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Guys!! I ❤ to interact with u .. sometimes the time is limited but I try my best!! This APP allows me to send u #voicemessages and even #videochat.. Download it now!!! http://go.getcharly.com/claudiaromani #getcharly #modellife #charity Scaricate Charly Partner per ricevere messaggi vocali e videochiamate!!! Avec cette APP vous pouvez recevoir mes messages et appelles video!! ❤❤❤💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

Those #voicemessages 😂

Very excited and proud of my Emmy-award-winning uncle Martin Zied and his new documentary: Voice Messages! A film that combines singing, science, sociology and more to examine the wonders of our most unique, portable, and potent instrument... our voices! To learn more and to help get the film to the finish line go to www.voicemessagesdocumentary.com @ziedmz #voicemessages #thevoice #voice #humanvoice #documentary

When mum discovered filters #flipcase #onefinger #squat #wechat #voicemessages

Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο! Μουσική και φωνητικά μηνύματα στο ασανσέρ; Γιατί οχι; ↕️🎼🗣✅ #mavridislift #elevator #music #voicemessages

O house

Als je net wilt gaan slapen maar je ontdekt een huge ass madafakka boven je bed en je moet je zus appen voor hulp op afstand 😂😂😂 pies zowat in m'n broek van het lachen 😘 @_j0lien_ #zussenliefde #megadikkespin #voicemessages


Are you tired of getting #collectioncalls or #voicemessages in regards to your debt on your cell phone we do #debtvalidation here contact us today to see how you can save money and put your score up contact us today @yorlenecreditservices

• E fammela una telefonata ogni tanto! • Il passaggio dagli SMS (chi li usa più?!?) ai messaggi vocali fino ai video messaggi (speriamo non si diffondano troppo) è stato rapido ma non necessariamente indolore. Il vocale all’apparenza è la soluzione a tutti i mali, in realtà andrebbe usato con parsimonia perché cela un sacco di "pericoli e rischi", oltre al fatto che al posto di vocali di 5 minuti forse sarebbe meglio 'na telefonata!!!😉 la riflessione del venerdì è sul blog! E ora confessioni: siete registratori folli o moderati? Insomma, quanti vocali mandate al giorno?!? 😜#morgattalosa...buongiorno!

Voice messages 🗣

#RP @peace_love_light 💛 Hahahahaha!!! 😏🙄🤦‍♀️😜 #truth! #myfriendsknow And if you have an android, they will all come in as jumbled paragraphs and you will hate me. - OR I will send you lots of voice recordings through #text. You know- just doing my part to save the thumbs! (You guys can thank @soulblesseddc for that. She created a monster!!) 😂🤦‍♀️ Haha! #texts #voicemessages #voicerecordings #friends #chipeyes #weareamess 😘#savethethumbs #lookout #iwillblowyouup 😈

Recorded Corporate Voice Mail this week for a company in Glasgow.
Your company voice mail/on-hold messages may be the first voice your customers will hear. So it's essential the recordings are professional, informative, warm and welcoming.
Please contact me if you'd like
me to provide that first warm welcome when your clients call. ☎️
www.emmawheelervo.co.uk Or

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