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"All grown-ups were once children...but only few of them remember it." The Little Prince 💫✨🇬🇹💙
Part of my favorite book, The Little Prince, was inspired by Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. If you look closely, you can see the 'hat' aka the boa constrictor that swallowed the elephant in the back, just in front of the volcano. 🙌🏽
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🎶M83 - We Own The Sky
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Gökler su içinde


This bride cut her muddy train off with scissors before they hiked to the beach. I personally find the most beauty in the small moments that represent what this day is supposed to be about and, dammit, how lovely of her to demonstrate so gracefully that it's not about the dress.

Doce meses de felicidad y amor. Tengo el mejor compañero de vida 💛
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Bedroom selfie bc my wisdom teeth just came out & going on a shot isn't in the cards

Also, tbt to my chubby days. It was around this time around 5 years ago I started exercising and taking control of my health life.

Что-то давненько не было рубрики "Словоблудству бой!"🙊 Пусть будет сегодня)))
Спокойной и молчаливой вам ночи💜🙌🏻🌷


Where does love reside? Open your heart and open your eyes.

Mr T bought this monkey print hand towel from #daiso cos he find it very cute.. I think he just can't get his hand off me as I'm born in the year of the monkey. 😄😄🐒🐒 #爱不释手

Morning make soul shine

Eu cansei de me odiar e de tentar ser uma coisa que não sou. Cansei de me controlar pra parecer mais agradável... Sei lá pra quem. Já passou da hora de... 😎#blogueirasdebrasilia

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