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Quando vedi il mare in un paio di occhi marroni..è la fine..
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✨EMBRACING DIVERSITY✨The theme of the #PhotoVogue #exhibition at the next edition of the Photo #VogueFestival (curated by @alessiaglaviano, @chiaranonino and @maranif) is Embracing Diversity 🙌The scouting launched in March is open until end of July!!! To participate you just have to upload your pictures on PhotoVogue.📸We live in an increasingly interconnected world where, owing especially to social media, there is a growing awareness surrounding the fact that ‘global’ cannot and should not translate – culturally speaking – into a levelling of specificities and individualities in favour of #Western-centred #representational and #aestheticmodels
In order to contrast visual homogenisation and the levelling out of thought, which is the result of the dominant consumeristic logic, we should reclaim diversity, the search for that richness that can only emerge through plurality as it is clearly shown by the strategies implemented by fashion brands, which, now more than ever, address body diversity, multi-culturalism and inclusion.
In particular, what we are witnessing is a renewed desire to welcome, combined with an openness and curiosity towards other cultures, which makes us hope in a more truthful representation of their specificities, away from stereotyped visions that would fuel a distorted and mediated projection of reality – the one determined by the hegemonic affirmation of one culture an another.
It is to the discovery and appreciation of the different aesthetic models within each culture that we wish to dedicate the PhotoVogue exhibition that is being held as part of #PhotoVogueFestival2018👉See more on Vogue.it✨ Thanks to @huaweimobileit main partner of the event at @base_milanoh

NYFW - @vogueaustralia festival and a zillion other things happening with @harveythelabel in the next few months 🙌 and to top it off... blooms from my bestie @carrie.l.panter

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