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Empty sunday street. But still so beautiful.

Do you know those moments? When your fears, memories, what ifs and those "Kopfkino" are playing in your head at the same time? When you are imagining things that happened, might happen or could happen? Please tell me what i should do to stop all of it. #freiburg #vivalafreiburg

Still in weekend mood....

Ach Freiburg 💜

Schönheitskönigin 👑

Sonnenbad für alle! 😎☀️
#Freiburg #Sommer #100prozentfreiburg
Foto: @davidlohm


Still in weekend mood....

Do you know those moments? When your fears, memories, what ifs and those "Kopfkino" are playing in your head at the same time? When you are imagining things that happened, might happen or could happen? Please tell me what i should do to stop all of it. #freiburg #vivalafreiburg

Empty sunday street. But still so beautiful.

This is #Freiburg's newest spot and activity, hanging out at the "Platz der alten Synagoge". Somehow i wanna call it "synanogen". Hat jemand Lust auf Eisessen und synagogen? 😂🤔#vivalafreiburg vivalafreiburg #freiburg #synagogen #wortdesjahres

What a #transformation by @mchlggl at @wallgraben.theater !! Can't wait to see your #makeup in our next show #yeastnation @goodcompanymusical !

Leaving Freiburg would be hard for me. Maybe even harder than leaving Jakarta, because both are my home now.

Well actually it's hard for me to define home because those feelings about having a home have never been really clear for me.
I am a part of minority in Indonesia because of my ethnic and religion background. I used to have this identity crisis. But funny thing, i finally identified myself for the first time as an Indonesian after i arrived in Germany. I kinda had to, because everyone always ask where i come from. Well, maybe it doesn't seem hard for you if you are a part of the majority and have native looks. Eventhough i was born and raised in Indonesia without speaking my ancestors' language, some people still think that i don't belong there. It's not enough. But hey, i finally got more secured and embraced myself as who i am today and those people can basically just kiss my ass.

But about feeling fully accepted, i guess it is something else. It'd be really nice if i could also define home as where your heart is or where everyone accepts you just the way you are. Unfortunately, that's not really the case for me.

Calling Freiburg as my home is also a different story. I came here all by myself. And if you ask me whether i want to stay here or go back to Indonesia later, i still can't give you a yes or no for that question. Well, i used to say i wanna go back for sure though. Making friends with germans was probably the biggest challenge for me. In Indonesia, we could call each other friends after just one conversation. Like some of them would even drive you around the city eventhough you just met them. It's not like that here. But i overcame that problems years ago. The thing is.. despite all of my awesome friends here, i still don't feel fully accepted here, because you know, in the end i am still a foreigner anyway. But now i do can imagine myself spending my life for a long time here though.

Anyway, i'm looking forward to german elections' results. Don't forget to go to the election, guys! Your voice counts and choose wisely! Don't choose AfD. Like, seriously. #vivalafreiburg #freiburg

hypnotizing doors

Blue sky

" #urinetown is #yourtown ..." ...when paying for basic human needs becomes too expensive for you... #criticalthinking #politicalart

When i first came to Freiburg eight years ago, i never thought that i would fall in love with this city. I didn't even have any idea how this city looked like. Back then Freiburg was not as modern and as famous as today. We didn't even have any real university's library! (i didn't like UB 1 because it was quite far from my place). And when i started uploading pictures of Freiburg on IG, it was actually just for fun. But dayum, somehow i ended up in a newspaper. It never crossed my mind that there would be people who'd follow my account :D (Could you tell me why you started following my IG?) You know, around that time Instagram was really different, no one knew about it and none of my friends (esp german friends) had it.

Anyway.. i guess whenever people see or talk about my IG, people would automatically associate me with this beautiful city.
But sadly.. after eight years living here, i have to leave this city soon to pursue my next studies/career.
At this opportunity, I would like to thank all of you, especially to the one who has followed me since the very beginning. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that :') And eventhough i don't really write stories and this account doesn't really contain my 'personal' pictures, my IG is actually like a photodiary of my life. I still feel that i am sharing a piece of myself with you here. It's been more than just a picture since the beginning. I still remember when and how i felt when i took or posted every single picture here. Every quote that i put here usually capture my thoughts at that moment. So thank you for sticking with me until today ❤️ In case you are wondering where i'm gonna be, i'll move to Hamburg very soon and i'll start everything from zero again. New city, new friends. Scared yet excited. But hey, i won't stop posting pictures here. So guys, be prepared for new pictures and stories!
Drop me a DM or leave some comments here if you wanna have some coffee with me before i move. I'd like to meet some of you to be honest. Xoxo, yours truly, Vien.

#vivalafreiburg #whatthefreiburg #freiburg

Streets of Freiburg


Thanks for this amazing #weekend !
#rehearsaltime @goodcompanymusical

Welcome to Freiburg!

Think about this over the weekend!
@goodcompanymusical 🎶🎶

I want YOU! I want you to stop finding #excuses why it's not the right moment to commit to what is important to you.
#priority #followyourpassion

#rehearsal time !

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