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A recent visit to Alvar Aalto’s home museum sparked many ideas. For example, he designed the door handles so that your sleeves won’t get caught up in them when entering a room. As a result, here is a PM/3W with a cognac leather handle that I am trying out. Let me know what you think 🤘🎸🏠

Amplifier Aesthetics on Another Level - Volyymi PM/3W T with a short stand allowing you to place the amp on tables or shelves.

Marjon tekemät volyymiripset💞 #bellamiastudio #ripsienpidennykset #volyymi #ennenjajälkeen

Trailer for the PM/3W that’s also up on our (work in progress) website and Youtube account.

During the concept phase I was priviledged enough to interview and discuss about Volyymi with designer Sami Wirkkala, son of the World renowned industrial designer Tapio Wirkkala and ceramist Rut Bryk. It was an eye-opening moment as we spoke about timeless design and design approaches that are common in the Nordics. To also get positive feedback for your design from an iconic designer doesn’t hurt either.

Coffee Breaks and Pedalboard Sketching.

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