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Learning more and more that being vulnerable is a sign of strength.
Sharing is scary and it makes some things difficult for me personally, but if it makes at least one person feel comfortable enough to open up, or realize they aren't alone... it's worth it.
Here's to a new week.
Let's make it a great one. 😘💪🏼
p.s. If you want to learn more and hopefully find a bit more balance, check out my e-book #FlowIntoStrong in the link in my bio. I wrote this a year ago and to be honest I'm still working towards finding this balance every day.
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All I can ask for is a life full of love and a love full of life 🖤
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Fightin’ reason really hard lately.

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear & love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement & acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution & all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness & open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.” -John Lennon

Soaking in last weekend still, and the love from new friends made at @oldmadegood
We did an event there on Sunday and it went beautifully. It is never easy to share the hurtful dark parts of my past, and to expose such vulnerability, but the power of releasing these things far out weighs the negative. To share, connect, listen, and hope with others, wether 2 or 2 million, is where I gain my breath and courage to speak. People need to feel connected and know they are not alone in whatever is is they are going thru. Everyone has worth and value in their life and that's a truth I will never stop speaking.
Thank you to @oldmadegood for opening your doors and giving your time and energy to host us. And thank you to @isabellamargot & @thecodyclark for giving us love, good food, and a place to rest our heads.
And of course thank you @thisworldisnotmyown I could never do this journey without you love. My diamond eyed girl. •

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Through distorted lenses our emotions will rock us. Re-educate your internal compass by seeing and feeling so vividly thus transmitting your senses into a reality that inspires balance, substance and unity 🌱⚖️
An extract from my journal entry this week 📝

<🌸When we commit to intimacy as path, part of the agreement is that we will inevitably feel feelings that we would ordinarily be able to avoid. We are so resourceful and can almost always find a way to elude the raw, naked disrobing of the beloved and his or her ways. Rather than shame ourselves for this, perhaps we could honor the infinitely creative and intelligent aspects of the psyche to protect us from the wholesale unraveling of the world as we have known it. 🌸
In the fiery crucible of intimacy, there are no longer any secret trap doors in the back of the room through which we can exit. There is always a slight rawness inside, an unbearable sense of aliveness, knowing that at any moment just one glance from the beloved, in whatever form she chooses to take, could trigger a tidal wave of feelings and surging vulnerabilities. While it may be tempting to view this eruption as evidence that something has gone wrong and that we have failed, we could rewrite this timeworn narrative and replace it with something much vaster. 🌸
It is so tempting to blame the avalanche of the emotional world on the ‘other,’ and in subtle ways place the burden of our unlived lives upon them. But the other is just being himself. He is not doing anything ‘to’ us, but serving as the alchemical gatekeeper of the unmetabolized guests of the somatic landscape. What a painful situation. What a miracle of outrageous grace. 🌸
Perhaps intimacy may always be the most difficult and the most immediate path, requiring everything we have to navigate. In ways beyond the confines of the known, it may always demand a raging willingness to be exposed, to take the risk of allowing another to deeply matter to us, and to fall apart and come back together in the wide open, groundless, shimmering reality of love. 🌸
From one perspective, this path offers nothing… but in this ‘nothing’ everything is revealed.> ✨ @matthewlicata | 🌺http://alovinghealingspace.blogspot.ca
☯️JOIN ME:: @boundariesarebeautiful @selfcareissacred ➖➖➖➖➖➖
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What’s your favorite movie? 🎬💕


Godly inspiration 🙏🏾 + a couple hours of my time ⏱ + wine, which seems to aid in the stimulation of my mind 🍷💆🏾 ( x the encouragement of a special friend 🤗 ) = the production of my next blog post titled, “vision”

Thank you God for instilling vision in us and us being obedient enough to follow His promptings and guidance to fulfill it.

Read my latest blog post (link in bio), and be sure to make a comment. Tell me how you feel about it and its topic. I want to know.

