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Followed closely by the sequels I Wasn't Perfect But Everything Was Okay Anyway and Some Bad Things Did Happen But I Handled Them (Mostly).

"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage... truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they are never a weakness..." 👌🏽
Based on conversations with some very special people lately, I've come to the realization that being vulnerable is the only completely authentic state... Being vulnerable means being completely open, open for wounding, but also for pleasure. Being open to wounding means you are also being open to the healing, to the strengthening.
Don’t deny your vulnerability: allow it to be your greatest asset. Let it give you the chills, let it unsettle you and make you uncomfortable. Then, let it provide you with that good shit that is coming to you, the blessings, the gratitude, the love. Be that in the form of people, situations, and things - that can only come to you when you allow yourself to be vulnerable ❤️

Vulnerable and authentic living 101: Act, speak, be and create as if people can see through you at all times. That’s kinda my personal guide anyway.. I remember back when I was maybe 10 or 11 years old, I believed everyone could read my thoughts and see how I feel. So I full on censored myself in my head and heart. I remember having these feelings for this girl in my tennis team. We were all in a car going to some tournament in another town, she was sitting next to me and I was so afraid that she or anyone else would be able to read my thoughts that I tried my very best to suppress all of it - because: shame. I became an expert in suppression and today, I try to do the complete opposite. Feel myself fully. Show myself fully. Share myself fully. All of it. It’s my therapy, it’s my way to heal that part of myself. It’s my never-ending shadow work.
That’s why I embrace social media as my healing channel, that’s why I keep posting and sharing and speaking my vulnerable truth. It’s what I’m drawn to do, it’s not being brave - it’s what I have to do or otherwise I suffocate on unspoken words and unshared shame. I share my shameful truth to inspire you to connect to your own. That's all, that's why. Because it will free us all.

It started with travel blogging back in 2012 and over the years, turned into this (for what I don’t quite have a name yet) five years later. What a journey. Who knows where we end up... Thanks for coming along. ❤️ 📷@sukizoe

June 25th 2013 -Today I have to remind myself of how low I go when I consume alcohol. This was right after having brain surgery to stop a hemorrhage in the center of my brain after a bad fall. It's not every day that alcohol consumption leads to a brain hemorrhage like this but odds are if I take one sip I will end up on my death bed within just a few days. Uncanny. Sadly this was not the end of my debacle, I went out and drank just two months after recovering from this stroke and it got worse. It boggles my mind that I can walk just one block and buy my drug of choice. Alcohol is ubiquitous and yet it kills more people annually then all other drugs combined. Seems like a socio-cultural malignancy. It has taken decades for the public to understand that alcoholism is not a moral issue or lack of willpower, it is a manifestation of dysfunctional brain chemistry. And still most people cannot fully comprehend addiction, including medical doctors. This is not a criminal justice issue this is a public health catastrophe. But I am living proof that it is possible to recover no matter how severe the case is. I am beyond grateful that I have a working brain that is still adept at absorbing knew information and retaining it. I never feared death but man I feared living with "wet brain". I thank God everyday that I can walk & talk and understand what's happening around me because there was a time when those things were contingent upon a miracle. I have a new appreciation for life, I see the beauty in things that I never noticed before, tragic bottoms create beautiful transformations. I know now that my scars are precisely what God intended to be transmuted into my purpose. My pain has been the best vehicle in connecting with others who are/who have suffered deeply and that makes it all worth it. Suffering unifies humanity and truth telling unlocks people. We're meant to connect with each other, not hideaway. Why are we wasting our time pretending to be perfect? I am immensely grateful to have parents that are warriors of love and tenacity. Who not only never gave up hope but we're brave enough to look at my alcoholism up close and truly believe (Cont in comment)

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.
There have been so many moments in my life when I have tried to hide behind the veil of perfection yet it is always during those vulnerable moments of authenticity that I find the most bliss. Here's to many more sunsets with you my love ❤️✨ @letgoooooooooooo
Photo by @amygpics @litechaser
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#teasertuesday on the Stability Chair. Really good Oblique Work, awesome opportunity to work on balance 💗 connection with deep stabilizers... -I like the idea of working with my smaller stabilizer muscles and connecting with a deeper part of myself. It makes me reflect on connecting with a deeper part of my soul. Sometimes I feel like I can be a little superficial with myself and in relationship to others. And just like working our stabilizer muscles, it is a work in progress to be open, vulnerable and real at all times... 💗#truthtuesday

