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Currently: thinking about London, and the most perfect looking ice cream I've ever met. w/ @koentadyy 🍦+ 🍿 + ☁️

🙋 Tag a friend who needs to try this 😍 #Matcha ShokuPan 🍵🍞 '쇼쿠팡', Busan, Korea (📷:@charm_charming_)
This #Matcha #bread can pull apart to reveal a #matchagasmic oozing fantasy 😱🍵. It looks so good it has us drooling at the thought of having it 😂!!
Follow @Matchaeologist for more #Matchagasmic creations to satisfy the #Matchalover in you!
Visit Matchaeologist.com for premium-quality artisanal matcha 🍵
#Matchaeologist #MatchaRitual

chocolate mocha chia pudding parfait on fleek! this flavor combination is the bomb, loved every bite of it!
maaaake it:
1 cup of 4% @siggisdairy vanilla yogurt, 1 tbsp @salbachia seeds, 1 1/2 tsp raw cacao powder and 1 1/2 tsp @nuzest_usa espresso protein-mix everything well and refrigerate overnight. in the morning, add organic strawberries to a mason jar, then your chia pudding, bananas, @elementalsuperfood crumble, @wild_friends pumpkin spice PB and more strawberries. grab and run out the door!
happy friday friends!

will only eat smoothies with slippers on🤓⛄️😬woke up literally craving this so here we go: 1.5 cups frozen cauliflower (you don't taste it!), 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1 tablespoon hemp seeds, 1 tablespoon coconut butter, 1 scoop vanilla protein, 3/4 cup almond milk, splash water then BLEND! topped mine with sprinkle of raspberries & almond butter🙌🏻💃🏻inspired by @leefromamerica again aka one of my fav people ever who i have a hot date with today AYAAAYY👯😎happy friday friends✌🏻💛

All I want to do is eat these Romesco Scrambled Eggs Every. Single. Day.

From @gatonyc #Brunchboys

Otroligt god persiskgryta till middagen 😋👌 #gheimehbademjoon #köttfärsgryta med #gulalinser #stektaauberginer och #pummes #yummy #tasty #otroligtgott .
عاقا دیشب ما مهمون داشتیم 🤗 ... یه نفر بودن .... اونم از نوع صمیمی و خودمونی .... از اونایی که اصن باهاشون رو در بایستی نداریااا.... ما هم به یه قیمه بادمجون فرد اعلا و یه ته دیگ دبش و مشتی و یه سالاد جانانه بسنده کردیم .... حالا به نظرتون چی شد؟ بد شد ما برای مهمونمون یه جور غذا درست کردیم؟؟ 🤔😀
یعنی قربونتون برم من که اینقدرررر پرشور و پرانرژی در نظرسنجی پست مربوط به استوری حضور داشتید 😅❤ .... بشقابا رو میگم 😉.... مجبور شدم سر آخر صدای موبایلم رو قطع کنم 😅😅 .
بعدا نوشت: سالادم از ترکیباتِ سبزی روکولا، کاهوی سبز و قرمز، خیار، گوجه گیلاسی، بروکلی، آوکادو و تخم آفتابگردون هستش 😎👍

روز و روزگارتون بر وفق مراد دوستای جونا ❤😙

А вот и пятница! ⚡ Меня посетила мысль пропустить бокальчик🍷 и приготовить что-нибудь особенное к ужину🤔 Калдейрада с треской, креветками и овощами оказалась отличным выбором😌 Говорят, что для португальца это блюдо так же привычно, как для нас тушеная с мясом картошка. Название произошло от слова «caldeira». Это и есть «кастрюля» по-португальски. Катюш, @kversona ты подтверждаешь?😋😌 А за рецепт спасибо команде @uzhin_doma 😘 В общем, я побежала ужинать, а вы поделитесь какое блюдо ваше любимое?🙏😊


Pistachio Amaretto pints are back online for a limited time! Order yours before they run out or enjoy a scoop in our shops! 🍦 #mcconnells #icecream #spring

Pull Apart Cheese Bread is food of the gods!
📽️: @soyummy

A bold & hearty rigatoni dish at the first all-vegetarian restaurant to earn a Michelin star. #cityfoodie #nixny

Perfect dinner date in the neighbourhood. These short rib tacos are my favourite.

I think we should get a head start on National Waffle Day and have a stack of Chocolate Zucchini Waffles with a scoop of ice cream for dessert, don't you? 🍫 🍦
Get the #recipe #linkinprofile >> http://kitchenconfidante.com/chocolate-zucchini-belgian-waffles-recipe

// The weekend calls for something special // #affogado #coffeedessert #coffee #coffeeandicecream

Tuna sashimi @hotelcentennial is totally a brunch thing when you serve it up with Sydney's holy trinity of egg, kale and avocado
#feedfeed #brunch #sydneybrunch #woollahra

There is something about making this one of my favorite #indonesianfood #ikanacarkuning that is so soul smoothing.... Stri fried fish with #lemongrass , veggies, #turmeric & #caberawit 😋 anything made with lemongrass paste always so #tasty #flavourful & #smellsgood ☺️ #vscofood #tastelikehome #mymomrecipe

let's taco bout this #twogirlsonespork

making some infused. 🍋🍊 H2O loving these combos GET more info on www.followourpassion.com

잡채 ❤️

It's 🍕🍕🍕night! BUTTERNUT SQUASH PIZZA with KALE PESTO 🍕! Today I remade my favorite pizza recipe to post to the blog. Can't wait to get this recipe up for you guys to try too! It's oil free, gluten free, and made with REAL STUFF. This is not your momma's pizza but darn it's SO FRESH and SO GOOD! The butternut squash adds a slight sweetness to the crust that is so perfect! Hope everyone is having a fab evening! Dan and I just got our favorite wine bar down the street and now I'm settling in for the evening. Stay tuned for a blog post later this evening for those on my mail list! ❤️❤️❤️
#floraandvino #butternutsquashpizza #glutenfree #glutenfreepizza #veganpizza #oilfree #tiu #tiuteam #tiucheckin #bbg #bbgfood #kaylasarmy #foodblogger #foodphotography #foodphotographer #foodstyling #foodstyle #healthyrecipes #weeknightmeals #veganfood #easyvegan #simpleeats #healthypizza #pizza #vegetarianpizza

Bone Marrow Sisig! 🐷 A deadly combination! 😂😋 #ManilaEats #WhenInManila #latepost

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