•Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive•
New lockscreen for you. Sorry for being so inactiv but I am ill since wednesday and ugh i literally slept the last 4 days 20 hour every day 😂
hope you're all doing better than me and you're all having an amazing weekend <3
#vivianner #lockscreen #viviannerlockscreen

Hello 👋🏼 • Vivi wants to buy (or maybe even already has) new running shoes, but I haven’t post the old ones yet, so here they are ;)
>>Nike Free RN 2017<< originally cost 110€.
Nike is just selling the black and beige (2nd photo) version at their online store and unfortunately not the grey ones that Vivi has :(
~ https://www.nike.com/de/t/free-rn-2017-laufschuh-4gjNLH (🇩🇪)
If you want to buy the exact same pair you can search the name of the model and just add grey at the end, then you’ll find a few websites that are selling them for around 70€. However I don’t know if you can trust these websites 🤷🏻‍♀️
Maybe you can find them in a Nike store or somewhere else :)
Have a great night and sleep well! <3

•Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art•
hope y'all had a good day so far:)
the autumn weather is amazing atm and i love all those colours so so much!
Have an amazing week babes! <3
#vivianner #lockscreen #viviannerlockscreen

And you are beautiful the way you are 💗 #vivianner #vivianneraudsepp #viviannermakeup #viviannercrew

•walk towards the good in life and one day you will arrive•
So for all of you who are awake.. there's a lockscreen for you!:) Hope y'all like it!
Have an amazing weekend everyone! <3
#vivianner #lockscreen #viviannerlockscreen

Weekend is almost here, but you don’t have to wait for a new post from me :))
This is the last @izabel_london post (took me way too long btw haha) and I think it’s also my favourite outfit from Izabel ;)
It‘s the >>BLACK FLORAL CAMI JUMPSUIT<< for 35£ -> 39,82€.
~https://www.izabel.com/products/js140501uk (🇬🇧)
Vivi looks gorgeous in it and we already had the opportunity to see it in her story and on her Instagram.
Have a nice evening, I’ll go to the kitchen now and eat some Indian food :)

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