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Prayer is the most powerful weapon against downfall.. the most effectiv medicine against sickness and the most valuable gift 2 someone we care for!
May Allah forgive us our sins and make Jannatu Firdaus our final abode... Ameen
Ramadan Kareem

Excited to be going to Voices For Change tonight to support AusCam Freedom Project! #voicesforchange #auscam #freedomforgirls

"It is curious that the eyes are the only thing that can reflect on the body. Perhaps it is by design, so that as we look into the eyes of another, we see ourselves." -@jese_mama

Amazing meeting @jamesbryanmusic from #Prozzak at the @worldvision Artist Collective Appreciation Dinner @wvcollective @worldvision #VoicesForChange

The Voices For Change Event Visited Bradford Yesterday In Aid Of Islamic Reliefs Yemen Emergency Appeal. Alhamdulillah It Was An Exceptional Evening Of Inspiration #VoicesForChange #IslamicRelief #Bradford #Yemen #BlueRibbon

You might not see me but I'm there.
Over 40 countries represented in the stand to make the sustainable developmental goals more than just a vision. .
#youthassembly2017 #voicesforchange #unitednations

So this is happening & I have to admit, I'm star struck! #Junos #voicesforchange @wvcollective so proud to be here talking about #partnership!

For those who speak and have yet to speak #voicesforchange #groundswell


We are working through our touch tag performance at tonight's #voicesforchange Christmas fundraiser. #theatreforachange #fundraiser #christmas #theatre

Starting to get into the festive spirit? Why not join our Voices for Change Christmas Party next Thursday 7th December in London? Full information and last few tickets here►goo.gl/H57Kh9

Celebrate the season at this fun, interactive evening, and help us to end child marriage worldwide through our special auction full of exciting lots perfect for Christmas presents. See you there! #VoicesforChange #London #Christmas #christmasparty #christmaspresent #feelingfestive #festive #charity #auction #endchildmarriage #womensrights #empowerment

Hope for change #speaktruth #stopthebullshit #voicesmatter #voicesforchange put it out there 🌎 we are one , one planet, one people - Love unites us all, If it didnt why do we ALL seek it ? World change is here , the shift is here - your Reality collapse is here ♥️🌎♥️🌎🌎♥️🌎♥️🌎🙏🏼♥️

We were honored by the San Diego County Human Trafficking Task Force Advisory Council for their acceptance of our Voices for Change Award at our One Love Gala last week. Mary-Ellen Barrett accepted the award on behalf of the entire task force. She has been the Deputy DA in SD for over 25 years with extensive experience and has been highly recognized for her work. And as such, has been assigned to the Human Trafficking Task Force. She is dedicated to driving this conversation to the national level and wants to see this issue as one that is at the political forefront in all 50 states. The task force she leads is a true collaboration of the county’s law enforcement, social services, victim services, education, child welfare, includes the voice of survivors and soon will also add the medical field. Here’s just a couple of things they’ve done:
- Is the most comprehensive effort of a community to combat human trafficking - Released the most comprehensive analysis of trafficking in a US metropolitan area in 2015
They work tirelessly to fight for this cause and for all of us, as we are all effected by this issue. We can’t praise them or given them enough gratitude and in this case, saying thank you is all we can do and yet it feels like even those words fall short. Thank you Mary-Ellen and the entire SD Task Force for all that you do, you inspire and motivate us all. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Photos by @jnyblackstone #thankyou #endslavery #humantrafficking #nonprofit #sandiego #onelovegala #t1h #together1heart #voicesforchange

Hey everyone! We’re a group of YEG students who are dedicated to voicing the concerns and opinions of the youth in our federal riding. In partnership with our MP, Matt Jeneroux, our mission is to provide a platform for discussion and information on important issues affecting the youth in our community. We hope that this dialogue will not only spark conversation within our area, but will also he heard by the leaders in Parliament. Make sure to check out our website which is in our bio, and follow this page for regular updates on upcoming events and current issues. #YEG #voicesforchange

This is so amazing.
Kids in local communities need us, at Lend a hand for Africa,we are committed to reach one child at a time,our last post reminds us we cant stop now.
Together we can achieve more.

You want to Adopt a kid or school you can send us a mail at bimboandfriends01@g#Repostmail.com,let's change narratives together.
#togetherwecan #voicesforchange @forthefoundlings (@get_repost)
I’m not crying, you’re crying! 😭 What a legend 💛

Cohorts (+alum!) that ProDevo together, stay together, and we’re working on our Social Justice & Inclusion (SJI) competency on this fine #SAGASaturday! Shoutout to @bingdei for organizing an awesome inaugural “Public Deliberation Summit: Creating Space for Racial Justice!” Lots of things learned, and lots more great work to be done on our campuses and in our profession! #SAgrad #SAPro #BinghamtonSAA #RJD17 #voicesforchange #bingracialjustice

And that’s a wrap! Swipe ⬅️ to see some snapshots of today’s deliberations in action!

