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Mi cumpleaños es mañana pero me lo celebré hoy🎉🎉

Los países libres levantan Monumentos a sus Revoluciones .
#mexico #viajandoando #vivaprlibre #paisencrisis #fotocallejera

Salimos de #Oro!!! #LaPerla #VivaPRLibre

Auditoría de la deuda colonial. Yo no dije si, yo no escogí,yo no sé que se cobra ahí... auditoría ya! #vivaprlibre

Con el @artesanodelaimpro en Ponce celebrando el natalicio de Don Pedro Albizu Campos !! #lec #artesanodelaimpro #vivaprlibre

Invitación para disfrutar poesía y abundar en política. #Yauco #JuanDalmau #PIP #nirojoniazul #vivaprlibre

Cuando aparece la bandera de lares en un bar random en texas. #lares #vivaprlibre


Streets of our San Juan #vivaPRlibre

Auditoría de la deuda colonial. Yo no dije si, yo no escogí,yo no sé que se cobra ahí... auditoría ya! #vivaprlibre

Today I'm not only physically but mentally exhausted. Yeah you do all you can do but is it enough? Can you do more? With Puerto Rico you see, once most of us move out here we tend to get comfortable, watch the news, shake our heads in disapproval,go about our lives and that's it. We create our own Puerto Rico in the city we live in because there are so many of us and forget about our actual Puerto Rico.
Yesterday one of the member's of UPB while we were waiting to march asked a young man behind us if he would like Puerto Rico to be independent he said of course, then he stood silent took it back and said a state because now that he thinks about it so many of "us" are on government assistance how would we survive... This is the fear that colonization have implanted on our people! Not only fear but such lack of self determination that without the US we can't do anything.
Guess what the US have been all up on our shit for 119 years and look at us. A doctor a day leaves Puerto Rico, dozens of Puerto Ricans daily leave to move to Orlando and our youth get their education but with everything being taken from us who can survive out there? We have to educate our people but also find a way to make them want to be educated and prepared them to hear stuff they probably don't want to hear. What's the point of educating them about PROMESA and other colonial imposed bullshit without educating them about our horrible colonial status which is the root of it all.
It's time to have uncomfortable conversations, it's time for "our" leaders to rise up and not be afraid to lose a position or two for the sake of our people, it's time to empower our people and start with the hard but not impossible process of mental decolonization. Even the country that a lot of you bow down to is pro independence, they went to wars, stole land, killed and now they are the independent country known as the Unite States of America which by the way have made it very clear that they do not want Puerto Rico to become a state so why are some of y'all still chasing? #FreePuertoRico #PuertoRico #Boricua #VivaPRLibre #Borikén #DecolonizeYourMind #Colonialism #Orlando #Decolonization #Freedom #RiseUp

#Boriken #lugardepaz #VivaPRlibre 🌊🌴💫 ❤⭐💙

Los países libres levantan Monumentos a sus Revoluciones .
#mexico #viajandoando #vivaprlibre #paisencrisis #fotocallejera

Vieques: la lucha sigue por la descontaminación y la soberanía. #vieques #descontaminaciónya #vivaprlibre #vivapuertoricolibre #filibertoojedarios #filibertovive

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