Our Brothers Carl Curry, Greg Russell, Will Petty, Luis Najar, and Matt Soger from UPS Lancaster pre-load are encouraging their co-workers to vote YES to authorize a strike against UPS to send a clear message to the company that Local 396 members and Teamsters across the country are ready to do whatever it takes to win a strong contract! #Local396 #VoteYes

It takes two to conceive and it should take two to decide the way forward.

Vote YES to be able to decide together on 25th May.
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One month ago we took to the streets of Cork with pro-choice posters. Since then 36 women or girls living in Ireland have had to make a journey to an abortion clinic outside of this country. They will have passed Yes & No posters on their way, some offer an empathic solution & others compound the socially constructed shame and guilt that women endure regarding reproductive rights under the 8th. Our posters ask you to Trust Women. Trust Women to make difficult decisions that are right for THEIR set of circumstances at that particular time. No one has a right to make this choice on anothers behalf.
Abortion is happening everyday. Let's be pragmatic, let's make it safe. Stop the exile. Repeal the 8th.
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#repealthe8th #referendum #voteyes

Repeal the 8th #voteyes remember all those arguments against the "gay marriage" remember how they said it would ruin the sanctity of marriage, remember the people preaching about how it will effect people's belief. Eh sorry but it has done absolutely nothing to anyone other than make people happy. The ones who voted against it haven't even witnessed or been bothered by the ruination of the "sanctity" of marriage. Here is your chance to change our country once again, in my opinion for the better. Remember divorce was only legalised in 1995 here in Ireland and condoms only became legal 4 years earlier. Stop believing the horse shit the no voters are spouting. #repealthe8th for your daughters and your sisters or your friends. Do it for choice as ironic as it sounds your choice to vote no could take away the choices of others in a crucial time. Stop allowing our heritage of the Catholic Church and its sins to keep infiltrating into our legal system. I hope that the right choice is made by the majority this week. I hope we will see a reform in our country little by little. #choosewisely a yes will not effect you unless it's needed. #choices #repeal #ireland #growth #change #smallminds #repealthe8th

"This is a Catholic Country - we cannot terminate because the fetus is still alive". According to her husband, these were the words uttered to Savita Halappanavar by a doctor in the University Hospital Galway, Ireland in 2012.
Savita requested an abortion as it was clear early on that a miscarriage was inevitable and the pain that she was suffering was unbearable. The miscarriage took seven days to unfold. She eventually died of septicemia. Many medical professionals have stated that if an abortion was legally available, Savita would still be alive.
Albeit a very rare case, this tragic case alone is enough to highlight how Ireland is still living in the Dark Ages. The Catholic Church's influence across the entire nation needs to be brought to the grave once and for all. And there it shall remain.
For all women living in Ireland, past, present & future - please vote yes this Friday the 25th of May.
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Consistent beliefs: “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own” (Audre Lorde). #repealthe8th #trustirishwomen #lovethatovercometh #voteYES

Sun going down over Dublin West tonight and hopefully on this stupid amendment once and for all.
I've been getting so stressed out about the referendum this week, and was feeling apprehensive about canvassing tonight for the same reason. Luckily Dublin 15 is mostly full of soundies who want to support women. Another great result on the doorsteps. Hoping that the rest of the country will follow suit and we wake up in a kinder, less judgemental , more caring place on Saturday .
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Can’t think of any more good music/Repeal tie-ins. But here’s Grace Jones to sing us out. #repealtheeighth #repeal #together4yes #voteyes #trustwomen

Let’s look after our own and stop shipping them off to a different country. #repealthe8th #togetherforyes #voteyes #may25th

#voteyes #repealthe8th because every single YES matters

It would be nice if, on Friday, Ireland for once acted like it gives a crap about its women. It would be nice if we could trust people, men included, to make the right decision and give them the opportunity to do that in a safe environment. It would be nice if we could afford dignity and respect to women from all walks of life in all situations. And it would be great if we were no longer made to feel like prisoners in our own bodies and our own country. #repeal #referendum #voteyes #togetherforyes

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