Driving around in this epic old school VW “Thing” today...🚘🐲🌴

When you finally have some free time and don't know what to do with your self ...build a VW cat bus! #homemade #DIY #volkswagon

Punch bug 👊

...برای ساختن یه #رنگین_کمون قشنگ چقدر انرژی لازمه؟چرا #نیلوفر #صبح باز میشه و ظهر بسته می شه؟بابت این کارش چقدر حقوق نیگیره؟چرا فیش حقوق #بارون برای ما نمی یاد؟... #میم
اینم از این،دسته میم جان درد نکنه بابت ذوق و سلیقش و رسوندن بموقع سفارشیا😍
ان شاا... موفق تر هم بشین...
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Monochrome squad ⚫️⚪️

Volkswagen bus shirt for the win 💙 #volkswagon #volkswagenbus #retroshirt #retrovibes

The perfect campervan for two. Cruise along the West Australian coast in our 2B VW Hi Top Campervan. With automatic transmission, great fuel efficiency and cruise control you can drive in style and comfort on your next adventure. Right now is the CHEAPEST SEASON OF THE YEAR. Enjoy our cheapest rates all year long when you book a trip in May or June 2018.

Call (08) 9592 3117 or go to http://www.gocamper.com.au

2B VW Hi Top:
- Automatic Transmission
- Cruise Control
- Easy to make double bed
- Lots of storage space
- 85L Fridge Freezer
- Wind Out Awning
- LED Interior and Exterior Lights
- 2-Burner Gas Stove
- All cutlery, crockery and kitchenware provided
- Dual Battery System
- Outside Shower
- Water Pump
- Stainless Steel Sink
- USB ports for charging devices
- AND MUCH MORE!!! If you want to hire this or any of our other great vehicles, call today on (08) 9592 3117 or go to http://www.gocamper.com.au

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