Потихоньку обновляю портфолио своё для дальнейшей работой, а пока в заметках лежит текст о сочетании цветов и один видос, когда-то всё это будет тут🤳🏻
В сторис потом будет одна идея для влюблённых, ну или прост нужны будут два человека ахах👭👫👬
Всё, сияйте

you can find me where the trees bloom pink 🌸🍃


Fine china and fresh linen
All of my dresses with them tags still on them
Fine china and dull silver
My white horses and my ivory ornaments
I guess they really got the best of us, didn't they?
They said that love was enough but it wasn't
The earth shattered, the sky opened
The rain was fire but we were wooden

the morning after

Some quick straight-outta-camera JPEG edits from yesterday-evenings amble around Spice Island. This location has been done to death, but it’s still enjoyable - especially with such incredible weather 😊

Любимая рубрика #макроцветов

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