He definitely helped more than 5 million. He was so positive 🙏🏾

I’m really going to miss him 🖤

These picture were taken right before his death. He was too young. 🖤

Words can’t explain the pain and emptiness I’m feeling. We lost a good person who inspired millions. Rest In Peace Jahseh. 🖤 @xxxtentacion

Its probably gonna sound annoying because everyone is mourning over the death of Jahseh. but we gotta use this as a lesson, not only to be more grateful of life but to show how anyone can change, Jahseh a kid.. went from high criminal charges to charity events and helping his community. He took time to learn about his Devine self and showed his true potential in his final days, most people nowadays wouldn't change if they knew they were gonna die. And it's really a shame. So all in all, this is another wish to young Jahseh Onfroy to rest well wherever his good soul has washed up, you deserved better and I'm envious of those who got to know your wise heart. This truly feels unreal.😔💞
#rip #xxxtentacion #longlivex #badvibesforever #rest #well #vrother

Rip legend - “Your music was something else to me, and to all the people only found out about you in the past year or two saying they feel you they fake because u been through some hard shit and seeing you grow from 93k to 8million is crazy. But to see you go like this breaks my heart bro. And to your brothers I’m sorry @wifisfuneral @theslumpgod but x REST IN PARADICE your in a better place now!” 🖤

Rip x bro he helped get through the hardest times with his music when I was up crying at night and tempting to hurt my self I listen to x because I could relate to him so sad to see him go I don’t see how anybody can hate on this guy 😪 I probably know how you feel bro @cloudfits

Legendary 🥀

Rest in peace. We all loved you so much❤💜

People laughed at me for copping this hoodie and wearing and supporting this man. Just know he saved me and many others and will come back just like undertaker did. This life is fake and scripted and i kid you not as much as it hurts i can just feel it being all apart of his plan for greater things to come. @xxxtentacion #vro #vrother #xxxtentacion #Revenge #RevengeGallery #17 #?

This shit not real bro X now #JimmyWopo they taking everyone home now 😪

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R.I.P. to the legend himself. His music and his breath of life gave nutrition to a lot of depressed and down kids such as I. I as an X fan am truly heartfelt about the whole situation and will miss him and his music greatly. All of his music expressed his struggles as a teen and how rough his life was. I hope he lives on with Jocelyn now. I know how much he loved her and all he would have given for her. He changed the music world completely. Every song we were graced with of his included words of wisdom and how he grew greater as a person. He will always be remembered in my heart and mind for all he has done in my life. He gave me a clearer mind and opened my eyes to a whole new, rough world. Much love💛, One love💙. R.I.P. to my idol #xxxtentacion #rip #muchlove #lifechanger #missed #remember #17 #? #revenge #onelove #idol #figure #worldchanger #sad #vrother

An angel has entered through the gates of heaven today, he will be missed and loved by millions until the end of time. Including myself, I can’t believe this happened and my heart goes out to everyone that knows him personally, and really knows how great and selfless of a person he is. Im not talking about him in past tense. I’m not saying what he ‘was’. I’m saying why he is. His words of positivity and encouragement will be remembered forever. His music will be forever valued. He saved me, and millions of other people going through hard times. He gave people a feeling of hope when all was lost, despite his appearance, he is the most important, inspirational, and the most well rounded person of this generation. Even though he went through his own shit, he never let it get in the way of his career. My heart is actually broken, I had to stop typing this 5 times because I just can’t stop sobbing. It sucks that someone this young had to go. He saved so many peoples lives, and he will never be forgotten. I still can’t believe this. #xxxtentacion #neverforgotten #iloveyou #vrother He didn’t deserve to go out like that. After everything he’s done for his fans.

Say a prayer for X 💯🙏🏽

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