Sextou! (sigo em dieta) 🍕❤️✨

Texture, texture and more texture: it’s all I can think of while working on a little refresh of my site for the new year ✨ I’ve kicked off 2019 planning and I’m making a few big changes like investing in a client management platform (finally), paring down the services I offer, working with a niche client group and more. The latter two may seem counterintuitive to growth, but I’ve learned that doubling down on working with businesses in industries that you admire and naturally *get* creates a magical partnership. What type of work comes most naturally to you?

Ice cream at your engagement session?! Yes and amen 😍🙌🏻

hey there and happy friday! my name is Allie and I thought I would share some fun facts about me for my first-ever #fridayintroduction 🙃 ⠀

I quit my 9–5 four months ago to start my own business with passion as the driver and a plan in the backseat. after working at a small, family-run publication for a year, my eyes were opened to a growing need for digital + social support for the small business owner. so with a 6+ year career behind me and a love for my native city, I set out to set up my digital marketing company. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

SMALLSTRAND was my college nickname — a combo of the classic Sandlot character, Smalls + my maiden name, Jostrand. it’s also always been my digital identity, so when it came time to name my business, it was like the stars aligned: connecting small businesses to their audience through digital marketing literally equals SMALLSTRAND. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

when I’m not working, I’m either playing with my pups, trying new restaurants + exploring new shops, enjoying nature or planning my next trip (yes, me + my best friends already have our 30th birthday trip in the works, watch out palm springs 🌴). ⠀

what are you up to on this grey, fall friday? whatever it is, I hope you have a great weekend✌🏼

Our egg salad toast is on another level.

You know you’re dead wrong..

вроде как надо подписать какой-нибудь глубокомысленной фразочкой, а в голове только «это пясок»

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Finishing out the week @citygarden for lunch! See you around 11!

Did anyone else catch the gorgeous sunrise this morning? Thanks to Site Assistant, @jenny.g_11, for snapping this dreamy pic! 😍 Don’t forget, our ReStores are having a huge sale today and tomorrow, so come buy a bargain and support affordable housing! 🏡


Here’s your doll, dear.

Live a little

#tbt canino hoje 🦊✨❤️

You guys!! I just made out like a bandit at @vintagemarketdaysofstlouis I can’t wait to show you what I got!! But also, how incredible are these two!! Still swooning over their engagement session!

In the spirit of #TBT, I’m sharing something that’s a little embarrassing, but more humbling than anything: my first client contract that I designed in PowerPoint (swipe!) 🙆‍♀️ It was 2013, I was 22, and I had my eyes on freelancing on the side through my 20s so that I could launch my own branding and social media studio by the time I was 30. It’s funny how life revved up and pushed me outside of my comfort zone way before I hit 30! I’m sharing this because so often I get asked “how I did it” and “how I grew quickly,” but here’s the truth: this business really started 5 years ago with a dinky PowerPoint contract that likely held no legal weight (😂), a goal and so many lessons and people who have helped me along the way. If you’re waiting for that next big promotion at work, or are waiting to take the leap and do your own thing, I promise, it will happen in due time. Trust the process and yourself 🌿
📷: @jacobyphotoanddesign

Last night’s anniversary sesh with these two was the sweetest!! 😍 I just wrapped up an incredible mentor session this morning and now we’re getting ready to head out for tonight’s shoot! Fall is in full swing, and I’m not one bit upset about it. ✨

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