Another impromptu plan shifting. Walking 3.7km in 2.6 hours wearing improper shoes is not advisable. But the good side is, we burnt our dimsum calories, especially in this heat and humidity 😂

Saturday morning leisure walk with @rita_lee_jz and @kurozz

Success is not a destination, it’s the journey itself.

Running plan turning to brisk walk plan, which in the end turning into a leisure walk and a trip to a nursery and food market. Healthy mind and soul is as much needed as healthy body, no?

Saturday morning well-spent.

Just like that, March is almost gone. Easter is here, when the last Christmas is still vivid in my memory. Happy Saturday. Have a blessed Easter.

Back to our favorite park @bettycakra @kurozz

In all things, give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Rise & shine ☀️

Some of the distractions from this morning jog.

Jog Notes :
01-04 : From the Theurapetic Garden
05: on the way to get the reward : Soi 19 noodle
06 : ultimate goal. so far the best noodle in Sg, cause it is the closest to those taste of home’s
07 : treasure hunt

From the first lap of this morning walk.

From the last lap of this morning walk.

Today’s visit : took 30 minutes to get there. 30 minutes to walk/run, 30 minutes to get back, 30 minutes lunch, 30 minutes groceries shopping 😂 Spent “accessories” timing more than the main purpose itself. But it’s not just the destination, the journey counts too, especially if it’s enjoyable.

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