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Currently at work staring at pictures of the baby because I want to snuggle her. But, I know this teething will have me looking forward to the work week again. 😂😂 Thankful to have our weekends together to adventure. #nubybrandrep

T H E O I L L I F E | This is far more than just using some plant juice for wellness; it’s a lifestyle in which you are linking arms with a community of people who are living plant-based lives. The best way to begin is to grab this kit. You will be able to support your immune system (Thieves) • breathe easier (Raven)• purify smells (Citrus Fresh) • relax (Stress Away) • tame the tummy troubles (DiGize) • sleep (lavender) • relieve muscle tension (PanAway) • soothe chompy baby gums or joint discomfort (Copaiba) • detox and energize your mornings (lemon) • ease head tension or nausea (Peppermint) • support your skin and respiratory system (Frankincense). Are you ready to start this journey? Use the link in my bio 😘

Easter egg hunt fun with the big kids from cousin Hank’s class.🐣I think he liked his cookie more than the actual hunt. #lifeofatwoyearold

Y’all! How was this a year ago?! My sweet, chunky bunny was not quite 6 months old here, and tomorrow he’ll be 17 months old!
I’m sort of gearing up for Easter over here. I say sort of because I somehow let holidays creep up and rarely do half of what I plan. I know there’s nothing wrong with that, but I definitely want to do more with Brigsby as he gets older, and I love the built-in themes and reasons to celebrate that holidays bring! Growing up, I remember Easter being such a fun time. (Hopefully beginning this year and) In the coming years, I’m looking forward to starting new traditions this time of year!
What are some of your Easter traditions you do with or without your little ones?

Being his mama is the greatest gift ever! #floatingfeatheressentials

My first born. Watching him grow is such a blessing. I love his silly and wild personality. I love his love for music (and his killer dance moves 🕺🏻). Everyday he does something new that just makes my heart melt. Lately he's been extra snuggly...I think he's been getting a little jelly of little brother...but I don't mind and am soaking it all in! #staythislittle .
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Credo che questa sia un'esperienza che attesta la vostra forza. Una forza incredibile, che vi ha permesso di buttarvi alle spalle un qualcosa che fa terrore a tutti e di questo dovete esserne orgogliosi. Siete degli "EROI", voi come come gli altri 100 ragazzi che incontreremo lì a Milano. Siete unici, un esempio da seguire!
Giuseppe, il nostro assistant coach.
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Given’ me the steely blues. “Zep smile!”

"Sono contentissimo di poter fare di nuovo quest’esperienza, sapendo che l’importante non sarà vincere ma uscire dal campo sapendo che ce l’abbiamo messa tutta.
Sono fiero di avere compagni di squadra che condividono con me questa ‘sfortuna’ che per fortuna ormai è passata e infine sono davvero contentissimo di aver trovato persone come Peppe, Bruno, Antonella, Valentina, che sono persone davvero speciali e meritano tutto il bene del pianeta!"
Simone, il nostro galantuomo.
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Prayer and worship night tonight ✨

The Lord has blessed us so much this week! He is definitely moving in our life and opening doors for us! Someone opened their home for us to start our youth ministry in this Wednesday!!! I can’t contain my excitement! Follow our Facebook page (Facebook.com/mendedyouthministry)and Twitter (@mendedyouth) to stay updated! Instagram soon to come! Or Email us at Mendedyouthministry@gmail.com if you have any questions, need prayer or to find out how you can get involved!

A little peek-a-boo with my sunshine this morning 💛

Heute waren wir mal wieder beim Mutter-Kind-Frühstück beim Kinderschutzbund.
Das Äffchen hat heute mal nicht geweint wenn er andere Kinder gesehen hat und hat sogar neben ihnen gespielt^^ hört sich jetzt vielleicht komisch an, aber das ist für ihn schon ein riesen "Fortschritt" 😍 Wir drängen ihn aber auch zu nichts... Er ist halt eine ruhige Seele (aber nur wenn "Fremde" in der Nähe sind 😉) 💙

Spending time with my three favorite guys: hubby, our Mav and our Lord💛💛💛

‪My absolute favorite pic of my guys!!!! I’m so blessed to have such a beautiful inside and out husband and such a sweet sweet son!! Watching them love each other is my favorite view❤️❤️❤️‬

May have gone a little overboard at Hobby Lobby & Target but it was too fun decorating Maverick’s little area! Especially since it doesn’t feel like Christmas is near at all considering it’s still 80 degrees in SoCal!!! We spent our morning in our pjs and Christmas music! He mostly just took the ornaments off his tree and tried to eat them then would take the cars off and go “mumumum brrrrrrumumum”. He is so fun!! 😂❤️


He’s such a daddy’s boy!!! Ever since God put our family back together, Maverick is so attached to his “dadada” ❤️

Accidentally killed two birds with one stone this morning😂
Gave little one breakfast while I cleaned our loft and I come back to put him down for his nap and there he was 🤣🙌🏼

Lost him for a hot sec🤣
Finally over this flu just in time for some last minute Christmas shopping 🙌🏼

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