Hello :))
At the first sight, where I‘ve been seeing her blouse in her story, I felt in love with it😍!
Actually I planned to post some different things today, but I just had to search quickly if this blouse is from @topshop, because it‘s so beautiful! - and yes it is! :D
It’s called >>Spot Frill Blouse<< ( in German >>Gerüschte Bluse Mit Punkten<< ) and costs 40€ in the online shop from @topshop.
It’s in SALE right now, which means it costs 26€ at the moment :D
~https://m.de.topshop.com/de/tsde/produkt/gerüschte-bluse-mit-punkten-7436895 (🇩🇪) {product code: 13G23NBLK}
I wish you a lovely weekend like Vivi already did! <3

These are Vivi‘s earrings which she wore at Triinu‘s wedding (which was perfect! 😍)
They are from @sifjakobsjewellery and she bought them at @korkeilahelsinki .
Unfortunately I couldn’t find them at the online shop from Sif Jakobs, but I found this model at other online shops.
They‘re named >>'Simeri Due Piccolo' Ear Jackets<< and cost around 189£ -> 215,10€.
e.g. ~ https://www.christophergeorgejewellers.co.uk/product/earrings-simeri-due-piccolo-18k-rose-gold-plated-with-white-zirconia/ (🇬🇧)
I don’t know if her earrings are silver, gold or rose gold (because of the filter on the pictures), but I guess they’re rose gold ;)
Have a nice day and enjoy watching the WM! ⚽️
I‘m pretty sure that Germany will make it in the next games 💪🏼🇩🇪! :)) #staypositive


Hey friends 🙌🏼
@vivianner.lockscreen told me recently that the top Vivi is wearing here can’t be the top from @hm , which I posted months ago. Thanks to you babe! <3
It doesn’t fit the same at the waist as Vivi‘s. So I searched and found this top from @brandymelvilleusa.
It looks the same and is more accented at the waist than the top from @hm.
(❗️Actually the fit depends on the size! I‘m not sure if this top is from @hm or @brandymelvilleusa or maybe even from another brand 🤷🏻‍♀️❗️)
It’s called >>Joanne Tank<< and cost 14$. (11,93€)
Unfortunately not available in the online shop or stores anymore (not even in the usa) , that’s why I couldn’t find the price in euro. >< I hope you started this week nice and btw I‘m still not over Triinu‘s fairytale wedding 👰🏼😍! It was just perfect perfect perfect, for real everything was perfect!
Lots of love xx

! S I M I L A R !
Hey friends :)
Thanks to @seattle.0802 for showing me the similar bathrobe ! Vivi wears one from the hotel on Ibiza ,where they were at Triinus Hen.
This one is actually just from @hm which looks exactly the same ;)
>>Waffled dressing gown<< in white for 29,99€ / £24,99 which is sold out at the moment :/
~ http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0346942013.html (🇬🇧)
~ http://m.hm.com/de/product/37323?article=37323-C (🇩🇪)
Sorry for not posting anything in the last 2 weeks :(
I have this photo/post since some days, but never had the time to post it and write the comment 🙈
Hope you had a wonderful day! Don‘t worry it’s soon weekend again wuhuu :))

Good evening <3
This here is Vivi‘s jeans from @monki :)
She tagged Monki in one of her last posts (actually some weeks ago, oops) - swipe - and I think I‘ve seen it on other pictures of her too because I can remember that I saw her jeans and thought : Hey, I think they’re from Monki ! - Actually I never followed this thought, but now I have the post for you :)) (super interesting story btw haha)
This jeans is called >>Moop jeans<< and has the color ‚Washed Black‘.
You can find it in the onlineshop from @monki for 40€.
~ https://www.monki.com/en_eur/clothing/jeans/product.moop-jeans-black.0613855001.html
I wanted to thank you all again for all the lovely messages and the whole support❤️
I‘m so glad you like my page! & I‘m so glad Vivi likes my page too! Thanks for the two likes (of course also the other ones) you gave me yesterday babe ;) Lots of love

