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pretty doors ya know... gotta stop and 📸💃🏼

My sweetest Arlo, it's been one week since you've been born. One week of pure joy and happiness. I dread at the thought of you getting older, but I cannot wait to watch you grow along with your brothers. God knew my heart needed you my sweet sweet boy, and here you are, finally in my arms, right where you belong. 🖤

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Shared about being a mother on social media on one of my favourites, @mothermag today. Linked the article on my profile.

i'm all about making use out of every nook and cranny in this tiny abode of ours. this new space is becoming a fast favorite and i love that i get to share it with them. #sharedofficespace #officespaceonabudget #biglotsforthewin @biglots #BigLots #ad

Home🖤And so in love with another little brunette babe👶🏻

• time to fun •
I think I need to buy Valerie a purse. She's using my bag as a purse playing her legos inside it and carrying it around the house.///

С приближающимися выходными, дорогие! 🙌
Какие у вас планы на грядущие два дня? Никуда не уезжаете?

У нас значимое событие завтра 😇 точнее не совсем у нас, но мы к нему очень даже причастны 😊.
Так что завтра все расскажу 😙

This picture is exactly how I will remember this phase with them. Avery hates to be messy, loves a good outfit and enjoys having her hair brushed and styled. Lolly hates clothes, hates having her hair brushed and only recently discovered the usefulness of shoes after she stepped on a bee a few weeks ago. 😂🐝 There are only 15 months between them, but Lolly is a giant (100% for height and weight) and Avery is a midget (10% for weight and 20% for height). They couldn't be more different, but they bring me equal amounts of joy... and stress. 😂 I love my little girlies.

Since becoming a mom I fell more in love with flowy shirts! So comfortable and definitely more appealing to my mom bod! 🙊
• •
Shirt from @shoppinkblush 💕
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If it wasn't for the extreme heat i could have moved in! Just look at this magic! 🌵✨


I've recently chosen to cut sugar out of my diet. Can I just say this is probably the hardest decision of my life. I know that sounds pathetic but sugar has been found to be more addictive then cocaine 😱 and I'm guilt 🙅🏻🤦🏻‍♀️ this morning was rough. The kids were having a bad morning and emotions were high and all I wanted was a nice sugary bowl of cereal. But #isaidno #winning #itsnotoveryet

Quinn's first beach trip! So of course we take him to our favorite Alfred Hitchcock city and take him to the beach for the first time! He's aware and looking allllll over the place. Did I mention for the first time?🤗 TOO BAD HE CANT EAT THE OYSTERS OH WELL MORE FOR US🤤🤤🤤😂❤

Tyler and I had the best time at John Mayer last night! My sister sent me this photo while we were there and it made my heart so happy. I'm so grateful for my wonderful family who loves loving on our boy 💗

We like to work with our fabrics like a piece of Art, combining the colours carefully .
The Fyrkant playmat collection is a great example! The baby, toddler will enjoy it!
From SKÅGFÄ we wish you a colourful Saturday!

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Here for the peaches 🍑

Gave this little guy a nice morning bath today. We've been out exploring everyday which leads to getting home super late which leads to no baths 🙈 We are so enjoying our time here in Colorado but we can't wait to get home and see @dan.e.farias ❤️

FLASH SALE! They grow up in a flash 🌿 use "inaflash20" for 20% off - it'll not last long so hurry up!

Officially hooked. If you live in northern Virginia go visit Karen at @wink_eyelash_extensions She'a truly amazing 😍 #lashgoals

We have a slight obsession with Target, but who doesn't! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, its like 100 degrees outside but girlfriend insisted on wearing this dress #TargetDog

Children are a blessing from the Lord! I love this tiny human. Swipe left to see newborn to 8 months. #theyearofzara #thebestisyettocome

The Little Blue Truck has been on repeat here lately. My boys are obsessed. Does anyone have any fun summer book recommendations to help us mix it up a bit? You know you're reading a book too much when your two year old says, "I read it Mommy" and recites the book to you by memory.

SATURYAY! Don't let this image fool you. He was still up + ready to party at 5:45 AM. 💤☕️ #sendallthecoffee

As we stood in line to get his face painted he kept pointing to the unicorn with excitement, but when it was our turn we were told that they REFUSED to put unicorns on little boy faces. As they painted his second choice (a turtle) they commented on how still he stood + I explained that I let him play with my makeup + they glared. When it was time to get his prize he stared at the blinking wands, but was given a kangaroo punching pen. His Daddy walked him back with more tickets + specifically asked for a wand + his face LIT up. My heart hurt as I thought about the stigma placed on little boys who like what our society has deemed as "girly". The comment "he's all boy" is one I cringe at whenever it's said to me because what does it even mean? Why have we divided things as girl and boy? Why do we even care? He's a little boy who loves pink, makeup, baby dolls + strollers, cars, trucks + everything that goes, dirt, rocks, swimming, singing + dancing. We are raising him to be his own self + if that includes sparkly unicorns + blinking wands... then so be it!🦄

This place 👆🏼

Hello weekend! 😆

Don’t forgot that our dreamy, new Travel Lite range is now available for pre-order. Pictured here is our Saunton changing bag in sumptuous, pewter faux leather 😍

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My mama always made our birthday breakfasts extra special, so the tradition continues. I think Birk was mostly excited about the balloons before he saw his donut! I love this magical age!

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