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I was born on 19th of September, year 1998. Two days ago, I just turned 20. And until now, I still could not believe I've reached this stage. No words can completely explain how grateful I am to the Lord for bringing me in this milestone, for waking me up each day to breathe life into life. And it took me two days to post it here. Again, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the people who remembered and sent their greetings thru social media and personal, you guys made my day extra special. Although, I was not really impressed that day since it was just like a normal day, I am still thankful what God has given me. 20 years in this world is just as half of my living. I will still continue living with faith. Dont just live, dont just exist. Make your life be the kind of life you always wanted to have. This year is full of joy. I couldn't even put it into words. I AM JUST REALLY BLESSED AND GRATEFUL.
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Forever grateful to @aspeechlessstoryteller for the shots. You the best.


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