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🎤 Singing: unknown
🎵 Song: How do i live
🎼 By: LeAnn Rimes
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#singing #covers #music #vocals

I fiiiiiinally managed to record a new cover yaaayy🙈😂 I'm so sorry guys! I know I'm very inactive rn but I have my graduation tests the following weeks. So you can imagine how busy I am with studying-.- So just be a bit patient! It'll be all over soon and then I will post more❤ Hope you understand that! Here's 🎶happier by @teddysphotos 🎶 I love his new album so much!! What's your favorite song of it?? Tag someone who would like to hear this😊 love you guys❤

Long nights of studying call for some music breaks to jam to some good old 1D throwbacks #vocalhits @dailysingoff #dailysingoff

Can't Help Falling In Love•• @elvispresley ❤️ this song is beautiful so I put my own twist on it with the guitar to make it my own! Please tag @crazygoodvoices.1 @trending @dailysingoff 😊 (also I realize right now from my feed it looks like have about 2 shirts but I just forgot I already wore this one in a video 😂)

[1/3] "Hard Times" by @paramore
Vocals: @claritymodel
Guitar & Vocals: @drewchestermusic

🎤 Singing: @vivian_hicks_sings
🎵 Song: Rise
🎼 By: Katy Perry
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#vocalhits // tag or dm me videos
#singing #covers #music #vocals

Hey guys❤❤ fiiiiiinally I was able to record a new cover!! I am really really sorry that I took such a long break and that I kept you waiting for so long...but I had so much stuff going on in my personal life🙊 as you know I got my wisdom teeth removed so that's why I couldn't record in the first place... but yeah this break felt so good tho! Anyway, I missed you guys so much!! Thanks for everyone who stayed and waited!! I made a NEW MASHUP and mixed up several songs by @teddysphotos because he's absolutely my fav singer atm!! Can you name all the songs??? I managed to put in 8 although the last one got cut out I think..
Anyway, wow this text got longer then I thought😅 Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who stayed! I love you❤❤


Long time no see? Here's Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus~~ one of my favorite covers I've ever done! 🌀🦋💙 #singersongwriter #crazygoodvoices #giftedvoices #vocalhits #vocalposts #starsuncovered @stars.uncovered

Oceans•• @hillsong 🌊 I've done this song before awhile ago, but here's a new version because it's requested A LOT! Comment down below if I should do a full cover on YouTube ❤️ tag @crazygoodvoices.1 @hillsong :)

😑🖕 #instagram

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