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I'm reposting because some photos for the sewing hashtags seem to be disappearing... Let's see if this works 🤷🏻‍♀️ : I only knit occasionally, but I sew with knit fabrics regularly. So, for VP July "knitspiration", I'll share my first completed vintage pledge! I just finished this Mccalls 1978 cowl neck dress pattern in a drapey speckled jersey. I wanted my first vintage pattern to be fun and easy to sew. I think it was a good choice to get my feet wet! The pattern comes with a long sleeved option too, that I am itching to make into a bodysuit! 👯Swipe for the pattern, and also, two "knitspiration" patterns I am crazy about--one for sewing and one for knitting. I'm always dreaming about making both! @stitchodyssey @girlcharleeuk

#vpjuly day nine // FILMSPIRATION - I waffled a lot over this post--movies are by far one of my biggest inspirations. But I thought I'd pull out not the most fantastical sort of big screen costumes that make my heart stop, but a style I first saw as a teen and has stuck with me (and been imitated in my wardrobe countless times) and is extremely wearable. 😊 Lauren Bacall's style has always been an inspiration to me, but her classic button up blouse, full skirt (with pockets, of course), and espadrilles she wore in "Key Largo" (1948) is a favorite! I'd pretty much live in this look everyday if I had enough button up blouses. 😂 💕 #vintage #retro #classichollywood #vintagestyle

A new week of #vpjuly and today's prompt is details. This fun vintage shirtdress had tiny cats, some with mustard bows on their tails, mustard vintage buttons from France and a mustard contrast collar! @stoffstil @stitchodyssey pattern from @sewoveritlondon fabric from @abakhanfabrics #vintagestyle #soivintageshirtdress #putacatonit

#audreyhepburn remains my go to style icon; here she is, glamorous whatever she wears, in the 1954 film 'Sabrina' - whether the costumes are by #edithhead or #givenchy I couldn't possibly comment! @stitchodyssey

#vpjuly Day 4 (13) - Decade
I love the 40's but it has to be said the good old 50's pip it to the post every time. This is the first dress I made from an original pattern, few years ago now but I loved wearing it. I made the petticoat too, took hours to sew all the satin binding on, it made me late for the party 🙄

Last day of #vpjuly is what's up next. I haven't sewn a lot of vintage this year, so I'm going to ry and rectify that. These two are also winter patterns (I'm making the long sleeve version of the dress) so I'd better get a wriggle on before it warms up here. I am slightly impressed with myself finding fabrics for these two patterns that almost match the pattern envelopes.

#VPJuly Notions. Vintage buttons and buckles. So much better than the ones we have today! #sewing #buttons

Blue is definitely my go-to colour! S demonstrated by some recent makes including #bhlgeorgiadress #soiheatherdress #gingerjeans #sewingmimi #VPJuly @sewoveritlondon

#vpjuly LAST DAY - Next
Vintage Pledge July inspired me to get going on my first ever vintage pattern. I've been working on this since the first day. Would you believe, though, that this started out as a muslin? I had some very inexpensive polka dot fabric lying around, and when I tried the bodice on as a muslin I fell in love and sewed up the rest. So next? I'd like to actually use the fabric I intended for my 1959 Advance 2952 (Swipe to see!) because I am too in love with this pattern to make just one 💕 .
@stitchodyssey @minervacrafts
#vintagedress #polkadot


Spreading the word about #sewingthescene hosted by @theunfinishedseamstress - swipe for a reminder of the coat I shall be attempting to re-create, and prepare to gasp either in wonder at the beauty of my Coat of Dreams, or in horror at my sewing nightmare!!! Wish me luck 😉 and thank you @stitchodyssey for encouraging me to participate in #vpjuly , which was how this idea came together! 🇫🇷 Encore un super concours couture, je n'arrive pas à résister! Il faut coudre un vêtement inspiré du cinéma, et j'ai choisi LE manteau dont je vous ai déjà parlé (regardez la deuxième photo!) - ce sera soit le manteau de mes rêves, soit un énorme cauchemar!!! #sewingchallenge #sewingcommunity #callmecrazybutilovethiscoat #concourscouture #jecoudsetjassume #sewingismysuperpower

Oh yes! They match too. 😶😳

When I was a kid, pink and purple were my favorite colors 💗💜 so far, not much has changed 💗 #ootdsocialclub

It's beautiful! My fabric from the #vpjuly - fabric has arrived. Thank you so much @sewessentialuk for your generosity and @stitchodyssey for selecting my photo.😍. I love it! I'm almost afraid to cut it because it's sooooo gorgeous...
#vpjuly #floralfabric #isew #vintagestyle#ilovefabric

Just painting the roses red with one of my favorite gals! 🌹♠️♥️♣️ Alice inspired DisneyBound made by me from vintage fabric ✨ #disneybound #aliceinwonderland #disneyworld

I apologize for the unflattering photo here, but I'm cranky. Between painting my sewing room, preparing for my class reunion, and suffering through a migraine, I dropped the ball on @stitchodyssey's #VPJuly. However, I made the #VintagePledge to finally tackle a vintage pattern, and I am doing it! The practice bodice fit well in the bust and around the ribcage, so I went ahead and cut into my fabric before realizing how short the bodice was on me. I posted a question about lengthening the bodice on one of my sewing groups on Facebook and received some wonderful suggestions and support. One person, though, commented, and I quote, "Off hand, I would venture a guess that this pattern is not and never will be your size." While not necessarily rude or said with cruelty, I was pretty bummed that someone took the time to dismiss my question and tell me what I'm trying to do can't be done. This fits in the bust and around my ribcage, and the pattern waist measurements are the same as my waist measurements. I simply need to add a few inches of length to the bodice. I think I can do it, and with the suggestions of other dressmakers, I believe it is possible. So telling me that this cannot be done because the pattern "is not and will never be [my] size" is not going to stop me. THIS DRESS WILL BE MADE AND WILL FIT. #haters #endrant

parting ways with true vintage is difficult. swipe. this delicate summer dress with a pintuck and lace detail upper and a two-keyhole back closure should really be with someone who will wear it. cleaned out my closet and selling stuff - feels good. #vpjuly

