☺️, balance in my body👣, balance in my spirit🌀A Balance of the light and dark🌕🌑A balanced perspective👁Enlightenment? Will there ever be absolute balance? I feel like my concept of balance flows and changes accordingly. Isn't it that imbalance is often the precursor to change, growth and discovery? Finding absolute balance is a tricky one. Guilt free balance even more tricky for me. Those times when everything flows and is in what feels like perfect alignment - no clunkiness... by golly gosh it's great when you hit that sweet spot👌🏽I can't say that's happened too often for me though 😝 - a moment here, a moment there, a day here, a day there, maybe a week every once in a while where I feel it. Then there's balancing Motherhood, my relationship, Work, Household stuffs, Passions, Health, Money, Energy, Exercise, Socialising, Solo time, Presence, Time spent online, Up time, Down time... prioritizing... phew 😅
Thinking of physical balance - I remember the first time I rode my bike 🚴 without trainer wheels, the first time I attempted a tightrope, the first time I stood in tree pose 🌲 - all required great single pointed focus of the mind. I've been feeling very clunky these past couple of weeks - we have had a few challenges come up which has made me a little time poor and my daily meditation practice is what has fallen by the wayside - along with my exercising 😖and it's during these times that meditation and exercise would benefit me most - just to give me that bit more balance 😉 I'll consciously go for a little more balance in my day tomorrow🌀💙🙌🏽

😂 Kurze Pause beim #kika mit @abenteuersarah ❤️️ Also, I am going to make this my day 4 of the #vulnerabilityfor7days: Ask a beloved One for my best and worst qualities... ➕ My endless patience ➕ my eye for the details ➕my discipline ➖ my Grumpiness towards the evenings ➖ and letting my beloved ones feel my moods too much (grumpiness)
#kindergarten #lifeishard #nachdembabyschwimmen #passiveyoga #sleepyoga #growingup #toddlerlife #pause #relax #chill #vienna #austria

💠Day 7 #vulnerabilityfor7days 💠Completion: Loving me.
I sat down to write tonight after putting my little ones to bed (correction: I got one to bed and the other one my husband got to sleep) and realized I was too "heady" to share as authentically as I desired. I felt internal pressure to say just the right thing and to complete this journey with something big and something potent! But that isn't what this is for. I tried again to write and it didn't feel right, so I stopped. I was guided to shower, comb my tangled curls from the leftover ocean dip from the night before, slowly oil my body, make myself a warm cup of golden milk with cinnamon and honey , & complete my process of finely chopping rosemary from my garden that I began today with my dear friend @shannywonderwoman to make another batch of nourishment for my body. The message was clear: ✨"Take care of yourself first Elisa. Take care of YOU. Only then, can you extend that care to others". ✨So I listened. But I haven't always listened to that. And time and time again, I realize this beautiful simple yet complex truth of truly CARING for, NOURISHING, LISTENING to, MOTHERING and LOVING ME is the 〰#1〰 thing I can DO to ensure that I can FULLY show up for what I am called to BE with in my life. This is a long, bumpy road to being love that is profound + mysterious. I've experienced, as per usual, immensely intense heart-openings this week, forgiveness, reconnection + deep remembrance and I truly believe the love (as we have shared here) was cultivated within this sacred container of #vulnerabilityfor7days. I thank you deeply from my heart to yours for creating this space with me. For witnessing. For being witnessed. For sharing. For opening. For feeling. For deepening. For connecting. For loving YOU enough to be here. My hope and intention is for this practice to continue to inspire others to reach deep into their hearts and to ask the hard questions, to push the boundaries of our protective egos, to expose the complexities, the pain and the gorgeousness of this HUMAN experience. Thank YOU. YOUR story, YOUR voice, YOUR pain, YOUR joy, YOUR dreams, YOUR feelings, MATTER.

Day 5 #vulnerabilityfor7days what memories, moments, made you crack open to who you are? #7daysofvulnerability this is but a moment after I birthed my daughter. At home. On my bed. After and easy, painless, ecstatic labour and birth. This is me flooded with oxytocin and endorphins riding the biggest high of my life. Fully open, in joy, in bliss, in love. This was my second crossing into birth. This showed me that way of ease and ecstasy. This moment, captured, remindeds me that joy is our birthright and we need to grab it, love it, cultivate it and never forget it. With the deepest gratitude to my midwife, doula, birthing bestie, partner, son and dog who all witnessed this transformation of myself into full capable, happy, amazing mother and woman who knows she has all the power within her ❤❤❤ #blessed #vulnerable #blessed #family #birth #homebirth #ecstacy #bliss #joy #fun #babies #lucky #open #raw #learning #midwife #doula #birthrite #riteofpassage

Day 5 of #vulnerabilityfor7days - What RAW moments + memories + initiations in your life assisted in cracking your heart open even wider + remembering who YOU are?
This just keeps getting better (ahem, harder) and while I know this is about me sharing not about you reading I can't help but worry that this is burdening others. Perhaps this is a lesson to be learned along the way, that I am safe in sharing, my story is worthy of being heard, that it isn't burdening but connecting.
So, checklist of life changing momentous happenings-
••childbirth (as pictured above) specifically homebirth x3 ••recognizing Mother Earth as a living force and feeling her reach out to comfort me ••the first time I realized I was being treated differently because of my gender and I refused to accept the limitations ••learning skills I'd set as impossible ••bioluminescent bay of Vieques ••being heartbroken, truly feeling deep physical pain as a result of emotions ••finding my Fibershed family- creating and playing and living life together ••trusting myself to define my own spirituality and step away from the religious structure ••live music that instantly reaches right in and finds a part of me ••choosing to stay alive
Whew. Top 10 is enough, eh?