Thank you to all who attended, worked, and organized our inaugural “Public Deliberation Summit: Creating Space for Racial Justice”! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and acquired new perspectives and approaches to integrate into the roles in which we all play to progress racial justice and dismantle inequity. May we all continue to do great work!

#RJD17 #voicesforchange #BingRacialJustice

A huge thank you to our second all-star panel for this summit on collaborating for racial justice dialogue: • Peter Willner, Director of Interfaith Works’ El-Hindi Center for Dialogue
• Scott Corley, Associate Professor of History, Philosophy, and Social Science at SUNY Broome
• Dr. Brian Rowland, Managing Principal at Visionary Leadership LLC

#RJD17 #voicesforchange #BingRacialJustice

So proud of our student leaders from our UDiversity Educational Institute’s newest initiative, “empowerU,” a community organizing boot camp! They did a great job presenting about navigating difficult dialogues at our 2017 racial justice deliberation summit! #RJD17 #voicesforchange #BingRacialJustice #empowerU #communityorganizing

DEI and Racial Justice work can be tough and thankless, so sometimes a little self-love is all we need to keep us going ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤 #RJD17 #voicesforchange #BingRacialJustice

It’s Day 2 of our racial justice deliberation summit and our lovely volunteers (courtesy of @bingreslife and @mrcbinghamton) are here to greet you all! Excited for a great day! #RJD17 #voicesforchange #BingRacialJustice

Racial Justice Deliberation Summit: The Wicked Problem of Racism Speakers Dr. Wes Bellamy, Dr. Anne Bailey, Dr. Lisa Blitz #RJD17 #voicesforchange #BingRacialJustice #impactteam

It’s a great day at our 2017 “Public Deliberation Summit: Creating Space for Racial Justice”! Kicking off our lunch with an all-star panel discussing the Wicked Problems of Racism: • Dr. Wes Bellamy, Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, VA
• Dr. Anne Bailey, Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies at Binghamton University
• Dr. Lisa Blitz, Associate Professor of Social Work at Binghamton University

#RJD17 #voicesforchange #BingRacialJustice

#voicesforchange #RJD17 confronting “wicked problems”

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended Habitat’s Team Leader Training on Saturday! A great day, filled with insights and inspiration. #leadership #teamwork

#instagood #volops #advocates
#habitatforhumanity #habitatireland
#4change #beboldforchange #sdg11 #inspiration #habitatteamleaders #voicesforchange #developmenteducation

Enjoying a gorgeous sunrise and delicious breakfast courtesy of @onevillagepartners - so honored to be a part of their #voicesforchange event and proud to support development in Sierra Leone 💖#blessed

#WCW - Every one of the courageous women that have boldly said “Me too.” Almost every woman I know has, or knows someone that has, endured some type of domestic violence (verbal, sexual, mental, or financial) or intimidation during their lifetime. This. Is. NOT. Okay. ✨💙
I am so glad/so proud that AVON is at the forefront of raising awareness and changing the narrative of this topic using a percentage of net proceeds to educate, train, advocate, and provide services to women who have been victims of these heinous acts. ✨💙
If you’d like to support AVON’s efforts, you can purchase items like the ones shown here, and others available, at AVON’s Shop for The Greater Goods Boutique, https://www.avon.com/category/causes/empowerment?rep=lorin
If you’d like to learn more about AVON’s work with domestic violence, please visit https://www.avonfoundation.org/programs/domestic-violence/.
#SpeakOutAgainstDomesticViolence #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth #SpeakOut #SpeakUp #SilentNoMore #VoicesForChange #MeToo #ChangeTheNarrative #MySistersKeeper #LoveDoesntHurt #BeBold #BeGreat #BePowerful #BeYou #LorinsAVONLiving

Энэ охиныг Айшолпан гэдэг тэр одоо 13 настай одоогоос 4 жилийн өмнө дэлхийн рекордыг эвдэж чадсан юм. Яаж вэ? гэжүү..
Казакийн түүхэнд хамгийн анхны эмэгтэй Бүргэдчин болж бүргэд сургагчдын дундах наадамд түрүүлж чадсан бөгөөд тэр цагаас хойш эмэгтэй хүн зөвхөн гэрийн ажил хийж хүүхдээ харах ёстой гэсэн хуучинсаг сэтгэлгээг өөрчилж эмэгтэйчүүдэд урам зориг болж яваа гайхалтай бахархам түүхээр нь америкчууд баримтат кино бүтээж түүгээрээ олон улсын бүх өндөр хэмжээний 27 улсын кино наадамд түрүүлсэн гайхам бахдам түүхтэй охинтой уузлаа. @nurgaiv 👏🏻

