* * *
Зима была сильна. Весна
Боролась с нею.
Мне так хотелось, чтоб она
Пришла скорее

И, до отчаянья весне
Помочь желая,
В тепло ладоней брал я снег,
Чтоб он растаял.

Старался, время торопя,
И тем был счастлив…
Был счастлив оттого, что я
К весне причастен.
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сейчас бы в Корею 🕯

Indie Cover vibes.

Hike for adventure🌈🌤
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I remembered my time in secondary school where every kid who played the guitar began with "Fade to Black" meant that you're into 80s metal all the way to A7X. If you played "Hey there Delilah" you were some where in between Mayday Parade or Paramoore, or if you played "More than Words" you're those classically trained or probably yearning to own a Takamine or Taylor acoustic guitar. Back then I was playing to whatever my dad told me were the legends of his time and so it became my place of being with the guitar, from Michael Schenker, Richie Blackmoore and then I absolutely loved Vinnie Moore. I became acquainted with 65s - 80s rock n roll at that time and I didn't know a thing about the music my friends were listening to. In Junior College every kid had Two Door Cinema Club in their playlists and I finally began my curious search as to what "Indie" means. The sounds I find similar to U2's The Edge and Johnny Buckman of Coldplay, legends with the delay pedal. Then on my research of U2's song tutorials I came across @randolf_arriola who played a livelooping version of With or Without You for the Boss RC challenge held in Japan at that time. From there I became absolutely inspired to experiment beyond the limits of musical structure, theory, sound and structure and I yearned for a space for experimental musicians to be given a place to play. Last Saturday was absolutely a magical, intergalactic conquest to explore sounds and textures with @randolf_arriola @singlish_punk and @fymsummer over at a secret location. And I have to say thank you Randolf, for giving me then opportunity and awareness that there is a space for people of my generation who play music but don't grow up playing covers of Jason Mraz and Ed Sheeran and I hope to do the same. #vsco #vscofilm #vscosg #vscocam #fender #jazzmaster #fenderjazzmaster #guitar #livelooping #liveloopingasia
Photo by: @davidtjk


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