So, because @asti0701 asked me where Vivi’s shoulder strap for her Olympus Pen is from I’ve searched a bit and found it on Amazon and the Olympus Onlineshop.
It’s called >>Shoulder Strap LC Leather Collection<< and Vivi got the color „Just Nude“.
Originally it costs 27,90€ / ~ https://shop.olympus.eu/de_DE/kameras/zubehoer/schultergurt-lc-die-leder-kollektion (🇩🇪) , but I found it at Amazon for 25,41€ / ~ https://www.amazon.de/Olympus-Schulterriemen-Black-like-Dress/dp/B019C9E564 (🇩🇪)
Have a good day and a good start in the new week ;)
©️of the right picture (3rd one when you swipe) is from the blog Bang On Style (@bangonstyle)

hey guys :)
I recognized the product from Bioderma immediately because I‘m using a cream from Bioderma too ;)
Vivi used one at a shooting with Mia.
It’s really hard to read the name of the cream, because when you zoom in , the whole photo gets unclear 🙄- but I guess it’s the >>Atoderm Nutritive<< cream for 9,54€ at amazon.
~ https://www.amazon.de/Bioderma-Atoderm-Nutritive-Creme-40/dp/B007BH2KIK (🇩🇪)
You can buy it in Germany at a chemist‘s shop/pharmacy (idk which word is common 🤷🏻‍♀️) for I think around 15€.
Have good night and sleep well!

Have you ever scrolled trough Vivi‘s Instagram and asked yourself: How does she get so gorgeous hair?!!
Well, me too! 😂
I totally forgot that I screenshoted some comments months ago, where she answered people which shampoos she is using 🤦🏻‍♀️ #typicalme
She said she is using Neccin from Grazette of Sweden and Bio+ from Curtis.
There are 3 different Shampoo types from the Neccin collection: Dandruff Treatment, Sensitive Balance and Dandruff Protector.
They cost around 15€.
I found for example the Dandruff Protector for 9,57€ at amazon. (250ml)
~ https://www.amazon.de/Grazette-Neccin-Shampoo-No-250ml/dp/B00LMEGRC8 (🇩🇪)
The Bio+ collection from curtis is larger, I found 7 different shampoos :))
The >>Active shampoo/Dandruff Control<< costs 11,50€ in the curtis online shop (the others as well).
~ https://www.cutrin.lt/en/shampoo/8-cutrin-bio-active-shampoo.html#/size-200_ml
I hope I could help some of you ;))
Happy 1st of May btw 🙌🏼❤️
Enjoy your free evening in Germany:)

This is Vivi‘s new (I guess it’s new, haven’t seen it before the post with Vilppu ;) ) leather jacket >>Collard Jacket<< from @samsoesamsoe in the @nellycom onlineshop for 578,95€.
~ https://nelly.de/de/kleidung-f%C3%BCr-frauen/kleidung/jacken/samse-samse-803/collard-jacket-804570-0426/ (🇩🇪)

hi babes 🙌🏼
I found two similar crop tops :D
They are both from @brandymelvilleusa
The first one is named >>Ellery Top<< and costs 19€ in the German onlineshop.
The second one is named >>Ashlyn Top<< for 18€ in German onlineshop.
Hope you had a great and sunny weekend! 🌞

Vivi was out yesterday celebrating Triinu‘s birthday ( happy birthday again <3 ) and beside that (their outfits were on point !!)
I recognized Vivi‘s bag 😍
It looks to me like the >>ROCKSTUD SPIKE MEDIUM CHAIN BAG<< from @maisonvalentino for 1.890€ (1.785£). The model number is : PW2B0122VLL 0NO
I‘m not sure if this her model or maybe even just a similar bag to the Valentino ones 🤷🏻‍♀️
~ https://www.valentino.com/gb/shoulder-bag_cod45385626cc.html (🇬🇧)
~ https://www.valentino.com/de/schultertasche_cod45385626cc.html (🇩🇪)
Have a wonderful evening! ❤️

Hello hello 👋🏼 In case someone of you needs some new sandals for spring ;)
These are/were Vivis sandals from @vagabondshoemakers .
I haven’t seen them on her the last time, but they’re available again and in sale now!! >>DIOON Black Leather Sandals<<
for 89,95€, now for 64€!
They’re also available in white and gold :D
~ https://www.vagabond.com/de/DIOON-3947-701-20 (🇩🇪)
Have a good night and sleep well! <3
- I got her snap from the page of @hapahaberc <3 The 2nd photo is an old post from my page ;)