We did it! We captured our first media event. FULL VIDEO online at youtube. 📽

#youthcentralmedia #community #voicesforchange #sports #dmvcup #baltimorekings

The Student Government Association School of Social Sciences presents Social Sciences Week under the theme "Voices of Change"! We've provided you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and talent as you create beautiful poster boards that display the connection between social sciences and humanitarianism. Submit your teams and teammates names to SGASENATORSOSC@UB.EDU.BS. See flyer above for details. #SGA #StudentLife #VoicesForChange #UB

For those who speak and have yet to speak #voicesforchange #groundswell

Come out and see us at the Williamsburg community center! Right down the street from 2nd Sunday. #colonialfolkart #colonialwilliamsburg #customartwork #voicesforchange #dowhatyoulove

Салбар бүртээ өөр өөрийн өнгө аяс, жимээр өөрчлөлт хийхийн зорин буй залуу манлайлагч эмэгтэйчүүдтэй танилцаж амтат хоол, тухлаг амралт хамгийн гол нь маш үр дүнтэй workshop хамрагдах боломж олгосон Women Leadership Camp-2017 зохион байгуулагчиддаа маш их баярлалаа.
Өнгөрсөн жил гарны хугацаанд Mompreneur ойлголтыг түгээх ээжүүдийг чадавхижуулах, урам зориг өгөх, орлоготой болоход туслах зорилгын хүрээнд хийсэн Ягаан суудал аян, 365 төлөвлөлт дэвтэр, Mum tv show гм ажлуудыг маань талаар ихэнх нь мэдээлэлтэй мэдэж байсан нь манай @ хамт олонд гайхалтай сайхан мэдрэмж бас амжилт байлаа.
Эрх тэгш нийгмийг бүтээх өөрчлөх хүч ээжүүдэд хамгийн их байна, учир бид дараагийн нийгмийг өсгөж хүмүүжүүлэх эрхэм үүрэг хариуцлагатай хүмүүс билээ!
#mompreneurlife #mumngo #voicesforchange #keepdreaming #womenforchange #empoweringwomen

Morning view of Women Leadership Camp-2017!
Хийж буй ажил, зорилгоо мөрөөдлөө эссe болгон бичиж Манлайлагч эмэгтэйчүүдийн зуслан-2017 тэнцэн үeийн 45 бүсгүйчүүдтэй 2 өдрийг цэвэр агаарт шинэ танил, шинэ санаа, боломжууд дунд өнгөрөөж байна!
#mompreneurlife #tereljmountainlodge
#voicesforchange #mumngo

Women Leadership Camp!
Voices for change 💪💪💪
#mompreneurlife #tereljmountainlodge #voicesforchange #365planner

Our hearts are full as we head home from this trip of a lifetime to Santa Barbara. ☀️ We are forever grateful for your support, and we are more fired up than ever to push the important @beautycounter social mission forward ! Thank you all so much, and now let's all pray for our friends and family in Florida as #HurricaneIrma wreaks havoc ... thinking of our happy place of #Naples... 🙏🏻

You might not see me but I'm there.
Over 40 countries represented in the stand to make the sustainable developmental goals more than just a vision. .
#youthassembly2017 #voicesforchange #unitednations

Voices4Change (V4C), a non-governmental organization working to strengthen an enabling environment for gender equality in Nigeria organised a State Movement event which took place at Best Western Hotel, Ikeja on Thursday, 3rd August 2017.

The aim of the event was to strengthen ties between stakeholders within each State as well as the development of a common platform of purple people that are committed to and taking action on gender justice.

The event which discussed the status of gender equality, gender-based violence and the role of Nigerian man encouraged respect among genders for a better tomorrow.

As always, Tequila Nigeria is proud to be part of the huge success of this event!

#VoicesForChange #V4C #TequilaNigeria

Go read about us today! Learn more about our mission and goals and how you can get involved. Link in bio.

#proprevention #voicesforchange #politicalinvolvement #sexeducation

Our website is up and running! Check us out. We'd love to hear your voice and get feedback. Link in bio.

#proprevention #prochoice #prolife #voicesforchange #unitedwestand

Shout out to @danielleclaire_ for her inspiring and timely piece on #themillenialview! You go beautiful!💙💛♥💖💕
#thetribune #millenialsforchange #speakup #voicesforchange #bahamabeauties #bahamas #progresstogether

Help me wish Talented Lakisha Top AKA MC, Singer at Voices for change a happy belated birthday

Performing our original composition Peace song United we stand at last night event @ Safaricom Michael Joseph center #voicesforchange

Rocking K24 studio with world class music #mrphilipkalakala
# mrphilipmusic

Final preparation tools ready for tomorrows #VoicesForChange an #LGBT #YouthFestival #statusqueer the question is are you ready?

Last couple of places left on the coach going from #Havant #Gosport #Fareham to our #VoicesForChange an #LGBT #YouthFestival on Saturday. Text dawn on 07503353636

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