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From this morning attempt-to-run.

Another quiet corner.

The route less travelled.

Urban life.

Random views from the brisk walk.


Lotus focused. Thinking of lo mai gai and lotus root chips. My brain associates things with foods on top of everything else πŸ˜‚

Random shots from this morning fun run followed by a mandatory piccolo from One Man Coffee. Couldn't find any better way to slowly start wrapping up September.

Hello, September !

After a long 10-week pause.

On the way back home. Well-fed, happy belly πŸ˜€

Walking along the Casuarina to wrap up our morning exercise wiiiiiith .. Paper Masala Dosai + Chicken, Cheese, Mushroom Murtabak.

Back to our favorite park - Part II

Back to our favorite park - Part I.

Felt like a recreational run in an orchard as we came across trees of : dragon fruits, mangoes, kluwih, an unindentified fruit, tamarind, cashew, inedible mushroom .. and best part was : secretly foraging 2 pieces of pandan leaves for cooking later ... psssst .. don't tell anyone (I'm just a human who couldn't resist temptation, ok πŸ˜‚)

Started a bit too late this morning, and the sun felt burning and glaring. Hence, less run but more photos πŸ˜‚

Random views from this morning walk - North part.

Random views from this morning walk - South part.

Random view from this morning walk.

Random views from this morning walk.

Saturday morning in my view.

The unplanned destination. The wrap of the brisk walk.

Bambi 🦌

Random views from the brisk walk.

Urban life.

The route less travelled.

Another quiet corner.

From this morning attempt-to-run.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

H2O Residence by the H2O .. (I know it's lame .. sue me 😜)

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