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"Husband...? Excuse me, uh, but...who's husband ?"

The young man squinted noticeably behind the round frame of his glasses, eyebrows knitted closely together. He had discarded his groceries, the plastic bag that contained them continuing its peaceful life on the small shop's floor.
Visibly taken aback, he gave the woman standing behind the counter a look of mixed confusion and amusement. What /was/ she talking about ? A blush had spread across her cheeks, closely following his reply; perhaps she was recognizing her mistake. After a moment of staged thinking, he straightened up and shrugged with a small breathy laugh, reaching out to pick up his purchases. Obviously, he had been taken for someone else, someone actually married. But he ? Of course not; no rings on either of his fingers. There never had been.

"I, uh...The...the young blond man who acompanied you a few times...? Or, m-maybe I'm thinking of someone else, my apologies !"

There was something in this lady's voice he didn't like at all. Despite her apology and the burning of her cheeks, there was a tone of certainty that inhabited her. She was frowning, now, like lost in her thoughts. Trying to recall. While he, ah...was thoroughly confused.
The kind smile he had put on had begun to slip, and with it, a cold, unpleasant feeling, like the gushing of a wound. A husband. Blond. /His/ husband. Yet, in the few years he had lived, Piko did not remember getting married. Not a trace, not a fragment of an image. And wasn't it the sort of event that marked you, never left you for the rest of your existence ?

There was something absurd in the searches he was making inside his own mind. If the woman was sure he was indeed married, he was sure he was not. He would not have forgotten, not so completely. There were no holes, gaps of a few years, in his memories either. A wedding did not find a place there. Perhaps, yes, in his future, he certainly wished dearly for it. But in his past, no such thing. He would /know/.

"Well, I'm terribly sorry, but that must be the case ! I'm not, and never was, married. Have a nice day !"

(c o n t i n u e d ; 🎐) ⬇⬇⬇

S-seewoo gave me a s-scary present... B-baka!! *cries*
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|| " Wait, what's today's date again?! I-I mean date as in day, n-not THAT kinda date, eheh... " || ( #lenkagamine #kagaminelen #vocaloid #vocaloidrp #vocaloidroleplay )

Want to RP with more Vocaloid muses since it's heavily lacking on Tumblr. Problem is that Ciel is my strongest muse and they're cynical and rude. Sometimes I put a lot of effort into a thread only to face unenthusiastic people who don't match my replies.
Mm, I've thought about setting an RP account on here. Thing is, I tend to write a lot because long replies are easier to work with than one liners for me, and I wrote an in-depth bio to boot. Ciel is complex and bratty, I don't know anyone who'd want to RP with him or even tolerate him. _(┐「ε:)_ I'm super shy but I want to get this out there.

Would there be anyone who'd be interested RPing with this module? Please leave a comment! Or… a like? Comment recommended because a like will confuse me as if you just like this simple scribble.

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I can try to RP or make an account here. I also have Kik, Discord, and Line (I use this a lot).

"God dammit, I thought we agreed I wasn't doing this again. I was really starting to enjoy the blanket of anonymity, too...
Alas, some things are too fucking good to be true." MOD NOTE: ((Alright so this is the official OFFICIAL 'Dell's back' post. Softened as he may be, he still has no social grace.))

's post!
・◦ ° ♪ [17.03.17] ♪ °◦・
✎ [is typing. . .]
c h a r a c t e r i n f o r m a t i o n ✐
enter name; rui kagene
age; 17
date of birth; may 22
siblings; n/a, looking for younger brother rei
sexuality; hetero
languages: english, japanese, korean
status; taken
-by whom; akai (@aqua.lenny)
character species; devil cat
character personality; kind, optimistic, outgoing
-likes; chocolate!, nice people, friends, cats (obviously)
dislikes; rude people, dogs, pickles
- save file? -
[yes] [no]
- saving file... -
- welcome to the game world! -
{hey! i'm back (sorta) from my super long hiatus!! this edit actually took an hour or so, so it'll be a while until i make the other character bios 😩 i'm currently trying out for my honors classes next year so it's a bit busy and i've been feeling a little dead, but it's ok 😤😤 anyways, i'm glad to be back! i missed you guys :( i'm going to go finish my homework now, hopefully i'll be able to work on the others' soon!}
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[character bio hashtag: #ruikagxneocs]