Real talk. Let go of the hurt & anger & welcome happiness back into your life. You’re worth it 👌🏻 -

P.S. I also know that being told to let go of the hurt is like being punched in the face & beyond frustrating—especially when you want to but can’t seem to figure it out…I get it. If that’s you, DM me. I’m a good listener 🤝

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One day the battle stopped and I chose to see myself the way the universe created me, to SHINE ॐ <3 #shine #authenticity #brave #transparent #vulnerability #truth #happiness #goddess #beauty #light #venus #sexy #sensual #indian #queen #sacred #feminine #tantra

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day 85/100 - a quiet presence can be incredibly helpful #the100dayproject #100daysofanxiety #anxiety #mentalhealth #breakthestigma

First off I want to start by saying that I am not perfect, I do not seek perfection and I haven't always had my shit together. This is a post about reality. I don't ever speak about my personal life on social media and there is a lot that people don't know about me. Until recently I wanted to keep it that way but due to the countless judgement from others I've decided it's time to share that I too am like everyone else. I have made many mistakes that I am continuing to grow from. I have have been hurt by many people and I have also hurt people, never intentionally but it reminds us that we are human and we all have faults. I have forgiven the ones that have hurt me because life is too short to hold on to things that keep us unhappy. I also ask for forgiveness for those that I have hurt/betrayed in the past. I am a person that has earned every bit of the things I have and I have done it on my own. I was forced at a young age to lift myself up and keep going. I now have my own home, my own car, a full time job, a dog that completes me and opportunities people can only dream of. All these things were accomplished because I never stopped working towards them. I tell myself that god has been testing me lately because I couldn't catch a break until I realized that these hiccups were to prove to myself that I am strong enough to get through whatever life throws at me. We must remind ourselves that whatever it is we are going through we can survive it. I do not wish to receive any sympathy from anyone but instead some understanding. I was never the best at letting people get too close mainly because I was sick of feeling disappointed. This post is to all those misfits out there. To the ones that have spent their lives searching for acceptance and love. The only acceptance you should ever seek is the one from yourself it took me 25 years to learn that. For once in my life I am completely in love with myself and I know that my choices have not defined me but have helped me evolve into a stronger, better and more intelligent person. It's okay to make mistakes, it's what you do after that makes the difference. #vulnerability #bereal #beyourself #sorryforthelongpost

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so many possible intepretations #vulnerability #song #expression #streetart

It may be absurd, but don't be naive. Even heroes have the right to bleed. I may be disturbed but won't you concede, even heroes have the right to dream. It's not easy to be me. #musician #musicproduction #steinwaygrand #moxf8 #logicprox #beatsaudio #iaintnosuperhero #vulnerability

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Hello my name is: ?

If you want to know what this relates to, "Hello my name is:?" and want to watch the rest, the link is in the bio it's about 7 minutes. It is an expression, like my last, and is dedicated to everyone in my life, it's the clarity I have been looking for and wanting to share for a long time. I received the answer yesterday and wanted to share it. This was after my Therapy Mondaze. Love you guys! 💕🙏🏼👁 #shareyotruth #vulnerability #hellomynameis? #truth #noBS #tyuniverse #wearegodsandgoddesses #SUPsteve

I'm a therapist who had really bad depression during and after my pregnancy. I told my perinatal depression story to @carolineshannonkarasik and she turned it into a beautiful article and act of service. Grateful for this opportunity to be vulnerable, in the hope that it helps other people going through the same thing. Link in my bio. ✌️❤️👶

the seduction in the wake of betrayal is to take up a thicker armour, to practice at expecting less of others, or to punish one’s own naïveté. but these are the same refusals from which our world is dying. never should a judgment be made against one’s willingness to open the heart. // toko-pa // 🌺💞🎀 [ #doyouboo #lookbackatit #lavieenrose #vulnerability #afterglow #loveistheultimateoutlaw #quoteoftheday ]
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