I’m baaaaaack! It felt so good to see clients again and be back in studio after a week of being away. Whenever I’m out of studio for more than a couple of days I feel so out of the loop and out of my element. Can’t wait to get back on schedule! Thank you to everyone who booked their fills around my trip, your patience and understanding is SO appreciated! Don’t forget our lash bash is this weekend and EVERYTHING is on sale so come see me 🌸🕊

Only handmade Volume Lashes here🙈 limited appointments left for next week❤️ #volume #russianvolume #3D #minklashes #lashesandconfidence #lashesbylaura #lashgoals #lashesonfleek #love #lashtech

Who else is a lash addict? 🙋🏽‍♀️



▶️195kg x 3
▶️195kg x 8 (Video)
➡️My sumo felt a bit sluggish over the last month or so I was finding it hard to find a good position so I asked @strongbiz if he could take a look and give me some feedback on things I should be focusing on which helped immensely, my hook grip has also slightly felt a little off so I was discussing with @cheef__teef how I should approach my hook grip to put me into a stronger pulling position, I can say all of this feedback has been awesome, these felt incredible now just to practice 💪😁
#teamstrongbiz #teamsumoboiz


Sunset in a cloudy day

Brushed spiral curls ..at home practicing with my Paul Mitchell marcel irons
eleganthair #paulmitchellfarmingtonhills #paulmitchelltheschool #hair #weddinghair #promhair #lit #volume #frenchroll #frenchtwist #beachwaves #beachcurls #spiralcurls

Absolutely adore my new business cards! At your next appointment ask me about my new referral program and grab a couple on your way out 💎

I had a FANtastic time with my new 0.03mm MEGA Volume lashes ♥️

Yours truly now offers MEGA Volume! $150 sets for a limited time, DM to book 🖤

This doll is ready for her spring break vacay 🌴

He put a ring on it! Honoured to be doing this babes wedding lashes after almost 2 years of being her lash girl 💍

This babe is officially ready for spring break ❄️

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