My playdates today♡
Fun fact: My friend Alexis and I were supposed to be born on the same day! 👭

Pretty sure the calendar is lying to me and it is in fact Friday the 13th and not the 20th. It’s been a day of meltdowns, bonking heads not once but twice, veggie sticks being the meal choice for breakfast lunch and dinner, spilled pancakes, and lots and lots of sass. I am pretty sure I am going to have a full head of silver by the time we get to 3. At least it’s the weekend!


Fuel your body 🌿




Today we went on a mommy-daughter date and she requested to go to my favorite coffee shop and run to Target. We talked about Kindergarten coming up and how she has to be an example for her little sis. Not going to lie, this has been a hard week in motherhood but moments where it's just me and her make the hard times fade away. Some of her favorite things are of course twirling and dance parties with me, tackling her sister, and playing softball in a twirl dress with her daddy. She has something special she does with each of us and I can only hope she never stops loving those things. Stay wild, Brady girl 🌻

It’s been real, but we’re ready for the weekend. 🤙
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Hope your Saturday morning coffee is as satisfying as Harper’s babycino was 😝 #ourharperrose #sassygirl

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Happy Friday! We’ve been connecting with you guys for a few months now but figured it was time to put some faces behind Love Found! Hi, we’re Matt and Jenny Leddy. We started Love Found to help parents remember how beautiful their baby’s birth day was. Each piece is most likely designed and packaged while our daughter Elle sleeps. Thanks so much for all the support and beautiful comments on our posts! We’d love to know a little bit about you guys... comment below and tell us something about you! #shoplovefound

In his happy place 💫

the house is a mess. my shirt is milk soaked & stuck to my chest. I had the bottom crumbs out of a bag of chips for lunch... but oh my goodness, being able to work from home is still the best. starting a business is never easy. I’ve done it with my shop @shopkendrabeshk . it was a slow start & took a long time to get to where I’m at. that’s why I wish I would’ve gotten into the business side of essential oils a long time ago. it’s been part of our every day life so why not benefit from sharing about it? & why not be part of a business that’s already established? that’s why I’m here; to share what I know & what I’ve learned to help my family & others’ financially & healthfully. I would love to share more with anyone else that may be interested ✨

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