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Time to reflect

1/3 All about natural beauty with Sophia Linnewedel in β€œElemental Beauty I” shot by me and edited by @_RachelSteinCampos
Make up by @Nataseverino_makeup at @ForwardArtists
Hair by @CharlesMcHair at @artistsco

mimosas and my babes 🌺

What side of love are you on? Is it giving you all that you want? Is it taking you higher? Are you walking the wire? What side of love are you on

Wild horse Wednesday #wildlifewednesday

Buat Adek Adek Abang.. Rajin Rajin Ya Belajarnya. Biar Nanti Jadi Orang Yang Sukses. Bukan Orang Ke Tiga.. Oke?

Monique for the @thesaintsnycfashion
styling by @rosiemae27 || with @moniquevictoria


April 26, 2017

Continuing my little project for the summer if you know anybody that has some traditional clothing and that mixes it up with their everyday style hit me up!
Thanks @blackkmilkk for looking fly!

Beach please 🌊

She's actually super grumpy rn. 😭

"Do you run?" Me: Yeah, out of money.

Don't say you're immune to love like you don't choose to be.
If you're not for me to read why you do you always turn away when I say I see you?
Is here and now not enough, or is it just me?
β€”Turn the page

W. @fechtor
For @scotchporter

Story: @itscarus

Tide out, tide in
Taken by @bythesea_photo at #elbside17

@bcclark7 is a natural in front of the camera πŸ“Έ

3/3 A last frame from "Elemental Beauty I" with the ethereal Sophia Linnewedel in this portrait shot by me and edited by @_RachelSteinCampos
Make up by @Nataseverino_makeup at @ForwardArtists
Hair by @CharlesMcHair at @artistsco

notifications poppin'

the happiest moments in my life have either been with one of you or with the both of you together. Happy birthday to the two most beautiful people I know, I love you twins so much

your loss, babe

For those rainy days 🌧

I keep myself busy, especially lately, but I'm nowhere near as busy as this girl! @alexleavenworth5 is about to graduate from The University Nebraska with her Masters Degree and she's in the top 15% of her class! She did it all while still working at my TV Stations with several seasonal jobs during the year and having a normal life! I had the pleasure of shooting her Grad photos along with her brother on Good Friday. There's a cute little covered footbridge near her house where we wanted to take a few shots. While they were getting ready I tested out balancing the cap in between the wooden slats and it worked! I had to lay down on the mold covered bridge in my Church clothes but I got the shot! Congratulations to Alex on such an incredible achievement!

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