I’m too deep

This nail salon gives me good vibes! As birthday month continues, I treated myself to a manicure.💅 Comfy seats, white wine, good conversation, 2 well guarantee, and amazing decor. Go out of your way to try this place!!

🌞🌵bebes havin’ bebes🌵🌞
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I thought you were down for real
Thought you’d stick around for real....

We're excited for tonight's Latte Art Throwdown at @lolajeanspizza! Will we see you there? We're told there are some really great prizes, so come on out and show us what you got! ☕🏡😊

My girl don’t want me cause of my dirty laundry....

A ok👌🏾

Spin cycle

My hunt for a creative assistant just feels better from somewhere other than my desk, so knocking out these emails from a cozy spot 👩‍💻 ...with River, too!

I said peace out to social media for nine days with some sweet friends and it was one of the BEST things I’ve done in a long time. Entering back into this crazy world, I’m mindful of how much time I waste scrolling. My heart honestly feels so free & my mind feels infinitely clearer after this time away. I’m SO grateful for this platform but I think it would be ridiculous to not be aware of how easily it can become an addiction of sorts. The fact that I can unlock my phone and open Instagram without even thinking about what I’m doing is literally insane. 🙃 So here’s to spending significantly more time doing the things that matter, give life, and fill you with joy. 🙌🏻 And still enjoying insta for what it is because... I just feel like these flowers would brighten anyone’s day. 😉❤️

Green grass & red brick. ❤️ #vscocam #vsco #vscostl #stlouis

Breaking me down when I’m already down.

People can’t take a joke cause it’s not one

real question: what do you do when you’re in need of inspiration and motivation?🌿
it can be hard to walk away from a to-do list, but the other day I was struggling. I was on deadline, and felt like I kept missing the mark. so instead of spinning my wheels and trying to get inspired by Google (aka no. original. ideas), I grabbed my camera and headed to @mobotgarden.
it might seem counterintuitive, but just a few moments spent out of the house was exactly what I needed. I was able to work through some ideas and even came up with the answer to my design dilemma. I’ve learned that my clients (and I) are better off when I know to step back, even for a minute.
next time you can’t seem to get out of your head (like me) — remember what inspires you, and go immerse yourself in it. you never know what’s going to give you the answer you’re looking for. (hey @stlbarkeep — does this skylight remind you of anything!? 🙃)
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Soooo.... you tell me... is it too early to break out the fall decor? I vote no. 😏

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