#vulnerabilityfor7days #day6
💠〰 B A L A N C E 〰💠
Challenging myself to maintain balance today. Balancing work, home, art, my body and its need to move with its need to be still, balancing my mind and my heart that seems to always think I am not doing enough. Remembering I am doing the best I can, but always wondering, but, really? Am I? Is this the best I got? Can I do better? Yes. Always. I can do better. I want to do better.

#vulnerabilityfor7days Day 5 - What RAW moments + memories + initiations in your life assisted in cracking your heart open even wider and remembering who YOU ARE?
This pic is just moments after our daughter arrived earthside about 3 1/2 years ago...
🌀The most profound for me to date would be childbirth🌀For me this is the rawest of the raw, my heart literally cracking open🖤It was my rite of passage, an initiation of sorts, I was transformed and catapulted on a trajectory to a far more challenging yet enriching life🖤
Other moments, memories and initiations in no particular order that have assisted in my heart opening and me coming home 🏡- Reading 📖 Watching 👁 Diving 🌊Dancing 💃🏽Adventure💥Being in Nature🌿Witnessing teasing/bullying as a child👧🏽Suffering depression as a teenager 👩🏽Losing family and friends✨My parents separating⚡️Falling in love for the first time💚Getting my heart broken💔Being cheated on⚔️Cheating❌Seeing a psychologist✅Seeing my Dad for the first time in 6 years💞Travel ✈️ Yoga💜Meditation🙏🏽Sisterhood👭A 10 day Buddhist meditation retreat I did in Nepal🇳🇵 Meeting my husbando and committing to each other💚🖤Quantum Hypnosis past life regression healing sessions💙Reacquainting with and discovering wise woman wisdom👵🏽Discovering drumming and journeying🥁...and probably many more I can't think of because I'm super weary 😴✌🏽

Day 6 Topic: Balance
Once again I tried to make a video, but it is just not my thing! Verbalizing an idea is so hard for me..writing is better.
At first I didn't know how I could write something about both Balance and Vulnerability. Where do they meet?
Oh, I see! They meet at FLOW{see Day 3 Topic}.
To flow we must let go(vulnerability), but remain balanced. I think you could also call this Surrender. Surrendering to Spirits Guidance. Divine Alignment.
Imagine a dancer stretching before a performance. Maybe she is a little nervous. She is stretching, moving, breathing slow to bring that very deep kind of balance. It is her Time to go On. The music starts, she rises swiftly on cue, and is carried onto the stage. There is something magical about her performance.

Now imagine a stay at home Mom. This is another kind of balancing act! Her toddler is becoming very independent. He loves to Run! And is growing up so fast.. Sometimes she finds herself wanting to just hold his hand, although, she does not become depressed or dragged down by this. She sees what the reality is and harmonizes with it. Reading a book (or posting on IG🙈) while her boy wants to play with Pops. Then jumping right back in right as he reaches out for her hand.

#vulnerabilityfor7days day 6~ Balance in wellness, a human and a spiritual being~ so I wouldn't normally put this on blast but rather hold it near my heart and cherish it, tuck the memory in my heart, tell one or two sisters. Moving with reverence is at the core of who I am, what I always strive to be aligned with. But sometimes, sometimes I use that as an excuse to hide. So I'll share some of today, and tuck the rest into my heart. But in short, #italktospirittoo 🌀 Today I was gifted some deer medicine in a pretty epic way. And I wept. And I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I wept. And then I wept some more. This deer, and her pelvic bone that I poetically found and returned to the Earth, her hooves that she offered and yearned for me to take home... blasted my heart open. I mean full on knock me off my feet, crack open my heart and ring the shit out of my ears (I don't think that part was the deer though 😉) But I was supported by a sister and I felt strong. The deer had been waiting for me. And her medicine is a gift I will carry with me all of my days, her spirit honored on my altar everyday. 🌀So balance... it's about time for me to come out of the spiritual closet... that I don't hide in my humanness. Yes. I talk to Spirit. Perhaps you know or have assumed but not because I've said it outright, not here anyway. I talk to Spirit. And I cherish the Otherworld and I do my best to listen to their messages, generosity. I have the immense blessing and honor of walking with Otherworld's love and animal medicine and this makes me cry tears of gratitude every damn day. I love the 'little people' and fae, aos sí, more than I can express. I follow the wheel of the year, read tarot, cast runes, talk to the elements, look to lore for the truth, study ancient magick and hedgewitchery, gaze at moon and the stars. 🌀 There you have it. Out of another closet y'all. #italktospirittoo maybe you do as well?! 🌀

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