Hello 32 weeks🤰🏻🥂
I'm round and completely uncomfortable now, can't get to sleep and I have migraines. 😿

But, I'm feeling very blessed to be holding life inside me and giving over my comfort for Little Girl to grow and thrive until she's ready to come into this world.☺️☺️

Guardian angel caught on camera.

The nesting has begun 🤰🏻💕😍
Of course, the kitten wants everything to do with all the new cute things coming into the home.❤️

That was my 30-week bump🤰🏻

It's been a moody week☁️🌬
But my love brightened my day with a surprise, a bouquet of gorgeous roses. 💐 He really does do his best and goes above and beyond 🥂

I don't think he can possibly understand how much he is loved❤️

31 weeks 🤰🏻

”A woman is only beautiful when she is loved and when she has love to give” - Mr. Skefington
I heard this when I was a child, it was part of what taught me that beauty isn't everything, if your heart is hard and unwilling to love anything or anyone then you are broken and it's ugly, but if it is open and willing to give love even when you can't receive it in turn, then there is true beauty. Beauty is really an inner thing, even the most physically unattractive can be beautiful if they allow their hearts shoe, to breathe, and to comfort others or other parts of creation (plants, animals, etc). This applies to men and women of course, but for many women, beauty is a physical thing and they think that if they do everything to be beautiful on the outside then things will be perfect and they'll be loved, when instead they should beautify the inside and create love and they will never be unhappy. Because when you learn to give love without expecting it in return you become love.
Those who love, are loved, and allow others to love them are beautiful.🌹

Nature is the most abstract of artists 🐉
Enjoying the brilliance of this tree while onlookers check out my belly 🤰🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

The last bits of summer✨

Valentino Red💉

My little ray of light✨🐾

Vintage wedding attire🥂✨

Had the privilege of seeing the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Met today. Wow, was it fantastic too! I enjoyed this collection so much 😍
I'll post more photos later👌🏼

Happy National Boyfriend day to my forever boyfriend 😏🙊😌❤️
So blessed to have such a loving, handsome, smart, and funny man in my life.
Yeah, I know he's my husband, but still wanted to celebrate him on this day.❤️

Sequin Queen ✨🥂
Gorgeous black cocktail dress by Fredericks of Hollywood size 5/6 $20✨

Get your sparkle on✨✨✨
Gorgeous Black Metallic dress size 5✨ $50🥂
DM us to claim or come drop by the shop 🎊

The little black dress 🐾 Perfect holiday dress for simple chic elegance 🥂
Size 12 $40🥂
DM us to claim or drop by the shop 🌹

Beautiful Indigo Moon blouse with embroidery.🐉 Size XS $18.

The Lady in Red 🌹
Gorgeous chiffon red dress with a matching necktie🎋 So perfect for any event! Size 14 $40 👌🏼
DM us to claim or drop by the shop

Surrounded by Gods beauty 🌻 My husband planned the loveliest day out for me, took me to the cloisters, to an Egon Schiele exhibit, and out for some amazing food! he’s such a dear💕

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