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Lessons learned the hard way. Over and over. Practice doesn't make it easier, but it does allow quicker transitions.
My clients often hold back emotions that should be let out...experienced...felt. Hold onto relationships or physical pain that doesn't serve their health. Why do we so desperately cling? Fear. Fear that we are not enough, fear that we can't do it by ourselves. Fear that there may not be another chance.
Let that all go. Notice how you tend to block opportunities - whether it be love, work, or fulfillment... And make a conscious effort to let it in. Say the things you are afraid of, knowing that if you make a fool of yourself, you will let that go too. It won't be the first time, and it won't be the last.
You will find that this flowing in and out does not eliminate heartache, or heartbreak... But allows the fullness of heart (and experience) that comes only in honoring the vulnerability of human condition.
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:: And what about when it #rains - what will you do with our #love ? ::

... We have bodies, stronger than they might seem, we have claws, teeth & filters, like intuition & clear mind.

I believe, that relating sexually, without the desire to, can cause more harm, than good. It costs us more than their moment pleasure. It costs us confidence & can bring numbness & other illnesses to our bodies.
Rape is a consequence of a confused psyche. I know, it’s not always about how malicious the person is, but rather that their act is a result of insensitivity & ignorance.

Now we have internet & there are so many resources on the policy of consent. Today I read an amazing article, that is written by a man for other men about the suggestion on how to have sex, so nobody regrets in the end. Bravo, Daniel Schmachtenberger! I wish you wrote the text book, that teachers would use in schools.

The way we speak up on social media matters. If this can become normal, it can give to strength to people, who are frightened for their lives &/or are in extremely difficult situations to show up and get the attention they need.
Sexuality becomes sacred, when you start treating the other with full respect. If the layers of perspective deepens, another person can become more than an object and lust might lose a grip, when that grip is absolutely unnecessary. Because.. we all can use that life force (aka sex drive) to upgrade our lives & become superhumans instead of going on a whim and causing harm. This is serious science right there: kundalini, tantra, vedas etc.👌🏻 I know we got this, humans. At least I’d like to think that there is growth & evolution along that other sh*t.
I know I want to forgive the harm done to me, but I won’t forget. The knowledge can become a key to unlock deeper healing, understanding of self & the world. —> This story is for #metoo & it starts a few posts up with #mybody. This is a massive social share around sexual violation.

It takes lots of courage to be able to speak about it so openly. Please share these posts if you think they might help someone.
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Angel of Healing ⭐️ Re Intro #angel #healing #willowtree
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🎥 "What Consumes You the Most?" ✏ Gabbi has been struggling with depression for as long as she can remember. It has manifested her life in various forms: anxiety, anorexia, and bulimia. Although Gabbi's mental illness prevented her from pursuing some of her goals, she is gradually coming to terms with the idea that it is not too late to try again. Gabbi fights her depression everyday. Today, she is learning to engage in self-love. Thank you, Gabbi, for sharing your vulnerability with us. Together, we are helping defeat obscurity. We wish you the very best.

Much love,
🐧 CM

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All time fav ❤️

•Day 9 #sharemycycle
•Waxing Crescent Moon in Scorpio (🌑 + 2 Days)
•Sunshine. Cold winds. Light showers. Blue skies.
•Currently Reading: Qoya by @rochelleschieck & The Empaths Survival Guide by Judith Orloff
•Current obsession: Finishing our house renovations and dreams of moving to a small country community.
•Week Ahead: Resistance
Dear Sunday,
{I began writing my letter below before drawing card for the week ahead, as it so happens this is my theme for the last few months, with a sense of heightened awareness over the last few weeks}
I was asked this week:
“What is the number one tip you have for yourself to staying committed to your desires?”
I am revisiting a body of work I last visited at the end of 2016. So many dreams and desires have manifested in my life due to this work, the dreams that I thought would never EVER be possible. The ones I was to scared to say aloud. And when I did, it wasn’t so bad. Then there are those dreams and desires that no matter how much I wish for them to come to life, they resist. I resist. You know the ones, the ones you ignore until they become as big as you are.
My resistance is my body. My size right now, and loving who I am. As I am. As the years go by, I numb out more and more, I had become so overwhelmed by the complexities of my inner world. Using food as a coping mechanism, a habit that I find more difficult than nicotine to break.
My desire is a sustainable practice to movement and a connection to my sacred sensuality. Something this body is not familiar with, with this soul. .
“Resistance is the ever present dragon with many different masks. This card is calling you to identify where in your life Resistance is present - restricting growth and pinching off abundance and love. You are being encouraged to recognise “positive fear” and push through the limiting, self imposed beliefs that are preventing you from experience the fullness of yourself”
My one and only desire for the coming year is to really, truely walk the talk. I know what it is that I am here for. I know what it is I need to do. I know what I desire. And now I want to bring it all to being. To see it in the fullness of my essence.

