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По-приморски мощно раздали в Москве на Fatality Fest 2016
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Снимаем тут с пацанами кое что интересное. Спасибо @xpankoffx Скоро все подробности #uhf #vlhc #luminousaluminium

SOMOS DELARUA, MAS VOCÊ NÃO!!! #Repost @jaahpa
Vai segurando ! #dpr #vlhc #delaruacrew

#DPR #VLHC mãos para o alto, não é cena de cinema

Rolê das antigas! #vlhc #doprotestoaresistencia

В говнище нажрались с @bronson_julia , с тобой пиздато пить!😂❤ но я нихуя не помню,что было после второй стопашки текилы😂 #vlhc #bashka #uhf #killfish #синькачмо качество съемки на высоте

Poeta, artista , delinquente ou terrorista? #dprcrew #delaruacrew #vlhc

It's not an exaggeration when we say Chiropractic is for everyBODY.
A clear nerve system allows babies to rest, digest, heal, and grow.
Vital Life is honored to serve your entire family!
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You never know what messages you'll find in the doctors' office, but they'll always be worth reading 😊

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When you remove the interference, you bring ease to the system. When the system is at ease, the body knows what to do. Congrats to this new momma!
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Снимаем тут с пацанами кое что интересное. Спасибо @xpankoffx Скоро все подробности #uhf #vlhc #luminousaluminium

This is Ms. Jones. In 2009, she had a severe MRSA infection that invaded her spine, brain, and many other parts of her body. She had surgery to drain the infection and has had countless repercussions from the disease since then. She has been in tremendous pain since her fight and thought that she would have to live in pain for the rest of her life. After only two adjustments, she reports that her life has completely changed. She has almost no pain, has drastically decreased her pain medications, lost weight, and feels more clear in her mind. She has begun writing again, which she hasn't done in years. Her memory is better, and she feels she is walking with strength and confidence for the first time since the infection. We can't wait to see what other changes are in store as we continue this journey with her!
How will Vital Life help you change your life? Call us to find out! 678-331-4500

Today we welcomed a new member to the VLHC team! Britni is a dynamic student intern set to graduate in September from Life University with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. We are thrilled she opted to join us!

It might be ☔️ in the ATL, but our hearts are warm and fuzzy. What an honor to serve entire families!

We had a great screening at the Grant Park Farmers Market!

Trampo cicatrizado, feito a mais ou menos 2 meses atrás!
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This little guy is off to a great start in life!
Kudos to his mom for recognizing the importance of keeping his nerve system free of interference so he can adapt, grow, and flourish.
Has your child's nervous system been checked? If not, we're here to serve exceptional pediatric care to your little ones, too!

Join us Thursday for Dinner With The Docs!

Per your request, we're moving our free yoga class #FreeingFriday to noon starting this week!

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