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Meet Osas and Wisdom - two Nigerian immigrants who are helping to clean up Rome. They travelled to Italy with no money and instead of begging, they volunteered to tidy up the city's streets. #rome #italy #volunteer #inspiration

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Little Chester is doing well but unfortunately my fawn hit by a car from last post passed through the night. I can't save them all but I give every ounce of me trying and always make sure they are comfortable and loved for the short time that I have them 💔 #bestnonpayingjobever #lovemylife #volunteerlife #notalwaysahappyending #bathtime

As we approach #nationalaviationday, we want to share this special story with you. Meet UPS First Officer Jonathan Strickland. As a 12-year-old, Jonathan was fascinated with flight. Most kids that age would be content playing with a remote-controlled airplane. Not Jonathan. He was in the cockpit of the real thing preparing to become one of the youngest licensed fixed-wing and helicopter pilots in Canada. Jonathan’s father noticed his passion and enrolled him in the Young Eagles Program and the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals aviation camps. That’s how Jonathan met OBAP #volunteer, UPS Capt. James Gordon, left. James kept in contact with Jonathan and helped him progress in his aviation career. That was a little over a decade ago. Fast-forward to today. James - his friends call him “Flash” - was the check airman on Jonathan’s first flight as a First Officer in a UPS MD-11. “I appreciated the opportunity to ride along and observe Jonathan in action on his first official UPS flight,” James said. “He was very observant and very humble, like a kid learning how to ride a new bicycle. We have all met a young person who, with proper mentoring, is destined to go on to do great things,” James said. “I shared my love for aviation with a 13-year-old kid many years ago, and now that kid is my F/O.” It was a busy decade since that first meeting in #LosAngeles. Jonathan dedicated his life to learning to fly. By the time he was 17, he held six world records in aviation. At 18, he was a flight instructor, earning enough to cover his tuition to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Once he landed his first commercial pilot job, Jonathan took every opportunity to build his time, logging 1,000 hours in one year. This put him in a position, at age 23, to apply to a major airline. On this flight, with one of his mentors acting as his check airman, Jonathan reflected on his path. He said that, through OBAP, he has learned more about aviation than just flying. “I learned how vital it is to have a strong support network that not only believes in you but also your goals." #upsairlines #pilots #upsflight #avgeek #aviation #obap #instaaviation #people #employees #inspiration

Os nossos rapazes ficaram em 7o lugar do Campeonato do Mundo de Sub-19!!! #vamooooos 💪💪 #Repost @t.darsavelidze (@get_repost)
Adorable team 😍😍😍thank you guys for everything, you are amazing #portugal #teamportugal #adorableteam #adorable #volunteerwork #volunteerweek #volunteer #handball #handballchampionship #youthhandball #youthchampionship

On #FridayForGood there’s no flying houses—just building houses! Check out the Emerald City Company’s #volunteer work with @habitatforhumanity.

BBC News features two Nigerians who voluteer to clean the streets of Italy instead of begging ,
Repost @bbcnews: "Meet Osas and Wisdom - two Nigerian immigrants who are helping to clean up Rome. They travelled to Italy with no money and instead of begging, they volunteered to tidy up the city's streets. #rome #italy #volunteer #inspiration"


Camp Eulogia 2017

Our winners of the week! They displayed neatness, creativity and accurate replication of the example.. If you want to help in any way, please check out our page: @designlabgive .
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In case you missed it!

The video linked in the bio, perfectly showcases some of the work of our ministry partners here in Cape Town.

Shot and edited by our friend Malcolm Rainers, he recently filmed this missions team from Detroit. They spent some time serving with us here and were involved with a number of awesome projects!
Heart to God.
Spread the Stoke.

Não deve ser por acaso que "business" (negócios) tem a mesma raiz que "busy" (ocupado); dá quase pra dizer que o homem de negócios é o cara que detém a arte de estar ocupado, de negar o ócio.
Esta pessoa está sempre sem tempo para nada: precisa se dedicar para estudar para passar na faculdade para se formar para conseguir estágio para ser efetivada para produzir mais para ser promovida para acumular riqueza para comprar carro e casa para constituir família e para garantir que seus filhos também terão acesso a boas escolas para que se dediquem aos estudos como ela se dedicou e para que possa pagar um bom plano de saúde para que a saúde não a impeça de aproveitar seus últimos anos de vida quando resolver finalmente parar de trabalhar.
Só consigo pensar que tem alguma coisa errada aí. Não é possível que todo desenvolvimento da humanidade, toda a tecnologia e tudo o que já foi estudado e inventado tenha nos trazido a uma vida que não passa de uma eterna insatisfação, uma corrida infinita atrás de metas que, quando cumpridas, só nos levam a novos objetivos. Não é de espantar que todos estejam insatisfeitos, uma vez que nossa felicidade é sempre colocada naquilo que ainda não temos, que ainda não conquistamos. É natural que todo mundo esteja atrás de um sentido para a vida, pois a vida que se leva hoje não faz o menor sentido.
Em que ponto da história nós perdemos o fio da meada? Em que momento nós ficamos tão distraídos com o caminho a ser percorrido e com o destino onde queremos chegar que nos esquecemos do motivo pelo qual pegamos a estrada? E o mais importante: como faz para a gente sair desse círculo vicioso?
É para responder a essa pergunta que o Trip Voluntária nasceu; para que mais pessoas tenham acesso ao voluntariado e aos ensinamentos que ele traz. Para que mais gente possa conhecer a si mesma e encontrar o real propósito de sua vida. E aí, você vem com a gente?
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Love how these turned out! Added some nice, happy yellow flowers with vibrant blue pots to match school colors by the front marquee. 💙💛Thanks @thenaturalgardener for helping me pick this combo out for the school! #volunteer #childrensgarden #schoolgarden #giveback #esperanza #yellowbells #tecomastans #droughttolerantplants #plantsomethinggreen #plantforpollinators #texasnativeplants #austin

Meet our friend Matt, medical Matt as we call him. When he's not busy saving lives (he's a paramedic by trade) he's giving up his annual leave to help us renovate. Here he is strimming nettles in the orchard; he's an absolute legend and we love him dearly! #volunteer #volunteerwork #helpinghands #chefdeville #renovation #Brittany #France #retreat #friendslikethese

How fun to give away our Capri Drive in fair booth drawing prize to our winner, TRESA HINTON, of Jackson!⠀
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