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Finally had a moment to dig them out of their proclaimed holes and stash spots. My #top5challenge is as follows:

1. Master - F&F for obvious sentiment
2. @commedesgarcons #Vapormax for its elegance and changing an already new silhouette
3. Atmos AM1 for it’s debut as the winner of #voteback
4. #Rocafella #AF1 for its monster comeback and finally in my small size.
5. @skeptagram 97 UL for its intricate detail
All @nikesportswear all #AIR 🖤🤓 (No offwhite because it’s easy and too obvious.)
I nominate @derrrfay @imahni.chanel @retrokid45 (which I doubt he’ll do) @melody_seattle and @keaton_jt to do their top 5 pick ups of 2017 🤭🙃💯

U #vote for me I #voteback

Hanging onto those warmer, sunnier days? We've got you covered! Welcome back Bears Like Marmalade who is here to stay! Sunshine is just around the corner! 💛

Did somebody say 🍰?! Our vote back did! Carrot cake is back with a bang and ready in store for you to whisk it home! Who said you can't have your cake and eat it?

Please Vote for me!💞✨💋 #like4like #likeYoursback100% #VoteforMeee✨#VoteBack !#Commentehendone


Well it has been the most exciting vote we've heard about this week for sure (!) Our vote back poll has had you voting in your hundreds! We have a winner Teabirds... 🥁

Our limited edition 💙 Blue Raspberry 💙 is limited no more, it is firmly here to stay (and perhaps lays claim to the title of being of our most loved blend ever!) 👑

Online NOW, link in bio! Plus back in stores by Tuesday 25th!

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