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This is the #nofilter slice of heaven I get to call home.
A local group today on social media had some negative comments about the F-16’s flying high overhead doing exercises. When I hear those planes I think a couple things. First, how “freedom isn’t free”. NIMBY attitudes that extend from banning your neighbor’s firewood operation to feeling “put out” by hearing planes is the level of privilege some in my community have. Planes like that have kept us from speaking German or Japanese here. (But you say “that would be so cultured!” No! Please read some history!) Somehow the idea of conflict that we as Americans are a part of on a daily basis in other countries can be put in the back of our minds, but planes flying overhead is disturbing your gardening? 🌿
Secondly, I’m glad those pilots are getting training time. I figure they’ll be safer for civilians on the ground if their skills are well rehearsed. Lastly, I think about those pilots who aren’t spending the day with their families. They aren’t getting the opportunity that I do to tuck kids in at night or revel in the comfort their sacrifices afford a mom like me.
So, yea. The planes are loud. Hope for peace, but until then know the wolf is always prowling at the door. Start the movement of peace and love by understanding why some families are willing to defend it.
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Deffinetly the top highlight of my time in the National Guard #NationalGuard #VTARNG #slingload #blackhawk #badass

DAY: 11
DESCRIPTION: target line berm complete. doing some grading/rolling. starting on drainage next. when it rains here, they say the sky falls. hope what we build lasts. the fire line berm is massive haha. #senegal #vtarng

Today is International Firefighter Day! Shoutout to LT Turner for being both a firefighter and soldier.

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DAY: 08
DESCRIPTION: back to work on the target line. conex boxes in place, time to backfill. the other squads are working at the opposite end of the range. had to shew a monitor lizard so we didnt run him over with a dozer #senegalarmy #vtarng

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Look what we got!!!

Happy to see our Governor Scott sign H.906 this afternoon. “This bill proposes to facilitate professional licensing for veterans and members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have a relevant military credential.”
Basically, it’s reciprocity to convert military qualifications into civilian licensing. So if you’re a electrician (12R) in the military you could get a master or journeyman’s license from the state of Vermont. Or, if you’re a plumber (12K) in the military you could get your Vermont plumbers license. .
While most Vermonters don’t choose to serve in our military we need to support those that do. Unfortunately, we still tax military pensions and don’t offer college tuition to Guard members unlike most states. Combine that with our aging demographics, lack of affordable housing, and opiate crisis we’ve got work to do. We need to urge our legislators to listen to our veterans and currently serving families before the session is over.
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