@the_poetrybandit 🔊 Never, never apologize for being a #passionate human. If this is unacceptable to others around you then they aren't your #tribe. Expressing ourselves freely & being entirely UNABLE to withhold or supress our genuine passion, love, #empathy & wild bursts of creativity should not be looked upon as a weakness! Feeling humans are exactly what the world needs more of.
#Detachment from #self is the weakness. Inability to truly #connect is the weakness. If we feel the need to bend & suppress who we truly are around certain people in our lives, of they #disapprove of or discourage our natural behaviours so as to gently and slowly mould us to fit with their planned outcome, or we feel our energy is drained after time with them - that is not equal #energyexchange & so becomes impossible to maintain - especially if the other is completely unaware of his/her #energetic influence or refuses to #acknowledge any need for #growth within themselves.
This is #denial of self. Denial of #vulnerability. #Ego. It's not healthy & not someone we can connect with until they're ready so don't even try!
Yet if we see their detachment is actually the result of #fear & try to lovingly access the person, the result is only #resentment & depletion of our energy, followed by either a #breakdown or a #breakthrough.
One week ago I was gifted with a breakthrough. #Grateful for the gift of growth. After this extremely #painful process, my whole #perspective changed. Forced #evolution. Pain or #failing is always a precursor to growth & EVERY lesson is placed perfectly in line with the student in accordance to their #progression toward where their passion pulls them! I don't believe in fixed outcomes/plans/#personalities in life. We constantly grow in some way through messy fuck ups, mistakes & trust in life & love. If no trust, then what will we have at the end? #zerointimacy. .
#TRUSTYOURINTUITION ~ You are not your body, but you are connected to it. If your feet say run then run. It's your #instinct. #Primal urge. Feel. #Listen to yourself. You know yourself. They don't.
I wish him love, healing & gratitude x
💚We see life clearly when we look with our eyes closed💚

Someone reminded me of this important message today.
As I've mentioned earlier while sharing how FEAR and ANXIETY recently have been overwhelmingly present with me, and how I'm in general prone to worry and be anxious about things in life, I've observed how I often fall into victimhood, thinking that life is somehow OUT TO GET me.
Not only do I tend to feel sorry for myself when life throws me curveballs, feeling that I am a victim of all the cruelty life can possibly serve me, but I feel that life is particularly out to get ME.
When EGO has a strong hold on me, and I am blinded by the veils of selfabsorption, I tend to convince myself that life has singled me out as the one who for some reason deserves the most CRAP.
I know that. Of course I am not the only one SUFFERING. I am not an ignorant fool, but sometimes my emotions and my destructive thoughts get the better of me.
I am becoming increasingly aware of my trust issues in my relationship with LIFE, and with people IN MY LIFE. There is still plenty to learn, but thanks to the array of challenges life has faced me with, I am more AWAKE now, and for THAT I am GRATEFUL.
I addressed the importance of CELEBRATING our physical appearances and the evidence of LIVED LIFE that our bodies so proudly carry. I also talk about my challenges when it comes to living AUTHENTICALLY in some of my relationships, how I tend to suppress my emotions and choose dishonesty to avoid confrontation and conflict.

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