Buckles galore! 😃😃😃 we have some really beautiful buckles in our etsy shop at the moment, these all date from the 1920s-1950s, they look great as a statement fastener on your favourite vintage pattern! 😍 They're made from a mix of celluloid and early plastics, prices start from £3, link in bio ☺ -
#buckles #emerald #emeraldbuckles #vintagesewing #sewcialists #vpjuly #1920ssewing #1930ssewing #1940ssewing #1950ssewing #vintagepatterns #celluloidbuckle #artdeco #artdecobuckle #artdecosewing #flappersewing

Finishing up #vpjuly with a photo of one of my holiday #thrifting finds - vintage stockings found in a Launceston op shop. I've gifted them to a colleague who was tickled pink. Google tells me late 1950s or 1960s (?) - anyone with insights feel free to set me straight. I'm not sure if the brand on the stockings matches the box and whether they're reproduction in an old box or actual vintage. It doesn't matter they were very cheap!
#vintagepledge #vintagestockings

Final day of #VPJuly is #whatsnext! I bought three pieces of some lovely solid rayon a few weeks ago. I'm planning on making #b6380 with one of them. Any suggestions on which color to use? I'm leaning towards the red ❤️. @stitchodyssey @minervacrafts
#1940sfashion #memadeeveryday #sewingplans

#vpjuly last day: Next.
Found this 1965 Pierre Cardin 60s shift dress with white buttons in Pinterest and planning to make it next time.
I will draw the pattern by myself and look for the right fabric 😊
Thank you so much Marie for hosting this awesome challenge. I am looking forward for next year 💙💙 .
#vintage #vintagepledge #sewing #sewingplans #sewinginspiration #vintagedress

For the final day of #vpjuly we're sharing our "next" project. While I have about a dozen projects on the cutting table, the only "next" that really matters are the dresses that I'm making for my tiki-themed 40th birthday party in September. I'm trying to embrace this milestone by planning a ridiculous Mariah-Carey style costume change mid-party. The real reason for the two outfits is that I have two great fabrics and can't choose. If I end up only making one, it will be the 1950s sarong with the rayon tiki fabric. I've made that dress twice before and know that I can make it without any issues. The Vogue dress with the yellow floral vintage rayon may intimidate me too much to attempt. I've already started to acquire jewelry (as a way of procrastinating making the dress) and bought this nut bracelet on eBay a couple weeks ago. My grandmother had a very similar bracelet that I desperately wish I had still! I also need to acquire a floral accent for my hair and think that @shazamvintagepinuphairflowers is the way to go. Any other suggestions? So, wish me luck. Thanks to @stitchodyssey for hosting this challenge for past two weeks. It's such a great way to discover other Instagram folks and foster a community on a mutual interest! @minervacrafts @stitchodyssey #1950sStyle #1940sStyle #1950sStyle #vintagesewing #vintagepatterns #vintagefabric #tikifashion #vintagetiki #sewing #simplicitypatterns

50s vintage blouse obsession, up on the blog. Link in the bio. See, I did wear it to work #VPJuly #sewcialists So it must be done! 🤔

The final prompt for #vpjuly is next! My next big event is Dragoncon. For several years I have done historical or vintage interpretation of fandom characters. Previously I've been strawberry shortcake, Totoro, batgirl, Robin, toadette and princess Daisy. This year, my show stopper will be a wild flapper (!) interpretation of Birdperson from Rick & Morty. I'm also recreating the fan art by @savannahalexandraart of 1920s Slytherin. I'm so excited about Birdperson, even if it has been a challenging mating season. #vintage #retro #flapper #dragoncon #slytherin #hogwarts #1920s #birdperson #rickandmorty #wubbalubbadubdub #cosplay #vintagecosplay #vintagepledge #vintagesewing @stitchodyssey @minervacrafts

#vpjuly 23 - Next
Just about squeezing in the last day on VPJuly, I have loved being part of this # thanks @stitchodyssey for hosting, it has got me thinking and I have discovered some forgotten gems! These are my next projects, the #orladress for #anorlaaffair, #newlook6447 in a stunning print from @stitchfabrics that I have been saving for the right pattern and my next vintage style number #b6094 by @gertie18, the contrast for the back flaps is from @minervacrafts 😍

#vpjuly Sun 23rd 'Next' @minervacrafts @stitchodyssey - it's the last day of #vpjuly and I've really enjoyed it! As a beginner, sewing with vintage patterns does scare me (!!) but I'm feeling inspired to start a #vintagepledge with @simplicity_creative_group #simplicitypatterns repro 40's apron and ditzy floral from #modafabric and then - who knows? Perhaps I'll be brave enough for a vintage dress?! 😀

#vpjuly what's up next? In my quest to have the most animal print wardrobe ever, I'm thinking maybe some slim leopard style trousers would be a good choice. Might use this pattern! @stitchodyssey @minervacrafts

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