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Ford Focus RS
📍Krakow, 2018
Most of you might know that the Focus RS has Volvo’s 5-cylinder turbocharged (305hp) engine. But that is not the only thing in this car that reminds me of Volvo. Volvo once made their R-models famous by giving them colours that were exclusively available only for them. The case is same here - you could have your Focus in this Ultimate Green colour only if it was RS. 🔫

Volvo S60R
📍Seinäjoki, 2015
You just can’t get enough of these. No more words needed. One day I’ll buy one of these in Flash Green colour, Atacama interior and manual transmission. 🤤

Volvo V70R AWD
📍Jyväskylä, Finland, 2018
Usually V70R’s that look like this are front-wheel drive and have a 250/240hp engine. This one here is something else: for last year of the production (2000) Volvo upgraded the engine from 2.3 litre to 2.4 litre and added extra 15hp (now 265 altogether). The car was available only with automatic transmission, and most of the people chose their cars in ’R-specific’ Laser Blue colour.

Pientä huoltoa Volvoon, niin kelpaa taas mennä kylkimyyryä talvella. #TreGarage #asennus #Volvo #volvo360gl #volvo360 #volvoracingclubfinland #volvoclubfinland

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