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She likes the VW bus, I like bikes. Morph them together and this is what happens. #VW #voltswagon #motorcycle #sidecar #bmw @glorycloud

Filming the new volts wagon commercial🚗with my boys, we are some bad ass looking dudes in pink suits👊🏻#beetle #voltswagon #vw #voltswagoncommercial #onset

#Repost @duggersmith with @repostapp
Old school buggy week in the books @idahodunesrv #wheelie#oldschool#voltswagon#sandrail

I'm sure some of you have noticed “mystery man".. Well 'he' has a name and it is Stephen 😊 (@thebuzzykiwi). I met him last year at a difficult point in my life. I had everything I ever thought I wanted, my dream career in my dream city, living with one of my best friends but the reality of the dream didn’t make me happy. I started to draw less and felt like a was picking up a pen more often to sign contracts than draw which began to slowly destroy me. It got to a point where I felt like giving up, so I took a break. In my break I flew home to New Zealand and lived in a 1969 Kombi escaping the world and my worries with Stephen. It was exactly what I needed to start feeling alive again. I created a website/blog (in my bio) for a place to write and release my thoughts and feelings and I've never felt more free and happy in my life. I am so excited for the future and to get back to what I love most, my art 🎨✨ Speaking of which I just posted a new art video on @colour_me_creative ✏️

Hard work pays off. My new whip 🔥👀💯 #voltswagon #Jetta

Whatever make you feel bad leave it, and whatever makes you smile keep it. ❤️ #voltswagon #oceancity


New RA decoration, made on cardboard.

Came out 👌🏼👌🏼💪🏼 #voltswagon

Plum or jaffa Orange Recaro Seats. Retrimed by @thetrimguru #leather #retrim #voltswagon #caddy #transporter #recaro

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