After weeks of slaving away atop of her desk at home, Gumi was finally able to feel the fresh breeze hit her face, blades of grass weave between her toes, arms kissed by the rays of the sun as she raised them up to soak it in. Although she could feel the warming sensation radiate on her skin, there really wasn’t much of it, as Gumi stood in the center of a dim, undulating enclosure. There were trees scattered across the field, hiding the sky with its stalks of branches that rippled slowly in the wind. In the treetops, mockingbirds sung their halcyon tunes for Gumi to hear from below, and glanced up at them, feeling her lips curl up at the sound of it. She had never set foot here once, yet, she already felt right at home. It was so grand, like her own, ecological estate.
There was a whole lot of exploring to do.
And exploring she did. Gumi had wandered through the forest cautiously, stopping upon a steady stream to sit at and dip her feet in for a while, watching the tiny animals swim through what seemed to be heavy currents for them. She had gripped onto boulders that leaned against each other, sitting at the top when she reached it to gaze over a grand view of the woodland biosphere and its creatures, and she had sat on the soft earth for a time, simply taking in the soft sounds of the afternoon. If she honed in hard enough, she could hear the soft patter of a squirrel, scurrying up a tree, or the gentle flaps of a sparrow bird soaring into the air to reach its family. It was enough to make her breath dreamy, another smile drifting onto her lips.

Is typing.... нєу, ℓυкα. ω-ωнαт αяє уσυ ∂σιиg??
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Is typing.... нι тнєяє! ι'м нαтѕυиє мιкυ! ιт'ѕ иι¢є тσ мєєт уσυ! ωнαт'ѕ уσυя иαмє?! -----
• // ~ Admin: If you know the artist/want credits, please let me know! I'm not stealing any art in any way, all of it belongs to it's respectful owners. {Tags}
#HatsuneMiku #Miku #Hatsune #MikuHatsune #Roleplay #Vocaloid #VocaloidRoleplay #MikuVocaloid #Fanart #VocaloidFanart #RunningOutOfTags

Anyone wanna hang out?

Kaito Yamemoto💎
20//23rd October// Scorpio// Bisexual//5,7"//SLEEP FOR DAYZ// memes👏🏻// Kinky but won't admit it// an innocent fluff//Submissive//Has a kink of putting feet on cars// Loves Vocaloid// lazy slob// when he has to do something he does it properly// Can be serious// hides his easily triggered jealousy// Lonely// needs friends// and a life//Lit Roleplayer//Japanese/American// @bxddest.female is my older sister💗
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〔 AU : set in the the gunslinger's world in the book series "The Dark Tower" by King. Bears no link with Piko's story or its chronology / is entirely separate from everything else I wrote for him. There's some specific vocabulary but it should be understandable in context. 〕

It was a hot day in Calla Toke Yot and sai Piko Utatane decided he hated it from the moment he awoke.

The sun had first shone into his face in a more than intrusive manor through the thin linene curtains that barred his windows inefficiently. Opening his eyes had meant gazing right into the bright, white light, and frankly, fuck that and fuck the morning. This sai was one who would sleep in all day if he was allowed to, say thankya, may it do him fine. But he was not, never was and most likely never would be, so get on your feet and move it !

That is what he did, pale face wearing the slightly bitter and definitely weary look it wore everyday. He had to work, and some work it was ! The most hated in the world, both by those exterior to it and, to a certain extent, those who did the dirty labour themselves, too. Prosecuting was his, and in his mind it had always been an all mighty fine one. Bringing the wrongdoers that plagued the world to their rightful end ! Riding it of murderers and rapists and thieves, tossing them in a cell if it does ya or, in the more extreme cases, handin' them the noose. Some work, some work ! All for the well-being of the people, for the better of the town. A honourable one, he told people, certainly a honourable job, begging them to hear him and hear him well. But in the end there was nothing he could say, and despite the fire burning inside, despite the well-woven sentences in his mind, ready to be spoken, he stopped fuming and shut up almost as quickly as he had started.

