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Spent the last 2 weeks traveling Europe and keeping my camera in the bag. Was a good break, but I am creatively rejuvenated and ready to create my best work yet. Follow @rob.strok for Extras. The grind begins today

What a magical place 💚💚💚 last picture from Berlin in winter outfit 🙈💚

🇬🇧 📷: Maria Farrelly via @sony. Use #lensbible to get featured

HARI INI MASUK??? Waiiittccauuuu...TENDANGAN aja dengan semangat ya...

Semiga hari ini berkah...amin

Pagi kawan kece
Sarapan jangan skip ya... IF : @theorado
Siap Lapan Nam
Jangan Lupa Bahagia

[ Distant ]

Сейчас бы тепла и солнца по бартеру...

Life must hold a sense of mystery, otherwise we cease to be human.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul


#racquetstudio& #39;s Noosa visit in full swing. @lorimckenzie styled by the legends over at @alteriormotif. One of many! 📷: @samlebib


It amazing me how much energy a toddler with a cold can have. LAWD! We stayed up passed his bedtime to give this hot mess a hair cut for picture day tomorrow. Who knew that was a thing at daycare?

12:02 A.M

We got lost in the snow in King's Canyon National Park wearing what I would call 'spring time' attire at best. Walking in the wrong direction for 2 hours meant we came across some amazing spots including this burnt out sequoia 🌲🔥

People come from around the world with their own language. But we're here together and pray using one language. Subhanallah.
#HBisOnVacation #Ka& #39;ba #mosque #architecture #buildings #view #exploremakkah

Springtime 🌼🌸🌺🌷// Pavia, #VSCOcam #primtemps #blossom

โฟกัส จดจ่อ อย่านอยด์ และพลิกแพลง /🥑

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