Hi babes ;)
I’m sorry that I haven’t post anything in the past month, but I was on vacation and I didn’t want to put myself under pressure..
I hope you understand that <3
So, I found this one a few days ago :)
This is Vivi‘s >>Contrasting Pleated Blouse<< (9479/064) from Zara which she wears as a dress.
You can buy it for 39,95€ in their onlineshop ~ https://www.zara.com/de/de/plissierte-bluse-p09479064.html (🇩🇪)
I hope you had ,or still have, wonderful holidays and I wish you all a good evening! ;)
xx viviannersstyle

Casual Fridays.
Shooting for @londonw11cashmere featuring the beautiful @vivianner

A few more pics💕 #vivianneraudsepp #vivianner

have an amazing eveninh everyone ♥️
hope your day has been a good one:)
#vivianner #lockscreen #viviannerlockscreen

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