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Ooooh its Friday!!! Heeey its Friday!!! My second favorite F word!! Hehehe!!! I'm off to do some work in CR, er'body seems to be in a hurry today... I mean, I know I'll be late for my own funeral because I always seem to be late BUT my point... Leave earlier!!! Lol ideally yes, but things happen so take it a moment at a time...its best to arrive late and Alive rather than the alternative.... Find your balance *Make the best with what you have, while you hustle for what uou deserve*

#voicetotext #nomakeup #smile

Sunday night iPhone tutorial... I'm so lucky I married someone patient and sweet enough to help my 81 year old dad download #uber and #voicetotext

#adayinthelife 😂
Ha ha! You can't make this stuff up! Thank you, technology, for making us so lazy that we can even mislead a "#smartphone" with #voicetotext and #predictivetext.

Phillies coop Leon is Joey☕ #voicetotext #cravecantina #canyoufigureitout #tequila

The downfall of using #voicetotext while driving #fuck #oops #sorrydad 😳

this is #FrankTurner and I'm a poser and only know one of his songs because I hear @brimorrrrison crooning in the living room but boy oh boy does he have a set of pipes #voicetotext


Hey Igers! Hoping to find a voice to text app for my Andriod tablet. Would love any and all suggestions or feedback on programs you've used! Thank you! Jill #swollenhands #voicetotext #chronicallyill #chronicillness #spoonie #spooniehack #spooniehacks #canttype #voicetotextsoftware #spooniehelp

Part of me are you Aaron Burr sir that depends who's asking oh sure sir I'm Alexander Hamilton I'm at your service sir I have been looking for you I'm getting nervous so I heard your name at Princeton I was seeking an accelerated course of study when I got out of sorts with a buddy of yours I may have punched him it's a blur sir he handles the financials you punch the bursar yes I want to do you what you did graduate into then join the revolution he looked at me like I was stupid I'm not stupid so how do you do it how to graduate so fast it was my parents dying wish before they passed you know if it of course I'm off and got I wish there was a war then we could prove that worth more than anyone bargained for can I buy you a drink that would be nice while we're talking let me offer you some free advice talk less smile more don't let them know what you're against her what you're for you can't be serious you want to get ahead yes fools of animals off wind up dead I love you yo-yo what families that should say like I said showtime showtime yo I'm John Lawrence in the place to be you too. Sam Adams but I'm working on three does it cause don't want it with me because I will pop take a practice cup still I'm free and we we Monomy show my pen Lafayette the Lancelot of the revolutionary set I came from a far just say buns water the King cut that's why who's the best someone I am Hercules Mulligan up in 11 years I heard your mother say come again I could be taught is that horses of course it's hard to have intercourse of a force of the court sets no more sex for me another bruise suck it does a couple more to the revolution will it fit in the prodigy a prison college Ehrenberg it was the first drop some knowledge good luck with that you're taking a stand you spit Abhisit we'll see where we land for the revolutions in the eminent how do you store for a few stand for not timber what are you for four who are you who are you who are you who who is this kid and what you going do

•I had way too much fun doing that

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😜how great it is to have voice to text on your phone 😂 (ps it was which not B**ch lmao)... wish you lived near us @cel_anderson_ miss getting to see you regularly!! 💖💋 #sisters #funnytextposts #lovefamily #voicetotext #makesmelaugh #hubby

✔️Братия пишущая, пиарщики, журналисты - медийщики, в общем, все-все-все, кому н̶е̶п̶о̶х̶у̶й̶ транскрибацией аудио-речей в текст приходится заниматься по долгу службы или просто! К вам, родные, взываю..!) Подумайте хорошенько, может бы хотелось вам научиться расшифровке голосовых записей без набора этого ебу**го текста вручную? Чесслово, почти без рук выходит, с помощью одних лишь данных вокальных:) Могу научить, если чо:) Да, да, да, полностью даром:) Безвозмездно и научитесь, и юзать потом будете:)..
✔️Даже показать пошагово могу:) И, да, ясен пень, что на порядок быстрее оно выходит, чем когда в одной руке допотопный цифровой Olimpus, а для печати все-равно обе руци нужны, поэтому и возитесь ими часами туда-сюда, между средневековым «чудом техники» и текстовым редактором в компе ради получасового интервью..
✔️В общем, вдруг кому интересно станет, смогу сделать пост с пошаговыми «где такое есть» и «зачем, когда и куда тыцнуть надо», чтобы получилось все..
✔️Но только если и правда найдется тут у меня десяток-другой горемык, кому как и мне без осточертелой расшифровки, каким бы модным transcribe ее не называли, никак не обойтись в их сурово-счастливых творческо - трудовых будней..
✔️Отлайкивайтесь/отписывайтесь, кому пригодится может. Чтобы понимала я, надо ли оно и мне, и вам в лентах. А пока.. пока доброго утречка нам субботнего, чтобы отдыхать, а не въебывать...! #transcribing #transcribe #journalist #lifehacks #hatemyjob #journalistlife #journalism #voicetotext #speechpad #журналист #журики #интервью #чудотехники #дочегодошелпрогресс #dictophone #hatedictophones #расшифровка #шифруюсь #шифры

"In his later years, my dad carried a notebook and pen. I found a drawer full of them when he passed away. They were full of names (mainly) and words. Whenever he met someone new he'd slip away and write down their name (and kid's names and maybe other trivia). He was the most socially competent person I've ever known. I'd like to emulate his system, but in a more modern way." 🤔 How do you keep track of everything important? 📗📝💻📱 #Senstone #backers #quotes #notebook #deck #notes #memoryissues #glasses #gadgets #wearable #voicetotext #speechtotext

My mom showed Cruz how to #voicetotext ... my apologies to my friends & family who may, at some point in time, receive strange & confusing texts from my phone. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😩🤔 #cruzedward #smartypants #momlife #lessonlearned #memasboy

1st of all I DO NOT USE but I am a fan of money. #voicetotext #sorryforslopiness #cautiousinvestor #vegas #opportunity . #weedtourism #airbnb Airbnb mansions for this purpose only as the rules state private residence. Look at Airbnb experiences. #skyisthelimit #onceinalifetimeopportunity #evenmystockpickshit I will be the first investor with $200k . Who is with me ? Facilitate the ability to use for tourists by having a mega building or facility. Weedworld will beat Disney lol. Near airport ? Get high before you fly. Shuttle service to each casino on the strip. Kick backs from weed stores as a pit stop before bringing them back to wifihotbox.com
It can be a whole different world for this movement. Inside the complex could be the movies, restaurants, office space for rent, sports bar, lounges, waiting for flight, arriving from airport first stop, shuttle, weed friendly hotel rooms, there is no limit.

Phillies coop Leon is Joey☕ #voicetotext #cravecantina #canyoufigureitout #tequila

#voicetotext at a bar gone wrong #badsiri #rubmygrandma

At least it didn't call her a "ducker" 🤣🤣🤣
#funny #autocorrect #voicetotext #fail #motherhood #kids #momlife

My phone is getting really good at translating my voicemails. This one seems pretty accurate. #voicemail #lols #iphone7plus #forthewin #supertranslator #voicetotext #notsoaccurate #notsogood #voicetotextfail #lol

"I want to show the nation my appreciation." Shaggy

I'm starting a new series of photos called "Texting with Jeany" you are welcome world #voicetotext #textingwithjeany

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