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Ooooh its Friday!!! Heeey its Friday!!! My second favorite F word!! Hehehe!!! I'm off to do some work in CR, er'body seems to be in a hurry today... I mean, I know I'll be late for my own funeral because I always seem to be late BUT my point... Leave earlier!!! Lol ideally yes, but things happen so take it a moment at a time...its best to arrive late and Alive rather than the alternative.... Find your balance *Make the best with what you have, while you hustle for what uou deserve*

#voicetotext #nomakeup #smile

this was our drive from Twizel to Queenstown. Sorry it took so long. There's always an error when i tried to upload videos together. I'll just leave the videos till the end of our trip and instastories. #staytuned
The drive had many cornerings. some was ay 85km/h and more dangerous ones are at 25km/h. We were literally driving through clouds.
A longer drive picnic area there was a large lake that had so many animals but particularly black swans White Swans white ducks brown and golden ducks it was absolutely phenomenal sure there are lots and lots of Mountains but the scene is absolutely stunning hack stop a few times just take videos and photos some of them are still with my friend it will take time I'm sorry
When you got to Queenstown you are so pretty the lake is huge they had a cruise on it some people gliding down it's not like the areas that we have been they are so much more cars parking was difficult to find we ended up checking in a hotel earlier and by car in the hotel parking lot and left it there and he just walked around town that the town is walking distance any activities you want to do in Queenstown you can just get here get to town going to the office and look you don't have to check it out you can check it on online but it's easier if you book it directly here because there's so many more choices ptosis came in from skydiving free swing riding the gondola getting a cruise go skiing bungee jump snowboarding it's awesome the best part is at night the stars are so beautiful on a clear sky you could see the Milky Way unfortunately my camera was not good enough to capture that special moment so if you want to see it you gotta come here yourself not just by yourself but with me as well

We think dad was trying to tell Mom "we need paper towels" #growingupgreek #voicetotext #peppertowers

#adayinthelife ๐Ÿ˜‚
Ha ha! You can't make this stuff up! Thank you, technology, for making us so lazy that we can even mislead a "#smartphone" with #voicetotext and #predictivetext.

My new phone does that thing where it transcribes the voicemails. Swipe for another great Nick transcription #voicetotext #voicetotextfail

You know who you are. ๐Ÿ’™ #loa #gratitude #mentalalchemy #meanderingthoughts


#bestpartofmyday #watching and #listening to our kids get so excited getting texts from their dad who is #deployed. They are using #voicetotext lo #poweroftechnology l

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. - Virginia Woolf #senstone #wearable #device #tech #technology #voiceassistant #speechtotext #voicetotext #indiegogo #food #thoughts #quotes #quotestoliveby

So this was the beer that I woke up to this morningโ€ฆ scratch that this afternoon #LOL
#goodtimes #goodpeople #lotsoffun

#correction @seaofsin101 lol #voicetotext error *VIEW I woke up to :))

We think dad was trying to tell Mom "we need paper towels" #growingupgreek #voicetotext #peppertowers

Things that are hilarious: teaching parents about technology.
#textsfrommom #momtexts #voicetotext

Iโ€™m writing while I walk around a beautiful lake on a stunningly gorgeous day. Voice to text is a miracle. As long as you know what to say, youโ€™re good to go. #writing #creativity #CreateNowEditLater #AmWriting #VoiceToText #Productivity #WalkWhileYouWork

Apparently Samsung doesn't like my potty mouth... Ha!
#voicetotext #censored

Voice to text is a game changer for his kid! He is writing a story and already on chapter three. Of course we will still work on typing but his delays can be worked around and keep him current with his peers. I'm so thankful for this technology! #lumenscholarinstitute #teamstier #thisiswhathomeschoolinglookslike #google #voicetotext #usingtechnology #makeitwork #garlandchristopher

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