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#throwback #vlmdemojapantour DVD良かった〜

@yuungfern getting a few tricks in from our last #VLMDemoJapanTour. Filmed by @mikemastroni #bmx #demolitionparts

Volume & demolition Japan tour
🚲@yuungfern 📷@hikarufunyu
#bmx #vlmdemojapantour #hiddenbmx

@krisfoxbmx absolutely owning a prefab bowl somewhere in Japan during our #VLMDemoJapanTour #bmx #demolitionparts filmed by @mikemastroni

More @brocafloka extras, this time from our Japan trip earlier this year. 🎥 @mikemastroni #vlmdemojapantour #bmx #volumebikes

Had the best Sushi in Toyama JPN when we were on #vlmdemojapantour . Thanks Toyama locals and Rie @motocrossinternational for taking us there !! #toyamatuesday 🍣

One hell of a griz by the man @krisfoxbmx as seen in our recent #RollsHub ad.shor by @jcobbs during #vlmdemojapantour

@dennisenarson has a dope photo gallery up from the #vlmdemojapantour trip over on demolitionparts.com ft our boys @brocafloka and @rabanimal. Check dar. #bmx #volumebikes

TMs and lil' monkey @tylerfernengel #tbt #vlmdemojapantour

We know saying, “THE LAST CASSETTE HUB YOU’LL NEED TO BUY” is a big statement but we back the #Rollshub so much that we have no problems saying that.
• Switch Drive System (SDS) allows the 1-pc driver to easily flip pawls from RHD to LHD
• 14mm heat-treated axle w/ allen insert (also available w/ male into female axle) for easy removal. • 2 large sealed bearings (#6902) in the 6061 T6 shell. • Polymer bushing sleeve in the driver that will never blow-out, guaranteed!
@krisfoxbmx approved.
*Photo: @krisfoxbmx with one hell of a grizz air while on our last Japan trip #vlmdemojapantour Check out more info on the Rolls hub at demolitionparts.com
Photo by @jcobbs

Grizz air in Japan during the #vlmdemojapantour last month. This little bowl was so much fun! Photo by @jcobbs. | 👍🇯🇵 | #bmx #demolitionparts

Just dropped a rad photo gallery shot by @dennisenarson while he was on our #vlmdemojapantour. Check it out at demolitionparts.com. #bmx #demolitionparts

Another one from the Volume X Demlotion Japan Tour. How it is possible to get in this position from a double peg stall is beyond me. @brocafloka might be an alien. Hit the internet to watch this video if you haven't already. #vlmdemojapantour #bmx #volumebikes @motocrossinternational -@mikemastroni

#vlmdemojapantour video is live over at volumebikes.com! Here's a sample featuring @rabanimal doing what he does best...smiles and x-up grinds. -@mikemastroni #bmx #volumebikes

Everyone go check out the #vlmdemojapantour edit NOW! @dennisenarson @connor_lodes @krisfoxbmx @rabanimal @tylerfernengel all killed it in Japan and couldn't have asked for a better group of homies to be there with! Thanks again to @MotocrossInternational and Sho for showing us around their great country! Also, shoutout to @mikemastroni for killing it behind the lens! #ridaz #ridebmx #bmx #bestdudes

@volumebikes X @demolitionparts Japan video I did is now live on Volume & Demolition sites. Here's a snippet of @tylerfernengel and @connor_lodes doing their thing. #bmx #vlmdemojapantour

@brocafloka shittin on em in the new #vlmdemojapantour Video. Check that out now if you haven't yet! 🎥 @mikemastroni #bmx #volumebikes

Head over to demolitionparts.com and check out the @volumebikes X @demolitionparts Japan video if you haven't seen it already. #vlmdemojapantour

Be sure to check out the #vlmdemojapantour X @motocrossinternational edit that just dropped online at demolitionparts.com. #bmx #demolitionparts

If you haven't seen @dennisenarson kill it in Japan yet, head over to demolitionparts.com and check out the full edit now!!

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