Good day 👋🏼
Vivi tagged @urbanoutfitters in her last Instagram post recently and I found this @levis jeans in their online shop.
I can’t tell 💯 if this is actually her model, but it looks the same ;)
>>High-Rise-Jeans „Wedgie“<< in black for 115€. ~ https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/de-de/shop/levis-wedgie-black-high-rise-straight-leg-jeans

Hello 🙋🏽‍♀️
The photo is soo damn cute! 😍🐕 I’m still not over it :))
Vivi is wearing the >>"Friendship" Silk Twill Scarf<< from @cycladesltd for 223,03€. ~ https://cyclades.shop/collections/frontpage/products/cyclades-silk-twill-scarf-90-x-90-cm
Enjoy your Sunday! ❤️

Finally we all know where Vivi‘s leather jacket is from! I‘ve been asking this since I‘ve seen her jacket on a post some years ago :))
So yeah, I asked her and she has respond to me ;)
It’s from @zara , but because she bought it years ago it’s unfortunately not available anymore in Zara Shops/Onlineshops. I guess the photo I chose shows her leather jacket, at least it looks like hers :)) Actually it was difficult to find a price for her jacket.. I found some different and the average price should be between 80€ and 130€. I have to say that my leather jacket from @zara has cost around 150€.
Here at polyvore.com it’s named >>Zara Oversize Biker Jacket With Lapels<<.
~ https://www.polyvore.com/zara_oversize_biker_jacket_with/thing?id=85813764
Have a great day!<3

Hey 🤙🏼
At the moment I‘m really under pressure and I just can’t search clothes she doesn’t tag in the photos :)
The sunglasses from @dolcegabbana were actually one of the first things I searched for when I started the page, but unfortunately I never have seen these exactly somewhere :(
Because she posted another photo from that day again I thought, why shouldn’t you post it? So yeah, here it is :))
Maybe some of you are interested in it!
I wish you a fabulous week!

Hey babes 💕
Thanks a lot to @viviannerupdates for telling me where her Bikini Top is from!
As you can see it’s the >>LACE BIKINI TOP<< from @oasisfashion , or in German >>BIKINITOP MIT SPITZE<<.
I found it for 26€ in the German onlineshop, but unfortunately it’s sold out.
~ http://www.oasis-stores.com/gb/clothing/swimwear/lace-bikini-top/061263.html?cgid=swimwear&position=10&dwvar_061263_color=01 (🇬🇧)
~ http://www.oasis-stores.com/de/de/kleidung/bademode/bikinitop-mit-spitze/061263.html?cgid=swimwear&position=10&dwvar_061263_color=01#&;start=10&categoryID=swimwear (🇩🇪)

Hi! :)
Vivi was the makeup artist on a shoot for @qpmag recently in LA and because of some Storys they posted from there I could find the lip palette she was using 😉
I guess it’s the >>BBU Pro Lip Palette<< from @bobbibrown for 250€ - in the GERMAN online shop/store, BUT in the UK or USA it costs around 180€ - 215€.
~ https://m.bobbibrown.de/product/13996/52409/paletten-und-sets/bbu-pro-lip-palette/endlich-zuruck (🇩🇪) #vivianner#viviannersstyle#vivianneraudsepp#bobbibrown

Hey 👋🏼 This is the most similar blouse to Vivi’s on the photo which I could find in the @andotherstories online shop at the moment. >>Straight Fit Silk Shirt<< for 79€.
I think hers is one on the following photos -> swipe :) , because it’s not a totally new one.
~ https://www.stories.com/de/Ready-to-wear/Blouses_shirts/Blouses/Straight_Fit_Silk_Shirt/154173328-0214614016.2#dialog

Ps. The blouses on the other photos are not available anymore ;)

Hello :)
Finally I got the time to post something 🙏🏼
Vivi posted the @maccosmetics >>EYE SHADOW X 15: IN THE BUFF SET<< some days ago and I searched immediately for it 😉, but this week is so chaotic at the moment, so I hadn’t time to post anything 🙄
I found it at some onlineshops for around 50€.
~ http://uk.worlddutyfree.com/ukm_en/mac-in-the-buff-set.html (🇬🇧) 47,96€
~ https://www.theloop.ie/p/19453/eye-shadow-x-15-in-the-buff 50,55€

And omg she is so gorgeous! I mean her eyes 😍

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