Prosecuting was a fine job (hear me, hear me I beg !), but the crowds, the stinking, poor crowds who couldn't read and couldn't write and couldn't ken a single thing, found it just a little too close to lawyering for comfort. For th' sai mayhap be on th' side of the White and the Good and th' Man Jesus (say amen, say thankya), but hear me, ain't he jus' a dirty lawyer still ?

《 B i o g r a p h y 》

【 basics; 】

Full Name:  Kiyoteru 'Twiright' Hiyama

Age: 22

Birthday: December 4th, 1994

Sexual Orientation: Homoromantic Demisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Literature Teacher / Hacker

Nationality: Japanese

【 background; 】

Place of Birth: Osaka, JP

Hometown: Kyoto, JP

【 physical; 】

Face Shape: Angular jaw, soft cheeks and chin ⠀

Eye Color: Stone grey

Hair Color: Black, with dark brown reflections in the sun

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 59 kgs

Tattoos, Birthmarks, Scars, etc:  Brown, stain-like birthmark on his left shoulderblade, beauty spots and light freckles all over his body

【 relationships; 】 ⠀ ⠀

Ex-Significant Other(s): None.

Reason for Separation: (...)

Current Significant Other: {RESERVED} ⠀

【 personality; 】

Positive Traits:

— Quiet (?)
— Understanding
— Caring
—  Intelligent

Negative Traits:

— Occasionally /too/ quiet
— Secretive
— Can get rather bad tempered
— Provocative

【 misc; 】 ⠀ ⠀

Hobbies: writing poetry, reading novels, creating/mendling with computer software

Pets: A small russian hamster named Eiji

Habits: Scratching his neck, pulling at scabs, nibbling the skin of his hands when anxious, getting ink all over them, frowning


Kiyoteru is known by the public eyes as the english literature teacher of the local middle school. A calm and collected man, he is patient with his students and a generally much appreciated mentor to them. He gives smiles freely and acts as a cool breeze in a school full of anxious and panicky teachers, and rough kids. However, he himself gets easily stressed out, no matter how well he hides it. He's skilled at hiding his feelings and masquerading them into something else. He can be victim to outbursts of violent anger, though. The skilled teacher side of him isn't all he possessed, though; he is better known in the underground world, as the hacker codenamed SAHS-40713, 'Twiright'.

[ . . . ]

Are we having a staring contest or just a very intense bonding moment? The world may never know.

What if I ever received a Chinese voicebank like Longya?
cr-? from bilibili

He's the cutest thing? Look at this boy!


⠀⠀⠀『 B a s i c s 』

⠀⠀💙 ♪ Full Name | Kaito, no surname
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Age | 22
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Gender | Male
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Birthdate | February 17th

⠀⠀『 R e l a t i o n s 』

⠀⠀💙 ♪ Family | [/ tagged ; top right. ] if you would like to be his sibling, comment! (Must be a derivative of Kaito)
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Friends | [/ tagged ; bottom left ] if you would like to be his friend, comment!
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Relationship | [/ tagged ; middle ]

⠀⠀⠀『 A p p e a r a n c e 』

⠀⠀💙 ♪ Eye Color | blue
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Hair Color | blue
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Hairstyle | usually slightly messy and fluffy, no longer than his chin
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Skin Tone | fair
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Height | 6'0"
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Weight | 150lbs

⠀⠀⠀『 P e r s o n a l i t y 』

⠀⠀💙 ♪ Likes | ice cream (any flavor), kittens, knitting, warm spaces, the color blue, playing his piano, cooking, cuddling, lullabies
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Dislikes | too hot weather, being alone for long periods of time, heights, being forced to sing high notes

⠀⠀💙 ♪ Insecurities | his voice when used at a high pitch, his fears
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Confident of | his singing, his appearance, his pianist skills
⠀⠀💙 ♪ Fears | athazagoraphobia, acrophobia, atychiphobia

☆『 E n d 』☆

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