These are the first of the season around here and we couldn’t be more excited to soak up nature’s candies and all their super powers.

Если тебе кажется, что ты стоишь на месте,то тебе не кажется. .
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This week my partner and I had the pleasure of joining her preschool class for a Family Share Day. The theme of our day was to share our family tradition, so we chose to share our love of the Farmer's Market since we are there together nearly every weekend.⠀

We started by asking the class who else has been to a Farmer's Market and, not surprisingly, most of the kids had....and had plenty to quickly share about their visits. We then talked a bit about what we like to do when we visit the market each week as a family: taste new foods, explore the seasonal fruits and vegetables, buy our food for the week, and the finally is a quick visit to the face painter or balloon artist.

We then read a quick book called "Plants Feed Me" by my favorite @rockwelllizzy that talks about the different types of plants that food can grow on (vines, trees, shrubs, bushes, etc) and the different parts of the plants that we eat (roots, leaves, flowers, seeds/pods, etc). The kids enjoyed finding familiar foods on the pages and noticing the different parts of the plants that they like to eat.⠀

Next we held up a big rainbow our daughter helped paint and talked about why we try to eat as many colors as we can from the rainbow each day. We went through each color together with kids shouting out foods that matched that color of the rainbow. This seemed like tons of fun for the kids and we were able to name a good number of items for each color (it was exciting to see so many experts in the room).⠀

Lastly, we all got to enjoy some of the fresh seasonal goodies with a bowl full of strawberries and blueberries....AND, as a special treat, we also all got to cut our own bunch of micro-greens (broccoli) straight from the soil and taste some new foods (for most).⠀

I was impressed with how much these 4 year-olds knew about food and their enthusiasm for it all. We got to share our family tradition and hang out as a community much like people do at their own weekly Farmer's Markets. 🍓 🌱

Даш! @toxic_caramel Ты наверное не знаешь, но у тебя будет свой магазин вязанных вещей из мериноса 🐑Своя кондитерская 🍰Если там будет оформление с фотографиями, то фотографии будут твои 📷:)! Не знаю... но мне кажется твоя принцесса, когда подрастёт захочет, чтоб ты её обучала кататься на сноуборде 🏂 ... а как иначе, когда ты умеешь делать всё ☺️ и всё это красиво!
Спасибо 💕 за этот чудный #инстаплед
P.S. Зашла я просто так в @loccitane но уйти просто так я не смогла:)

Практикую медитацию везде 💁🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️

Счастье, когда идти никуда не надо, можно пить кофе большими кружками и лакомиться макарУшками! 😜☕🍥А вы как выходной проводите? 😇

Если тебе кажется, что ты стоишь на месте,то тебе не кажется. .
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Всё-таки у нашей страны какое-то особое обаяние...

И пусть весь мир подождёт 🙈😍 #vsco #vscocam #vscomo

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