I sat way too long trying to think of a clever caption. So here it is..... #ADK #Adirondacks #LakePlacid #46ers #MacombMountain #HighPeaks

c u again soon enough 👋🏼

Golden hour in a place of stillness. I'll never get tired of exploring this beautiful country.

🌊🎣🌾 💨

Отобедав куырдаком, довольная греюсь на солнышке, пока @hisodg запускает коптер. ☀️

Although I was sick to death, it was still a wonderful weekend in Budapest. It’s such a beautiful city with so much life in it. Glorious buildings, tons of attractions, amazing food and lot more features! One day I will return there healthier and enjoy it even more.

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