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Final edits - technical difficulties. Had to delete and repost. #viw17 #viw_grids

This creative process is tricky business! Finally some ideas kicked in as I selected my photos, and the re-selected other photos. Here's my unedited grid for #viw17 #viw_grids #viw17_locations #viw_amhbookishgirl

"On the darker side.."
And here is my 2nd grid of edits from the #viw16 walk. I'm sure I will be editing photos from this trip for a little while... there are so many :)

"Walkin in Memphis"
So here is my first grid of edits fron our cold but fun adventure during the #viw16. I really enjoyed it :)

#viw16 #viw16_grid #viw16_blackjaic Final grid!

Here it is -- my final edited grid of all the pictures I took for #viw15. If you haven't done a virtual instawalk, I highly recommend it. It's such a great way to find new/interesting things to photograph as well as meet other instagrammers. Be on the lookout for the next virtual instawalk. Again I say thanks to the hosts @yoncie and @rmsherwood. They were so supportive and enthusiastic in the comments they left on my posts. #viw15_cmantei #viw_grids

Here's my finished edited #viw15 grid. Hosted by the wonderful @rmsherwood and @yoncie Again thank both a bunch for being supportive and for the opportunity to do this. I had loads of fun :) #viw15_juliebean420 #viw15_grids #viw_grids (please let me know if I'm missing any tags or anything)

Here is my finished edits grid for Virtual Instawalk 14, hosted by the wonderful @chik_pea Thank you for this opportunity, it was super fun! #viw14 #viw14_juliebean420 #viw_grids #collage

This is my grid of 16 unedited shots for the Virtual Instawalk hosted by the wonderful @chik_pea I live in Philadelphia but hardly get a chance to get down to Center City. My husband and I went down on 4th of July and had a blast. So we decided to go down again this pay Sunday the 8th. We were pressed for time so I feel w didn't get much but what w did get, I'm happy with. I can't wait to begin the editing process. If I have the tine I'm also planning on doing another set dedicated to my #detailsseries hope you guys enjoy! #viw14 #viw_grids #viw14_juliebean420 @chik_pea

This photo is available in my Instacanvas gallery at: http://instacanv.as/aubree42

My grid for #viw14 (virtual instawalk number 14). I took my walk in #sanantonio #texas at and around the downtown #pearlbrewery. The Pearl is no longer brewing beer, but has been given a new lease on life as a culinary and cultural center. It is a great place to eat, shop, work, and live along the banks of the San Antonio River.

I had lots of fun traipsing up and down the hills of Providence's East Side for @chik_pea Virtual Instawalk #viw_grids . I've worked on the East Side for 20 years now. I'm finally finding time to enjoy the beauty, history, and quirkiness of a place I spend so much time! Some of the houses date to the 1800's! I can't wait to start editing!!

My unedited photo grid for #viw_grids #viw14_momfrantz hosted by @chik_pea I spent my Virtual Instawalk 14 going through plant and pond nurseries with my husband. We're seeking inspiration for our backyard and looking for end of season bargains!!